PFL Top 50 Season 4

Well, here we go folks, the final season and the final top 50 of Madden 18. Season 4 is always a tough one, holiday season, new game approaching and we were gripped with World Cup fever this year. Who go so many wins bashing an AP’d opponent and who deserves the praise! Enjoy!

50 – Carey Heinicke – Bears – Last year a kicker earned his way onto the top 50 and this year a punter has snook on! The Bears punter put 21 punts inside the 20 with only 6 of those ending in a touchback! That’s some aim.

49 – Ramik Wilson – Chiefs – It feels like Wilson has made all 4 top 20 lists because he is a ball magnet, he always seems to end the season leading the tackles charts. This year he wracked up 129!

48 – Austin Hooper – Jaguars – Hooper’s 806 yards and 8 TDs means he jumped onto our top 50 list, the Jaguars head coach rates him a little higher than we have him though, recently Hooper was entered in the Jaguars PFL Hall Of Fame.

47 – Ezekiel Elliott – Cowboys – Zeke was a vital part of coach Heli’s gameplan, and was a success as his 1160 yards and 14 TDs on the ground helped them be crowned NFC East champions.

46 – Will Tye – Jets – The Jets made their first place off’s in the PFL and Tye’s 1024 yards was a big part of the patient chain moving style adopted by coach Bos, he turned some of the yards in crucial points with 6 TDs to his name.

45 – Cameron Meredith – Saints – Meredith’s production cannot be questioned, 1455 yards and 9 TDs for the year, if he’d had the help around him the Saints could well have been a bigger threat to the play off challenge

44 – Marcell Dareus – Vikings – Dareus providing some great inside pressure, proving effective v the pass and run, finishing the year with 17 tackles for loss and 9.5 sacks

43 – Dosha Stevens-Howling – Cowboys – DSH was part of the impressive Cowboys DB for the season, he helped himself to 6 picks and forced 5 fumbles.

42 – Rashaun Holloway – Bengals – Holloway gave the Bengals a good all round year as an OLB, 90 tackles, 20 tackles for loss, 8 sacks and 4 picks.

41 – Melvin Gordon – Chargers – Gordon has been the Chargers shining light in all 4 years, he added 1256 yards and 11 TDs to his total and was selected as the Chargers H.O.F representative.

40 – Brice Butler – 49ers – Butler had an impressive 1737 yards for the 49ers this year, he’s not a big name but he got the job done, with 10 TDs he can look back on this season as one of his best!

39 – Deone Bucannon – Cardinals – Another versatile do it all linebacker, Bucannon’s stat sheet is impressive, 70 tackles, 9 for loss, 6.5 sacks, 9 picks and 3 FFs.

38 – Anthony Turnball – Bengals – The Bengals is a talented team and this rookie fought for snaps, with the numbers he posted it’s surprising he didn’t get more! limited catches but 1146 yards and 13 TDs with an impressive 31 yards per catch!

37 – Joey Bosa – Chargers – Interior pressure can be a game changer, Bosa finished the year on 17 tackles for loss and 11 sacks, the blockers inside didn’t keep him long!

36 – Josh Jones – Packers The pack enjoyed a great year, Josh Jones has been a favourite of the coaches since he arrived in Green Bay, 8 picks and 2 FFs helped improve that affection!

35 – Tyrann Mathieu – Cardinals – Another coach fan boy! This Mathieu also made the Cardinals HOF, 8 picks and 2 FFs like Jones above!

34 – CJ Mosely – Ravens – 115 tackles, 13 tackles for loss, 4 sacks, 7 Ints and 4 FFs, CJ was one of the best LBs in season 4!

33 – Deshaun Watson – Bengals – If only Watson could finish a season, all 4 years injuries have cut his seasons short, he just can’t stay fit! Despite a limited number of games he smashed in 33 TDs only throwing  INTs!

32 – Michael Thomas – Ravens – Thomas was one of the main men in the league in the redzone, knocking in 15 TDs helping the Ravens to back to back play off apparences, checking in 1262 yards to his name too.

31 – Olivier Vernon – Cardinals – Vernon proved a big threat against any QB he faced, 18 sacks to make sure his name stood out in a talented group on the Cardinals D

30 – Chidobe Awuzie – Cowboys – Mentioned the Cowboys secondary earlier and here is another one, the corner is one of the best in the league after 4 successful seasons, 7 INTs and 6 forced fumbles capped it nicely, 6 FF for a corner…wow

29 – Brandon Graham – Lions – Graham another 4 seasons of solid production, proving age is just a number coming off a season with 11 tackles for loss and 16 sacks!

28 – Aaron Stewart – Lions – Staying with the Lions but flipping sides of the ball, Stewart had a great year with 17 TDs and 1246 yards

27 – Matt Ryan – Panthers – The Panthers finally won the division and with an impressive 11-5 record, normally pick happy QBs in Carolina under Coach Willo had a solid year. Ryan posting 3823 yards, 27 tds a 74% completion rate and just 14 INTs

26 – Danielle Hunter – Vikings – Hunter another HOF member making the top 50, this was him on a down year, 15 tackles for loss and 13.5 sacks…some down year!

