PFL Season 3 Top 50

It’s that time of year again! Another season is over, we’ve had our Superbowl. We are like kids on Christmas Eve waiting to see what is in free agency at midnight and we are looking forward to our final draft on Madden 18!

But here we go from 50 to 1, who will join Julio Jones and Leonard Williams as a #1 player, find out below!

50 – Reggie Ragland – Kansas City Chiefs – Ragland had 20 tackles for loss, the most of any linebacker in the league. It was a shame one of the leagues best run stuffers didn’t have others around him play to his level as the Chiefs bombed to a 1-15 record after winning the AFC West in year 1 & 2

49 – Trey Burton – Denver Broncos – The AFC West had a new ruler this year, the Broncos came up big with their team of vets! Only one defeat all year and Trey Burtons 8 TDs and 600+ yards helped them along the way.

48 – Avery Williamson – Tennessee Titans – Williamson is a player who could go up this list in year 4, the new Titans coach ended the year in fine form and they could be serious challengers to the AFC South, going into the last year the Titans are the only team yet to win the division, Williamson weighed in with 12 TFL, 4 sacks and 5 picks this year

47 – Kwon Alexander – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Another linebacker, so hard to separate some of these guys. The bucs won the NFC South for the second time in 3 years, Alexander made some big plays to help that happen. A whopping 61 tackles, 17 tackles for loss, 5.5 sacks and 2 picks is a great return.

46 – Jimmy Graham – Seattle Seahawks – A down year for the Seahawks, their first missing the play offs but Jimmy Graham still put up his numbers, 800+ yards with 8 TDs is proof there is life in Jimmy yet.

45 – Chris Harris Jr – Denver Broncos – Another Bronco in the top 50, this time on the defensive side of the ball. The Broncos traded away Talib and Harris proved he had it in him to be the #1 corner on this team, 8 picks and even a FF to his name!

44 – Brice Butler – San Francisco 49ers – Bulter had an impressive 1161 yards despite only having 43 catches! He took 8 of them to the house and had 27 yards per catch! He showed playmaker ability and will want the ball more in year 4!

43 – Lamar Miller – Houston Texans – The Texans had a huge up year, winning the division for the first time and putting up some big numbers. The new coach got the team more to his liking and they could be in for another big year in season 4. Lamar Miller put up 1500 yards and 12 tds on the ground alone.

42 – Bobby Wagner – Seattle Seahawks – Wagner led the league in tackles with 70, 15 of them for loss. With 5 picks and 2 FF he tried his best to turn around the Seahawks struggles this year.

41 – Devin McCourty – New England Patriots – Still going strong for the Patriots, who despite another double digit winning season missed out on the play offs again. They did the double over division champs the Bills but an end of season loss to the Jaguars cost them the division. McCourty though had 10 picks so he’s not ready to give up his place on the team yet!

40 – Justin Tucker – Baltimore Ravens – Yes that’s right, kickers are people too! The first-ever kicker to make the top 50. Tucker made 29/30 kicks and kicked a 63 yarder as well!

39 – Randall Cobb – Green Bay Packers – The Packers struggles continue in terms of win % but yards were no issue for this team. Cobb led the team 1252 yards in the air and with 12 TDs he had more than any other Packer.

38 – Leonard Fournette – Jacksonville Jaguars – Fournette got some help during the year, Trubisky arrived in Jacksonville and better QB play opened up space for Fournette to pound into, 1572 yards and 14 touchdowns, the Jaguars want their division title back!

37 – Zach Brown – Washington Redskins – Brown had 60 tackles, 13 for loss, 2 sacks, 4 picks and  very impressive 5 forced fumbles. Brown is a big piece in the Redskins armor that has won 2 divisions in 3 years.

36 – Robert Quinn – Cincinnati Bengals – Quinn arrived in free agency and he found his perfect landing spot. His 15 sacks were more than he managed in year 1 & 2 combined. Not having to play every down and finding the right fits clearly helped him have his best season in the PFL yet.

