Division Preview of the PFL Madden 19 Franchise

So here comes my first ever Division Preview of the PFL Madden 19 Franchise. All my prediction assume that nobody will change team at the end:threaten: (and if they do anyway I don’t care)

AFC East

@Vondia :bills:

@TopLoader :dolphins:

@Joe :jets:

@biharowski :patriots:

Biharowskis Patriots should be a hell of a team specially in year one. And as a Pats fan Biharowski even knows this team, well beyond Tom Brady. The Quest here will be to find a replacement for Tom Brady, who may keep playing for a long time in the real world, but in Madden his retirement is probably not too far away.

Joe like Biharowski got also his favourite Team to play with. But other then the Pats the Jets are far from a Beast of a team. He has now the not easy Job to build a Team around Rookie QB Sam Darnold.

This really is the Division of favourite team after the Patriots and the Jets the Dolphins got also a fan as their new Coach. Toploader who built a power team out of the Lions last year, is probably ready to do the same thing to his Phins.

And Last but not least we have we have 2 times Madden 18 PFL super bowl winner with the Bengals. He will take the Bills the Bills with Rookie Josh Allen and his 99 Throw Power to the next level, and develop him to a QB who is even accurate enough for Kelvin Benjamin.


I can’t really say how good Biharowski with his Pats and Joe with his Jets will be, but you don’t have to be a big fortune teller to predict that Vondias Bills and Toploaders Dolphin will fight out who will win this division. They are the favourites of this division and it’s their division to lose. So the bright side for the Pats and Jets is nobody expect anything from them and it’s their chance to shock the division, and the rest of the league and upset the two top dogs.

Winner year 1: :bills:

NFC East

@helimachoptor :cowboys:

@DanMcGrath77 :giants:

@hubblewiffle :eagles:

@Toby Carswell :redskins:

Hubble maybe never got 100% the result he hoped for in the 2 and a half year in the NFC South last year. But he and his Falcons gave my Saints many hard games. Last year he took the Super Bowl loser, this time he graded up to the super bowl Winner. The Eagles will give him a lot of value, will he again trade in this Value for a lot of Picks or does he use it in another way, we have to wait and see.

Heli had a good last season with the well formed Cowboys team last season, now it’s time for him to show what he can do if he builds this team from the Start.

Toby is the big unknown in this Division, he came from the Arena league and gets now his chance in the Big League with the Redskins. A team who got one of the more reliable game manager this game has in Smith. The most exciting part of this team should be Rookie HB Guice,and it wouldn’t be a surprise if this team gets built around him and not around their QB.

I’m not a Fortune Teller but I predict that Dan will end the era of Eli Manning as a Giant pretty soon. Rookie QB Lauletta is arguably already the better player then Eli at this point. But Lauletta is not the only thing to be excited about this offence. OBJ and Engram are great passing targets for the Rookie. But let’s be honest if we talk about rookie and Giants we don’t think about their QB first. Star of this Rookie class is nobody else then Saquon Barkley.


Dan with the Giants is the early Favourite to win this division. But we can’t underestimate the other guys in this Division. Heli is after all still defending NFC East Champions with the Cowboys and as an NFC South Rival of Hubble last year I can say I had a couple of hard games against him. As a big league newcomer Toby naturally starts in an outsider position, the only thing I know is that he beat my Jets in Season 3 of the Arena comfortably. So don’t feel too secure Dan, Hubble and Heli.

Winner year 1: :giants:

AFC North

@Triangle King :ravens:

@ZoSo :bengals:

@Willo :browns:

@Sleepyzoid76 :steelers:

Triangle got his Ravens and already put Flacco on the tade block, so we know which way this team will go. Jackson will be the Cheap starting QB for all 4 years of this franchise. Dumping Flacco won’t be cheap, but if he finds the right deal he can get a good piece for his team building from a QB needy team.

Talking about QB needy teams, the Bengals. Zoso got with the 31st pick the Bengals and changed now from the Ravens where he had to find a QB to the Bengals where he needs to find a QB, and I doubt this QB will be Flacco. Other then QB this this team, even though they saw saw better times, still have some pieces in place that definitely can be useful.

Willo as the Browns has to totally change his game plan, no longer he has an overpowered HB in CMC. Duke Johnson, Carlos Hyde and Rookie Chubb is not a bad HB trio to have but non of them is a CMC. What else to the Browns have… Oh yeah some Rookie QB named Baker Mayfield and Corner Denzel Ward, and also a 1 year experienced Beast of a DE in Garrett. So this team has a lot of pieces ready to become a force in the AFC.