25 – Sammy Watkins – Rams – Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it’s a POST! Sammy Watkins was deadly for those one play TD bombs in this gung ho Rams offence. 1559 yards and 15 TDs!

24 – Justin Houston – Chiefs – Houston still going strong in season 4, every year 15+ sacks and continued in the last season, 10 tackles for loss and 17.5 sacks

23 – David Johnson – Cardinals – Big part of the Cardinals offence and always delivers when he’s healthy and on the field! 1623 yards and 16 Tds for DJ.

22 – Luke Kuchely – Panthers – The king of the all round LBs, 124 tackles, 15 TFL, 5 INTs, 4 sacks and 5 FFs! That stat sheet is a mouthful.

21 – Javon Streets – Broncos – The wide out became a house hold name over the franchise, one of the deadliest WRs in the league with another impressive tally, 1722 yards and 17 TDs

20 – Antaries Asiodu – Dolphins – With the Dolphins 1-4 and having a QB merry-go round the team looked for a leader and the rookie RB Asiodu stepped up wracking up a couple of 200+ yard games to go with 1549 yards and 19 TDs, that despite missing the last 3 and play offs with injury!

19 – Frank Clark – Seahawks – Clark showed up big for the Hawks D, 9 TFL and a whopping 19.5 sacks!

18 – Franklin Sentef – Cowboys – Another member of the hawking Cowboys secondary! Sentef finished the season wih 10 INTs and 2 FFs, double digit INTs for the SS.

17 – Leonard Williams – Jets – Former #1 in the PLF top 50 couldn’t repeat that monster year but still put out an impressive 17 TFL and 17 sacks stat line.

16 – Chris Harris Jr – Broncos – Another good season for the Broncos corner, 11 INTs and a FF added to his impressive 4 season haul of INTs

15 – Jamal Adams – Jets – The best DB in the league this year! 11 INTs 2 FFs and those stats don’t do his play justice. He pipped Leonard Williams to the Jets HOF spot so it shows you what the coach thinks!

14 – Carey Yount – Lions – When the Lions drafted a QB to replace Stafford eye brows were raised but a Superbowl ring and NFC Championship in back to back years squashed those brows! 3873 yards 37 TDs 17 INTs is a nice way to say goodbye!

13 – Kamu Gruiger-Hill – Bengals – Last years champ had a down year with ONLY 16 INTs, yeah only! 16 is a great year but his all round LB stats don’t do enough to push him higher up the list.

12 – Trey Flowers – Patriots – Flowers featured in all 4 top 50s and made the Patriots HOF, he is definitely a player to remember from Madden 18! Signs off with 16 tackles for loss and 21.5 sacks.

11 – Chase Allen – Dolphins – With 15 INTs a massive year for the LB, his 5.5 sacks bumped him a couple spots ahead of KGH.

10 – Warren Warren – Jets – The QB with the same name! Madden weirdo regen has stats Big Ben would be proud of! Fired the Jets to an AFC East title with 4598 yards 37 TDs and just 17 INTs

9 – Raymond Garrett – Packers – The 5’9 WR showed size isnt everything! Almost a 2000 yard season, 1921 yards and 16 TDs, one of the most explosive playmakers in the league!

8 – Todd Gurley – Rams – He may not have managed to do a ‘Gurdle’ but Gurley was definaetly on the majority of coaches u n t list! 1782 yards and 21 TDs, just take him out!

7 – John Ross – Bengals – Possibly the most hated player on the most hated team in the league! Terrifying defences with his one play TD ability many will be glad to see him go! 1698 yards and 23 TDs.

6 – DeAndre Hopkins – Texans – Just edging out Ross to be the leagues number 1 WR this year, moster year for nuuuuuuuuuk with 1706 yards and 25 TDs.

5 – Jared Goff – Rams – Goff’s stats looks like he could have been the winner but we know about those Rams AP’ing games and getting moster numbers a few times…Still 4419 yards 42 tds 10 INTs and 74% completion rating…This could be as good as it ever gets even in real life for Goff!

4 – Samson Ebukam – Rams – Back to back Rams, this player was all user! Once Ramsdan took over the Rams, Ebukam went from a free agency bum to an all pro world beater and a Rams HOF’er! 30.5 sacks and 8 tackles for loss oooouch!

3 – Khalil Mack – Raiders – Another HOF DL dominator! Mack has constantly been a force in a tougher conference and he proved vital in the run game too! 23 sacks and 23 TFL is a more all rounded DE!

2 – Christian McCaffrey – Panthers – Just like John Ross, CMC got himself a bit of reputation around the league for being a nightmare to defend against! He won Madden’s MVP and made the Panthers HOF after his year, 1876 yards and 25 TDs..RUN CMC

1 – Aaron Rodgers – Packers – Joining Julio Jones, Leonard Williams and Kamu Gruiger-Hill on the top 50 #1’s is Arod! Passing is no easy feat in a league of users and Rodgers lit up 4862 yards, 44 TDs and a 74% pass completion, 18 INTs is tiny considering the yards and numbers!

So there we go, thanks for reading again. 2 players from offence and 2 from defence have been our #1s. Great 4 seasons and we look forward to Madden 19!















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