PFL Madden 19 mock team draft

Created by Tripperman28

With Madden 19 less than 3 weeks away on general release and on early access two week’s away, I thought let’s have a bit of fun and look at the potential draft order, I know there’s a lot of crying and moaning about how it should be done, as there always is this time of year since everyone thinks there a worse player than they are, but if you want to complain about my order, feel free to contact the complaints department on a number I’ll have posted below,

How I came up with the order, I used skill level, win loss record, strength of division and site activity, also seasons played and if they dropped out it drops you in the draft order depending on the time or situation

1 Triangleking W16 – L46

Triangleking had a rough run in Madden 18, not in the toughest division but Madden injuries and luck went against him in season’s 2 & 3, he gets the first overall pick for playing threw it and never complaining, streams his game’s for other’s to watch even if getting blown out,

2 Nillisluskins N/A

Nillis is a new member to MaddenPFL this madden 18, who has played in the arena franchise, he’s improved from gis first game, but still his skill level wouldn’t warrant be placed lower than 5, but his regular posting availability in fixture threads and always posting in group me looking for advice is sign of a member that’s going to be s great addition in the main league

3 sleepyzoid W 3 – 21

New to MaddenPFL this madden 18, but has played in the main league towards the end of the franchise, has struggled in a weaker division in the NFC South, posts regularly and is helping with input towards potential team draft idea’s and ways to improve the franchise,

4 shmarky W 21 – L 42

Mr I’m s**t I should be a high draft pick every Madden, even if I win a division title, he had a tougher division than the other’s on the list so far so could be lower, but does anyone want to listen to him complaining even more?? I didn’t think so ,

5 Ja15 W 16 – L 40

Easily from the toughest division so far, Ja took over the chargers mid way threw season 1 at 0-7 I was a struggle for him to improve his standing in a tough conference, could be a shout for a top two pick but he is more skilled then those ahead of him, so 5 seems like a fair spot for someone who played his game’s and never complained about the situation he landed in,

6 biharowski W 11 – L 20

On skill should he top ten? Possibly not but having played two full season’s showing flashes of potential and then some mistakes it’s hard to get a true handle on his skill level, but commitment to playing and posting availability can’t be over looked,

7 woodymcwoody W 8- L 15

Woody could be six either but only got in late season two so he just slotted in here, good player as shown by winning his ARENA division against danmcgrath, took the colts over in tough conference after the TRASH man left,

8 Kenblitz W 24 – L 38

Ken couldn’t have a had a tougher division in the NFC West, never finished off the bottom of it with joe, pats uk and some new guy jumping in called ramsdan to replace a super bowl winner in Doc, the coaches he has faced would make other’s just tank for Madden 19 but mot ken he stuck at it trying to build up his 49ers,

9 McManus W 23 – L 40

McManus a division winner in the top 10? Yes his conference was hell his division not much better till heli left and then it became a hell of lot tougher, he won a division 7-9 in season one while been away for a while if I recall correctly, hes a very skilled coach but strength of division puts him up this high,

10 Hubble N/A

Hubble behind McManus and several other good coaches? Yes Hubble the wheeler dealer was the Falcons coach and had to drop out he came back as the browns coach, but I haven’t been sure if he’s played or been on AP so this question mark over activity didn’t allow me to place him higher, he could have been top 5 otherwise,

11 Winti W 25 – L 38

Winti is a long time member of MaddenPFL and still I struggle to see where he fits in the order, he’s played all four seasons, posts regularly and streams game’s, skill wise he’s up and down he can beat snapdan and danmc, but the next game could lose to me or shmarky who he should comfortably beat,

12  Volki W 28 – L 35

Volki our German wind up merchant, I think he gets more fun out of winding people up then playing game’s, he’s a good player when not in tank mode for draft picks, in the play-offs via a wildcard spot this season, which shows some of his true talent, regular poster puts out great stat sheets,

13 Heli N/A

Heli could be higher, but dropped out from his titans, rumor has it just before he was to play volki, was it fear of volkis packers? I doubt it, as he reminds us daily he beat volki this season, in fairness He’s come back played every gsme with the cowboys, won the division and set his personal best franchise finishing record, honestly heli and volki if they meet in the play-off could be deciding who gets which of these two spots,

14 Steuyh11

Steuy had a tough division with zoso, Aaron and vondia, he had to drop out during season 4 due to not having time to play and wanted to give a new member a chance to prove themselves, on skill level wise stuey his better than 14, but strength of division placed him this high,