35 – Sua Cravens – Washington Redskins – The Redskins won the division again, some big plays by Cravens helped them get there. He had 7 tackles for loss and 9 picks. He will need a similar year in year 4, in a close division those turnovers are vital.

34 – Danielle Hunter – Minnesota Vikings – Not quite the production he had in year 2 but with 15 sacks and 17 tackles for loss, Hunter is still in the elite pass rusher category.

33 – Frank Clark – Seattle Seahawks – Similar numbers to Hunter with 15 sacks but the 1 FF pushes Clark one spot above Hunter on the list.

32 – Tavon hood – Cincinnati Bengals – The rookie FS comes into the Bengals and plays to the level of the talent around him, with 7 picks and 4 FFs he has the instincts to get the ball.

31 – Dareon Ward – Buffalo Bills – Great year for the rookie, the 2nd round pick proved more than his worth with 6 tackles for loss, 15 sacks and 2 FF

30 – Louis Stemke – Atlanta Falcons – The Falcons struggled, lots of 1st round picks brought big expectations but they didn’t work out as planned. Stemke though showed his talent. 48 tackles, 19 tackles for loss, 11.5 sacks and 4 FFs, fantastic return for a rookie linebacker!

29 – TY Hilton – Indianapolis Colts – Hilton has seen his name in the top 50 before and he continues his good form even under a new coach. 1400 yards and 11 TDs, he’s good with the ball so just keep feeding him it.

28 – Devante Freeman – Atlanta Falcons – 1587 yards and 15 touchdowns for the Freeman, with such an impressive run game you have to feel once they sort out their QB situation the Falcons could be ready to challenge the NFC South.

27 – Aaron Stewart – Detroit Lions – The Superbowl winners have a stacked roster and Stewart did well to shine in it. 1243 yards and 12 TDs is a good return, but he jumps ahead of Hilton by a spot because of his yard per catch, 24.7….playmaker!

26 – Ali Patterson – Miami Dolphins – Maddens defensive rookie of the year. Had big shoes to fill replacing the 91 ovr Raekwon McMillian who was shipped of the Carolina. Homegrown Miami college star Patterson fit right in those shoes. 17 tackles for loss, 12.5 sacks, 3 picks and a FF was a great return for the outside linebacker.

25 – Anthony Barr – Cincinnati Bengals – Barr had another impressive year and had more sacks than any other OLB in the league. 15.5 sacks, 13 tackles for loss and weighed in with 3 picks.

24 – Malcolm Butler – New England Patriots – In his new free safety position Butler showed his ball instincts coming up big with 13 picks for the Patriots D.

23 – Michael Thomas – Cincinnati Bengals – Thomas is the #1 corner on a team where the linebackers hog all the picks! Thomas, however, did manage to get 12 picks of his own going up against the oppositions number 1 guys.

22 – Mark Barron – LA Rams – Barron’s season changed dramatically when the Rams stole the Cowboys HC. He had 9 tackles for loss, 2.5 sacks and a FF but the impressive part is the 11 interceptions on the year from the OLB position. 10 coming under the new HC.

21 – Tyrann Mathieu – Arizona Cardinals – Another year, another season of the honeybadger making plays. 12 ints and a FF see’s another year in the top 50 for Mathieu.

20 – Carey Yount – Detroit Lions – The Lions shocked the league by selecting a QB to replace Matt Stafford in the draft, but the rookie came in and won a Superbowl! 3141 yards, 26 TDs, 13 Ints and the best completion % in the league with 71%. A promising start to his career.

19 – DeAndre Hopkins – Houston Texans – After being shopped around the league, no one wanted the Nuk and he stayed home! He came up big with 20 yards per catch, 1259 yards and more importantly 16 touchdowns.

18 – Geno Atkins – Cincinnati Bengals – Another player who was shopped around by his coach, but Atkins showed him why he’s so valuable, 17.5 sacks is a nasty interior pass rush!

17 – Whitney Mercilus – Houston Texans – Mercilus crushed it on the edge, 14.5 sacks was a big return but the 5 forced fumbles push him up this list.

16 – Derek Carr – Oakland Raiders – Carr finally has a coach to help him get the numbers his stats show he should. 3200 yards, 31 TDs to 14 INTs with a 70% completion rate is the kind of numbers you need to make the play offs.

