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Xbox PFL Franchise : Madden 19




Regular Season Schedule

Week 01 – Minnesota Vikings (A)  @HLR Milo

Week 02 – Detroit Lions (H)  @SPARKYR008

Week 03 – Kansas City Chiefs (A)  @nicelub

Week 04 – Los Angeles Chargers (A)  @Aaron

Week 05 – Arizona Cardinals (H)  @Bos

Week 06 – Green Bay Packers (A)  @dr_volki

Week 07 – Los Angeles Rams (H)  @overduewand

Week 08 – Arizona Cardinals (A)  @Bos

Week 09 – Oakland Raiders (H)  @Shmarky

Week 10 – New York Giants (H)  @DanMcGrath77

Week 11 – BYE WEEK

Week 12 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (A)  @StueyH111

Week 13 – Seattle Seahawks (A)  @Mcmanus

Week 14 – Denver Broncos (H)  @fortworthjoe

Week 15 – Seattle Seahawks (H)  @Mcmanus

Week 16 – Chicago Bears (H)  @JA15

Week 17 – Los Angeles Rams (A)  @overduewand

Pre Season

The 49ers have used the pre season to evaluate the 75 man roster and moving into the regular season schedule have already culled the roster to 53

Over pre season the 49ers cut TE Kyle Nelson , WR Max McCaffery , SS Antone Exum , CB Greg Mabin , DT Cedric Thornton , DT Will Sutton , WR Aaron Burbridge , LOLB Mark Nzeocha , CB Tyvis Powell , DT Sheldon Day , and most notably LOLB Dekoda Watson and LE Earl Mitchell

In FA Agency the 49ers signed – ROLB Sean Wetherspoon and CB Brice McCain , and in transistion moved linebacker Eli Harold to the defensive end position


49ers 53 Man Roster (moving into Week 1)


QB    01.Garoppolo          02.Beathard

HB    03.McKinnon           04.Breida              05.Williams (J)

FB    06.Juszczyk    

WR  07.Garcon               08.Goodwin          09.Taylor

WR  10.Pettis                  11.Robinson         12.Bourne

TE    13.Kittle                   14.Celek               15.Wick

LT    16.Staley                 17.Johnson  

LG   18.Tomlinson           19.Williams (D)

C     20.Richburg             21.Gilliam

RG   22.Cooper                23.Garnett

RT   24.McGlinchey          25.Murphy


LE   26.Blair                     27.Harold

RE  28.Thomas               29.Marsh

DT  30.Buckner              31.Jones

DT 32.Armstead            33.Taylor

LOLB   34.Perry             35.Attaochu       36.Lee

MLB    37.Foster            38.Warner          39.Coyle

ROLB  40.Smith            41.Wetherspoon  42.Toomer

CB      43.Sherman       44.Williams (K)      45.Witherspoon

CB      46.McCain          47.Moore

FS      48.Ward            49.Colbert

SS     50.Tartt             51.Harris

Special Teams

K       52.Gould

P      53.Pinion  

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