15 Willo W 28 – L 36

Willo is a division winner in the nfc south but I’m still not sure on his skill level so around this area seems fair, other’s will argue for higher or lower, but from playing him this seems fair imo, he’s posted good fixture availability and played his game’s,

16 Millo W 28 – L 35

Millo this high up the draft after two divisional tittles, I can’t understand what’s gone wrong in Kansas on him, is it a matter of tanking or has millo genuinely had struggles, around mid way seems fair with those to pick yet and those would have picked so far,

17 Aaron W 38 – L 25

Aaron has had a lot of wins but no play-off spot, he’s in the toughest division and conference, so to rack up all them wins takes a lot of skill, hence why he’s only as far down as 17 with no play-off appearance,

18 Bos W 30 – L 33

Oh Bos oh bos, what did you do on yourself, when I looked at this before season four, you had a top ten pick all locked up and I mean locked up, now after dominating this final season he drops back a bit, but still not far, if he’s a super bowl contender/ winner expect him to drop further,

19 Snapdan W 41 – L 23

A commissioner picking this high with that many wins, we may need to recheck this again in a few day’s and drop him back if he wins a play-off game or two, but was in a tough division and won a lot of game’s, I didn’t hold his abuse of the nfc east against him yet! But it’s about the area he could pick in, put in a lot of effort around the franchise for little or no thanks, but got a lot of whinging tho, so helps move him up here maybe further,

20 Tripperman W 25 – L 39

Me picking behind Snapdan, there’s something strange about this, he’s far better than me skill wise and his dam usering proves it, but I did have two play-off appearances so I dropped well below my own skill level in draft order even after a record number of 60 point beatings and a 13 interception game, so a Madden of disappointment and beatings by 40/50 expected in Madden 19

21 DanMcGrath W 38 – L 25

Dan was flying in Madden 18 with one division title and one wildcard spot till Tj returned with his raiders and dominated the division again, still a good showing for Dan, these 3/4 picks can all change around with different skill levels,

22 Sparky W 27 – L 37

Sparky won two Nfc South titles, dropping him a little further than some would expect him to be picking, has struggled to get time for some season 4 game’s which has me wondering would he have made three play-off appearances

23 Zoso W 43 – L 20

Zoso came in second best in a tough division led by vondia, still made play-off appearances and don’t rule out a season 4 super bowl run, he’s a capable player with a history of success, if he aaron or stuey had a different division they would have been in more play-offs

24 Nicelub W 42 – L 21

One of the newer members entering this franchise, he took a few by surprise and went on a good run showing his skill level, always a contender for play-off spots and the potential to win many super bowls

25 Epone/Liridon N/A

Tricky one this as I wasn’t sure on epones status, I think he’s a good player who could win super bowls with a better team, if he isn’t back we get the TRASH man, but I would move him to 28 and everyone else up a spot, as he did quit the league in fear of heli

26 Toploader W 50 – L 13

Toploader won his first ever super bowl in season 3 and his on track to win back to back super bowls, has the ability to bring any roster upto an insanely high level after what he’s done with the lions roster, does a lot around the site as new admin/owner and deserves a big thank you for that,

27 Hitthesticks W 31 – L 16

Sticks has come in and played three seasons with the Texans and they have been flying under him, two divisional title’s to his name, he’s hoping to make it to a championship game this post season, he’s one to keep an eye on in the future,

28 Tj Callingham W 25 – L 5

Tj returned and has quickly shown he’s a top coach who will always challenge for the top honours, hard to say what he’s been able to do in this franchise as I didn’t have the pleasure of playing him, so working off past history here,

29 Patsuk W 37 – L 16

Now pats can’t cry he’s only average anymore, four play-off appearances I believe, one super bowl appearance as well, only for rayski and ramsdan he’d be picking lower imo, great player who brought some great content threw out the franchise, after all picking this low should show how much he’s improved and other’s should aim to follow suit,

30 Rayski W 42 – L 22

Season 4 tanking aside he’s still one of the best player’s on the site so picking higher is out of reach for him currently, made a super bowl but just couldn’t stretch far enough in it , will always be a contender in for championships, around the franchise he’s helped coaches improve there game’s from triangleking, myself and other’s, so our success his partially his as well,

31 Ramsdan W 21 – L 2

Dan has three play-off appearances now, one with the cowboys and two with thhe rams, to return to the top of the league so quick after returning has shown his skill level is greater than most other’s in the franchise,

32 Vondia W 59 – L 4

Really no matter what someone with that record over four seasons says, they deserve to have everyone else pick there team for them, he does but in a big effort content wise, streaming, podcast and that, but his success has made him the number one target for everyone to beat next madden,