PFL Madden 19 commissioners announced

Feature league on the xbox is returning for Madden 19. European CFM site maddenpfl.com are pleased to announce its new commissioners

DanMcGrath77, Vondia, and Mcmanus

Commissioner Vondia has stated


So after some discussing behind the scenes @TopLoader appointed me and @DanMcGrath77 to run the PFL next year after our leader from this year stepped down. @Mcmanus will be our co-commish and @tripperman28 is gonna first try and set the Arena up again and after that might join the team as well if it’s needed.

@dr_volki is gonna keep doing his write-ups based on the stats provided by madden 19. And we got a ghost writer who’s gonna do write-ups about the league anonymously.

Exciting things to come and we’re looking forward to keep building this community. Announcements about the big items for madden 19 will come soon after we’ve set everything up”