MaddenPFL – PS4 Madden 19 Draft Reveal

MaddenPFL – Madden 19 Draft Order Reveal

As we start to wrap up the last season of our inaugural PS4 MaddenPFL League we start to look forward to next years Madden. With each new Madden it means a new team draft is organised. Given we have had 3 of the most interesting seasons it was a tough order to break down, also given the amount of movement we have had in 3 season it took countless hours of work and negotiations between the admin team.

But after hours and hours of Aaron arguing that he should be picking no 1 we came to an agreement on the order.

Now before I go into the order I would like to explain at how was based our draft order to try to be as transparent as a “Crooked” Commish can be.

When I first approached the order there were a few things I wanted to make sure we awarded players for. These included winning Coach of the Year, VIP status, Seasons played. This ensure we were awarding players who were actively contributing to our website whether this was by being part of our community or contributing monetary wise to support our site. I wanted these kind of activities to be awarded in one way and the best way I had at the time was to award via “enhancing” draft position.

To reach an initial list this was done by Win – Loss %. This set a foundation then we applied the modifiers as mentioned above. What this essentially meant was players like Han Solo, Exillizer, QuietLife, RugbyDan, FcumKev saw their position in the league increase as they had been in the league since the introduction and further enhance by if they won COTY or were VIPs.

After we got to this point there was a bit of debate between the admin team on the final placings. The final placings concerned more of the new joiners on where the should be factored in. So if they had just joined in the last season they were placed around 20, although Mattanite saw a reduction down to 27 due to his ability.

The other debate amongst the admin team was the placing of those from 24-32; with the placings here switching multiple times. As a result I believe we have reach a truly fair and reasonable order. I understand that there will always be people who think XX is too high or XX is too low.

If you think this would love to hear the debate/discussion on the forum.

So without further ado I present the Draft Order for Madden 19.


Pick Number Player
1 CrocodileMarco
2 Murdo
3 LiquidSolid
4 MzKitalAce
5 Daniel Rae
6 FcumKev
7 FiftyShades
8 Quietlife
9 GhettoBiggie
10 Roger
11 RugbyDan
12 Stuarty
13 Fraser
14 Exillizer
15 Fazak
16 Shane
17 HanSoloisHere
18 Luke
19 JWS
20 Levett
21 Warlow
22 Crispytones
23 Yabba’s Turd
24 Aaron
25 Aidan
26 Kerrgio
27 Mattanite
28 Brain
29 Ivan Farai
30 Beyond The Game
31 Flitsie
32 Dafydd


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    PS4 order sorted, cmon Xbox One commissioners!

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