15 – Landon Collins – New York Giants – Collins has been the standout on the Giants team in all 3 years, his name should appear in season 4 as well! 12 INTs, 5  TFL and 2 FF for the strong safety

14 – Casey Hayward – Detroit Lions – Fitting perfectly into his new free safety position, Hayward had 14 picks which put him top of the DB pick list.

13 – DeShaun Watson – Cincinnati Bengals – Watson still up there with the best QBs, but a rookie running back saw his usually high workload reduced this year. 35 TDs 12 INTs and 3401 yards.

12 – Deion Jones – Buffalo Bills – Jones made a huge impact on the Bills D, they wanted to get better against the run and he helped that as well as the passing game. 11 TFL,4.5 sacks 13 INTs and FF.

11 – Samson Ebukam – LA Rams – Another defender who’s production went through the roof with a change in coach. 22 sacks and 3 FFs, teams have to find a way to keep him locked down next year or his numbers will be breaking records

10 – Joshua Dobbs – Houston Texans – Dobbs was the kind of QB the Texans coach was chasing, he got his man and the numbers proved him to be correct. Over 4000 yards and 40 TDs for Dobbs, if it wasn’t for the 20 INTs he would have been a lot higher in this list, but throwing for 40 TDs, the most of any quarterback is impressive for his 1st year as a starter.

9 – John Ross – Cincinnati Bengals – John Ross’ speed can not be contained, he put 1561 yards on the table, more than any other WR as well as 19 TDs and a 25.2 yards per catch %! You can’t stop what you can’t see!

8 – Deone Bucannon – Arizona Cardinals – Bucannon was a nightmare for offences all year, 16 tackles for loss and his 14 interceptions showed why he used to play safety!

7 – Fletcher Cox – Philadelphia Eagles – Some QBs and running backs around the league will still be having flashbacks about a 6’4 310lbs monster lying on top of them! He finished the year with 26 tackles for loss and 20.5 sacks. He’s geared up for even more in year 4!

6 – Thomas Scott – Cincinnati Bengals – 1st round rookie squashed a few myths about rookies production falling in the later weeks of a season due to tiredness. By 13 he became the main part of this offence. In week 13 to 17 he ran for 1058 yards in those games alone! He had 26 touchdowns and 1888 yards on the season with an impressive 7.2 YPC.

5 – Sean Burrell – Buffalo Bills – Burrell is this year’s best quarterback! When he was drafted eyebrows were raised, he had a big arm but big accuracy issues, the Bills coach saw a big upside and is now reaping the rewards. Last year DeShone Kizer was the top QB then fell off a cliff, Burrell will not want a similar fate.

4 – Trey Flowers – New England Patriots – Another Pats defender in the top 50 and another one well deserved! Flowers caused havok against all opponents ending the year leading the league in sacks with 24.5, 16 tackles for loss and 2 forced fumbles.

3 – Khalil Mack – Oakland Raiders – Mack and Flowers were both dominant on the Dline Mack had 4 less sacks with 20, the same amount of FF, 2. But 6 more tackles for loss with 22. What also just pipped Mack was that he wasn’t usered at all, he made all those plays on his own, when you have a player making those kind of plays on his own, it’s one less position for you to worry about.

2 – CJ Anderson – Denver Broncos – The Broncos were awesome this year, their coach won coach of the year. They only lost one game and CJ Anderson is the main reason, he was the Broncos, if he didnt work, neither did they and their record was proof, he always worked! The first PFL back to have 2000+ yards on the ground alone! CJ2K deserves his spot in the top 50!

1 – Kamu Grugier-Hill – Cincinnati Bengals – Spending 2 years being back up to Jordan Evans must have been tough when you know you had this ability in you! Grugier-Hill destroyed all kinds of pick records, game, season, got TDs and was the league’s most talked about player! 30 interceptions in regular season, that’s an astonishing number 30!! Joining Julio Jones and Leonard Williams, KGH is this years #1 player in the PFL top 50!

Thanks for reading!