MaddenPFL Xbox (PFL) Franchise

Coach Mode
Create coach with your own name
9 Minute Quarters
XP – 150 for all players except offensive linemen who will be 200
Advance – Every Wednesday and Sunday at midnight (2 games per week)

Game Play

We want to be a sim league, this means playing as if it’s a real game, a real NFL team would not run 4 Verticals and nickel 2 blitz all game. Mix up play calling, mix up formations, use formation subs get the right players in for the right situations. Playing sim helps you become a better player and keeps your opponent guessing. Do not run around all game with your QB, they are meant to throw the ball. If anyone has any issues with an opponent’s play style report it to a commissioner in private, do not go on a public rampage.

Fake Field Goals and punts are NOT allowed under any circumstances

4th Down

This is a huge grey area, especially for newer players. This is why headsets and communication are important during a game. In real life, teams are going for it on 4th more and more. Do not go for it in unrealistic situations and do not go for it if you are winning by more than one score.

Going for 2

Going for 2 points is now allowed in any situation. Keep in mind the respect of your opponent, don’t go for 2 in silly situations to run up the score.

No Huddle Offence

Not allowed unless you are losing inside the 2-minute warning or in the 4th quarter.


Respect your opponent, if you are speaking during the game (which you should be) you will know if they are having a bad time and enough of the game. Do not purposely run up the score, you can ask if you want them to clock chew etc the most important thing about our league is our community and respect for each other.

CPU Games

Hopefully, we won’t get many of these but do not win by more than 30 points, do not stat pad (break game records etc)

Rage Quitting

Not acceptable, if you do it you will be removed from the league immediately.


Post availability before the game week starts, try to offer a more detailed time frame of your availability, don’t just say sometime Wednesday afternoon say between 2-4 for example. The games should ideally be arranged before a week goes live not dragging on into the game week. If you do not post before the game week is live you will be placed on AP losing scouting/training points, giving your opponent the chance to play the CPU

Match Reports

This will be watched closely, the HOME team must post a report/score/daddy leagues link BEFORE the next game week goes live. We are not asking for 3-page dossiers even if you just post the score, (feel free to use this template TEMPLATE TO FOLLOW)


You can choose any playbook you want on either side of the ball. Custom playbooks are not allowed. Audibles, hot routes and adjustments have no limitations.

Editing Players

You can now edit a players position as many times as you wish during the season. Post your changes into the position change thread once you have done them. If you do not post the change during the same game week (for example, if you make a change between Monday and Wednesday’s advance, you need to post the change before the Thursday – Sunday week is live), the player changed must be changed back to his original position and will not be allowed to be changed to any other position. The only changes you are allowed to make are below.

Offensive Linemen – to any other position on the OL (RT to LG, C to RT etc)
Defensive Linemen – to any other position on the DL (RE to DT, LE to RE etc)
Defensive Ends and Linebackers – OLB to DE and DE to OLB
Linebackers – to any other LB position (LOLB to MLB, MLB to ROLB etc)
Defensive Backs – to any other position at DB (CB to FS, SS to CB etc)

If someone changes a players position that is not on the list above, the player that has been changed will have to be changed back to his original position and cut from the roster (regardless of the cap pen)


Contracts for resigning players are max 4 years and no more than 50% of the contract is allowed to be a bonus, for example, if you offer 10m salary you can’t offer more than 10m bonus. If a player asks for more than 4 years you must screenshot and send to the commissioners for approval before offering contract. Players signed in free agency are max 4-year deals with the same salary/bonus rule. Any player signed that breaks any of the above will have to be cut immediately regardless of cap pen.

Waivers & Regular Season FA’s

In season 1 waivers will be awarded by team OVR (lowest to highest), when asked you will have a set time to send a list of players you want to claim in the order you want to claim them. A max list of 10 players to be sent and a max of 5 will be awarded. It will be announced which teams have won which players. Then no more players can be signed until week 1 of the regular season. During the regular season you can sign a maximum of 2 players per week. Each season after the draft we will follow the same process.


All trades need to be posted to the trade section of the site, both parties need to agree to the trade on the post and then the trade must be approved by a commissioner before you send it on the game.

Practice Squads

Practice squad members are treated like free agents if you want a player keep him on your 53 if he’s in your practice squad he’s fair game.

Group Me

The Groupme is up and running send me your email address if you want to join. This is a good way to keep in close contact with each other, however, the site is where fixtures need to be arranged if you have not posted on the


thread by advance you will be put on AP, I do not want to hear anyone say ‘but we arranged the game on group me’

Although not mandatory we highly recommend using GroupMe

First Round Picks 

In each draft, any team can only have a maximum of 2 first round picks


A Must. This is a friendly league and community. No headset will lead to being asked to leave the league.