PFL Random Draft

Hey lads!

So as everyone knows tonight will be the revealing of the random order. What maybe not everyone of you knows is that… we will also be announcing the teams to that order LIVE:hyper:. This is one stream you will most certainly not want to miss, i will be streaming it from my Twitch account –> www.twitch.tv/vondia17

As for another announcement we thought is important to get out there before the draft is done, the first round of waivers will be done on team overall. Normally we’re a fan of reverse draft order but because in this case not everyone is picking which team they get directly we thought team overall was the most fair way to do this. This doesn’t mean that this will be done like that every season after but just for the first waivers.

More information on when we start the season and any rule changes will follow this week but the above announcement was important to let you know we had decided that before seeing what teams we end up with.

I hope you’re excited for tonight because we are :up:


ps. a disclaimer after the live stream we will go over everyone’s list again if it turns out we made a mistake which changes the entire outcome that will be done. Of course we are gonna be as precise as possible and probably won’t make a mistake, but if we do the outcome that’s streamed is not final but the outcome that will be posted after IS. This is only about the teams and not the order of course because the order will be done live and that will be the one that stands no matter what.