Sleepy didn’t got his 49ers but he got a real offensive power team. And Guess what Bell is not playing a diva in Madden and just plays with the Contract he has now. The Decision sleepy has to make is at QB. Do you go with Big Ben or do you run with Rudolph Day 1. On the defence at least it looks better then it does in real word. Shazier will be playing and so that makes the LB core a lot stronger then what the Steelers will have in reality.


The guy to beat in this division is probably Zoso, I like his team the least in this Division but I think he is the only one in this division with a PFL play-off win, so this makes him an automatic favourite. Behind him the other 3 will fight and will be eager to show that I’m wrong and win this division themself.

Winner year 1: :bengals:

NFC North

@JA15 :bears:

@SPARKYR008 :lions:

@dr_volki :packers:

@HLR Milo :vikings:

Ja15 got his Bears. The Bears team this year doesn’t look terrible, and chances are that they will be better in madden then in the real world. Mitchel looks like a QB with potential and on the other side of the field they got a new defensive general in Roquan Smith, who like Bell won’t make any holdouts in Madden.

Sparky another Division Rival of me last year, from the Buccs he went now to the Detroit Lions.

The Lions are not a team full with great players, but still they have some good pieces in them. One of them is Ebron. I really like Ebron since I had him in his rookie season. He hasn’t had the best NFL career so far but he is still a solid Madden TE.(Sparky if you don’t want he the texans door is always open to talk about it)

Dr_Volki at this point we can just write him every year in as Packers Coach. At least this years first overall wasn’t wasted on the Titans. Volki probably knows the Packers better then almost anybody on this site. He knows, what has to be top priority to improve and he is looking forward to finally playing in a division with no clear top dog.

Milo gets the Viking. Cousins is no Mahomes and specially misses the Agility Mahomes had. So what will Milo do with Cousins, can he turn him into a effective scrambler, will he stay more in the pocket or will he just change the QB? Other then Cousins the Vikes have a lot of other pieces who make this team a very dangerous Team in the NFC North. Pro tip against the Vikings don’t miss the hit stick with your safety if your up close to end of the game.


For me this is the most difficult division to call, I can see all 4 of them win it. Based on the Teams they have at the moment I would go with the Vikings, but Packers and even the Bears are not far behind and you can’t underestimate a Matt Stafford who is in my opinion at this Point still second the best QB in the Division.

Winner year 1: :vikings:

AFC West

@fortworthjoe :broncos:

@Shmarky :raiders:

@nicelub :chiefs:

@Aaron :chargers:

Forthworthjoe gets the Broncos, who believe that Case Keenum can lead them back into the holy play-off land. Question is does Joe believe in Keenum? But the real ace of this team is their pass rush 99 club member Von Miller and first round pick Chubb will tear through the opponents oline. Sure it’s not the same defence who won the super bowl but is it at least enough to carry them into the play-offs?

Shmarky went from the Vikings to the Raiders. So he goes from Diggs to Cooper. And with Derek Carr he is the more promising QB then at the start of last years franchise. The HB core can use some improvement specially since Lynch’s career wont go forever. At defence they have Mack who will scare a lot of offences.

Nicelub gets the speedster team out of Missouri the Kansas City Chief. It starts at QB with Mahomes and continuous at halfback with the second best rookie RB last year Hunt. And if you control these 2 you will probably have one of the speedy WR open. So have fun with defending them.

Last but not least in the AFC West we have Aaron and the Chargers. If this team stays healthy they are for sure a play-off contender in the AFC, but can they stay healthy? Other then health the number one issue for the Aaron is probably find a long term replacement for Rivers.


Sorry Shmarky but you are the outsider in this division, but go on prove me wrong(but I will take credit if I motivated you to win this division). The Division will be decided between Joe Nicelub and Aaron. The year one favourite for me is Nicelub who can do a lot of damage with this Chiefs team.

Winner year 1: :chiefs:

NFC West

@Bos :cardinals:

@Mcmanus :seahawks:

@Ken2Blitzkrieg :49ers:

@overduewand :rams:

Bos had a very good final year with his Jets and now goes west into the NFC. The Cards were once a defensive force in the NFC and now their D is only a shadow of themself. Not sure who else then Peterson is left of that past time. On offence the Cards are on a turnover lead by Rookie Josh Rosen, a.k.a. The best rookie quarterback named Josh. Fitz will be a solid weapon in the slot but for how long?

McManus got the Seahawks, First question here is how many fighting Irish do they have in their roster and how does Manti Te’o fit into their LB core. I know Te’o is not a Seahawks yet but I have a feeling he will be soon. Other then than trading for Te’o he also needs some upgrades at oline but I feel like a lot of teams need upgrades there.

Ken similar to Volki went back to his favourite team, and for once he has even the QB problem solved for him. I don’t yet trust in the Jimmy G hype in the real NFL , but I’m pretty sure the Jimmy G hype is real for the PFL world. In defence the 9ers got the once hated Sherman, who is out for Seahawks blood.

Overduewand is another newcomer in the big League. And he found a good way to enter the league. The Way in which you take one of the Powerhouses of the Conference. Rams have a big D which only got bigger with Suh. On the other side they have Gurley what else do they really need, I guess a Goff who made a big jump last year helps too.


Bos won last year a very competitive AFC East but his cardinals team doesn’t look so good for season one, he for sure will built them into a powerhouse but for now my favourite is Kev, who has a good team, but be ready for some resistance from Ken , Bos and Overduewand, who wont give up without a fight.

Winner year 1: :seahawks:

NFC South

@Hitthesticks10 :falcons:

@WoodyMcWoodz :panthers:

@PatsUK :saints:

@StueyH111 :buccaneers:

Hitthesticks got the Falcons probably one of the best team in the league last year, but in a very competitive division. I don’t even know where to begin with them Ryan, Julio, Freeman, Coleman, Trufant, Jones and Mack. This team will be hard to beat for anybody.

Woody got the Panthers, the bad news for him this division looks really strong the good news he has CMC, I have a trauma because I had to play against him 4 years. He will let you miss so many tackles.

PatsUK got the Saints. For year one the Saints are set to go. Brees is still a great QB but will likely retire soon, the Saints have with barett a Rookie QB in their roster but he is more likely then not not the answer for a long term qb. Pats has to decide if he goes with Brees this one year and drafts a good QB in the next draft or if he goes out in the trade market and finds his solution there.

Stueyh a Buccs fan who after some years break goes back to the Buccs. What he finds thiere is a loaded dline including rookie Vita Vea. And on offence Mike Evans as playmaker. Question here is how long will Jameis fit into the expectation of a rising Buccs team. Stueyh being a Buccs fan will probably influence Winstons future as a Bucc, positive or negative we can’t say.


Stueyh already announced his ambition to win this division can he follow his words with action? At least for season one my favourites are more the Saints and Falcons. I feel like either of them can win the Division, but because I will never openly name the Falclowns favourites I call the Saints here. Outsider in this very tough division is Woody with the Panthers, but if he gets the hang with CMC and that LB core he can surprise a couple of coaches.

Winner year 1: :saints:

AFC South

@RamsDan :jaguars:

@rayski :colts:

@tripperman28 :titans:

@Winti26 :texans:

It’s not a good thing for us that Jags Dan is a thing now, this Defence is already now known as Sacksonville, what will happen when Dan controls them, we can only fear. On offence at least we get some time before he replaces Bortles with a QB. But Fournette is still there and will help the offence to move the chain.

Rayski got the 32 nd pick and still got his second team on the list. His main quest has to be to protect Andrew Luck, because Luck will only help the Colts if he can stay healthy on the Field. Last year he got a „test run“ as the Colts in the Arena but now it counts in the big league

Last year Tripper orchestrated himself into a division with his Irish countryman, now he faces a „real“ division and got the Titans. The Question is can Henry withstand a real hit and not get injured or is he out of papers like the Halfbacks Tripper had at Washington. Henry’s standabilty will be tested anyway in a division with Sacksonville and JJ Watt.

Lastly me, I got my Number 1 team on my list and looking forward to this division. So many things I like about this team, so let’s go with the parts I don’t like and have to change. First specially in this Division, oline, anybody in need of a WR and to much oline please my office is open, after Oline I would like to have a better TE and long term I need a replacement of CB Joseph, who is past his prime.


At this point Favourite number one is Dan, followed by Rayski whose team isn’t as good as Dan’s, but the longer this franchise will go the evener the ground between them will become. After them Tripper and me will probably mostly fight against a last place finish in our division.

Winner year 1: :jaguars: