Shane’s PS4 PFL 1st Round Mock Draft

  1. So here it is!

In preparation of tomorrow’s eagerly anticipated first ever PS4 PFL Madden Draft, I’ve finally finished my first round 32 pick Mock Draft (Who needs Mike Mayock eh?!

After some changes either due to trades or the combine coming out, and some errors on my part putting some draft prospects twice.

I apologise for any mistake’s I may have made either for words or players names/positions – been working on this for 3 hours solid!

I might see how I get on with the actual draft tomorrow too by giving myself 2 points for getting the position correct that the team drafts, and 5 points for the right position and player!

So I can feel your anticipation building so….here it is!


PS4 PFL First Round Mock Draft

1.     New York Jets – QB Samuel Losman

Does this pick need explaining at all? QB is the biggest need for Jets who at this time only have Glennon on their books. Losman is hands down the best QB in this draft. Which means the Jets finally get their QB of the future, after so many failed attempts!


2.     Dallas Cowboys – LE Ray Frazier

I debated mocking the Cowboys to take an OLB here, but I just think DE would be a better need, plus they get a complete monster at the position!

This is a position the Cowboys have struggled with for a few years with various guys being suspended etc. With the 2nd overall pick in the draft the Cowboys have their choice of DE’s to take and Frazier will wreak havoc in the NFC East for years to come. My prediction for DROTY


3.     Atlanta Falcons – RE Fillimore Skinner

The need here in my opinion is beefing up the right side of that OL, however no RG/RT is worthy of being the 3rd overall pick. Instead it’s back to back DE’s drafted here, with Falcons pairing Skinner on the opposite side of Tak McKinley – thus giving all NFC South QB’s something to worry about in future meetings!


4.     Indianapolis Colts – QB Zac Wood

Strange one this – I have the the Colts using the 4thoverall pick they got from trading QB Andrew Luck, to replace him with another QB. I don’t think Brissett is the guy to lead them, and with recent free agency acquisitions they no longer need other positions of need here (such as HB).


5.     Tampa Bay Buccaneers – LT Oristes Mundy

A great performance in the All Star game secures Mundy a top 5 pick, Buccs need to give Winston more protection on his blind side and Mundy will become that guy. He will easily become a franchise LT many teams will envy for many years, has All Pro and Pro Bowl calibre.


6.     Baltimore Ravens – RE Roy Southward

OLB is a consideration here, but none are worth taking this high in my eyes. By taking Southward he will be an upgrade on what they already have despite having decent depth. DT is a possibility here too, but think it makes more sense to move a DE on the roster already and take Southward


7.     Cleveland Browns – MLB Shakir Atkins

The Browns roster is developing very very nicely. By taking the only MLB worth being drafted in this draft they add another piece to the puzzle following on from last year’s draft. Atkins is a MLB that can hit and tackle, and is certainly worthy of a top 10 pick


8.     Buffalo Bills – QB Patrick Lepsis

I had the Bills down to take a 34 DE as I feel drafting the right one could lead to a dominate DL even had it written out who and why. However, after careful consideration I’ve got them taking a QB. They recently put Tyrod Taylor on the block, which leads me to think they don’t believe he’s the guy to take them to a Super Bowl. With Lepsis still available they get a franchise QB they will lead them to the AFC Title and the Super Bowl


9.     Indianapolis Colts – WR Edivaldo Hood

Hood will be a great Red Zone target for new Colts QB Wood, whilst not the quickest, he has some of the best hands of a WR in this class – what good is pure speed if you can’t catch. Colts will become unrecognizable this season after a huge off season of change on and off the field.


10.  Detroit Lions – CB Watts Holloway

An OLB would be nice here for the Lions, but I think the chance to pair Holloway opposite Slay Jr will give WR a nightmare when they meet and ensure Lions will have one of the league’s best CB1 CB2 combinations


11.  Carolina Panthers – LT Khari Mack

OL and in particular LT have been an issue for the Panthers for a few seasons now, Mack may be a slight reach here, however he would certainly be an upgrade on Matt Kalil and will certainly by the mobile Cam Newton to find passes or use those legs of his to get out the pocket


12.  Washington Redskins – HB Eduardo Burgess

I could easily have seen Redskins target a QB here, however bringing Cousins back in free agency means that’s no longer a need with the 12th overall pick. Although the Redskins already have Rob Kelly at the HB position who broke the 1,000 rushing yard last season, I think the chance to take a top 10 talent in Burgess is too good of an opportunity to turn down here. Burgess will certainly help improve a team that averaged 80 yards per game last season and ranked them 24th in the rushing game.


13.  San Francisco 49ers – QB Devin Zitelli

I can see this pick being used on the offence regardless, and see it going to 1 one 2 positions – QB or WR. I think with only CJ Beathard the only QB on the roster, if this team want to reach the play offs next season they need to upgrade him. Having not done it in free agency, the next chance will be in the draft. Zitelli certainly has the arm power, and I can see the 49ers giving him the weapons to target at WR in later rounds.


14.  Cleveland Browns – HB Harvey Dykes

There is a possibility the Browns target a HB with their 7th overall pick. However, think the only MLB worth drafting is the only option there in a deep HB draft. So, they address the HB issue here, they have Crowell on the roster, but he only registered a disappointing 544 rushing yards last season, whilst the Browns ranked last in rushing yards. Dykes will certainly change that and most likely double Cromwell’s yards for last season.


15.  Seattle Seahawks – HB Dixon Parker

This is a pick I guarantee will change come draft day! The Hawks have talked about moving many big names out (Wilson, Sherman, Thomas, Chancellor) if they manage this the pick will most certainly change. However, with the roster as it is currently it’s either HB or OL. I’m going for them to take a HB even though they have 5 on the roster already. No Pass Blocking OL guys are worth being taken here. Parker is the only viable option


16.  Tennessee Titans – RE Ben Boone

I honestly feel this is a stacked team, one of the few teams that seem to have solid starters at each position on both sides of the ball. With that being said, they ranked 30th in passing yards, and 32nd in rushing yards allowed. I think they have some receivers, due to this I have them taking the best DL available here in Boone – they can either move him to DT or keep him on the outside and move someone in. But Boone will certainly address the rushing yards allowed from the start.


17.  Philadelphia Eagles – WR Franklin Simon

17 picks in and only the 2nd WR to be taken here and what a pick it is. Simon will become Wentz’s best friend this coming season and will lead Eagles fans to be asking Alshon who??? Simon is one of the most refined route runners in this draft, and will see Wentz target him many times throughout this season. My prediction for OROTY


18.  New England Patriots – LOLB Harvey Canidate

You’d have thought this would finally be the year the Pats replace Brady – but nope the man who never seems to get old keeps going!

Despite having 10 linebackers on the roster currently, they still lack a quality OLB to put next to Hightower, they address that issue here with Canidate being only the 2nd linebacker drafted


19.  LA Chargers – RT Avius Warmack

I could see this pick being used at either LT or RT as Chargers need an upgrade at both positions. For me though I see them shuffling their OL about and making a couple of changes to accommodate Warmack who is easily the best run blocker in this draft, and will certainly create plenty of holes for Melvin Gordon to run down. It will require some positional changes for OL guys already on the roster, but could easily be as good as the Cowboys OL


20.  Arizona Cardinals – WR Zach Adams

The Cardinals would love to get an OLB here, but with Pats taking their man they instead opt to give Palmer another weapon with Fitzgerald now 35 years old they get his replacement who could easily come in from day 1 and be just as productive


21.  New England Patriots – DT Reynaldo Briscoe

The Pats had a great season last season on offence (2nd in passing yards and 9th in rushing yards) but their defence is what let them down. They went defence 2 picks ago and go defence again with this one. Briscoe is the best DT in this draft and will certainly help the Pats defensive issue this coming season.


22.  New York Giants – LG Wade Ainge

Giants need help on the OL with players such as Jerry and Flowers underperforming at across the line last season, which means Ainge is the guy for them here, he will easily earn his place in the OL and in turn will help the run game come along even more.


23.  Oakland Raiders – FS Elijah Saville

The Raiders had the best pass defence last season the 9th best run defence, however an offensive pick would be nice here, but I don’t see one worth taking. However, FS is a need and Saville will make a nightmare pairing opposite Karl Joseph – Joseph and Saville could easily become the next Thomas III and Chancellor


24.  Arizona Cardinals – RT Cory Carman

The Cardinals stay on the offensive side again with this pick, however opting to improve the OL. I could possibly see them going for a QB here such as D-Garrido, but his weaker arm and poor combine performance mean they opt to give Palmer another season, and with this pick a bit more protection,


25.  LA Chargers – FS Dexter Mack

I honestly struggled with this pick, and could possibly see Chargers trade out here having already taken a guy in the first with their earlier pick. Not really a need, but having improved the OL with the first pick they improve their secondary this time with Mack being an improvement over Boston


26.  Green Bay Packers – SS Ephraim Chancey

A complete steal here, Chancey is a top 10 talent in my eyes – maybe even a top 5, so packers getting him here will prove the steal of the draft. This kid will improve the secondary from day 1 and could be the difference in the Packers going further in the play offs this season.


27.  Jacksonville Jaguars – TE Griffin Tanney

I think the biggest need here is DT but only 1 was worth being taken in the first, instead the Jags take the only TE worth drafting as far as I’m concerned. Tanney will give Bradford or Bortles plenty of targets and will give them another option to ease the pressure on the WR


28.  Pittsburgh Steelers – DE Fisher Gentry

Another team that take a DE and may have to look at swapping the DL about to accommodate. Steelers had issues defending the pass last season being ranked 27th in pass defence, they need to get to the QB more often and Gentry will certainly see to that on a regular basis despite being known as a run stopper.


29.  Minnesota Vikings – RT Bryce Sharon

The Vikings OL needs a couple of improvements, and it starts with Sharon – it’s an OL for me which is slightly lacking a serious run blocker. Sharon will fill that hole perfectly for the Vikings, and will man handle many DE’s in the league throughout his career. He’s not the best player available, but he’s best available in a position of need


30.  Cincinnati Bengals – CB Malik Harvin

OL or DT would be ideal but none are worth grabbing here – even this late on. So, with the 30th pick in the draft and our 2nd CB is taken! I’d have had them to take a QB at #4, but the trade for Luck means it’s no longer a position of need for them. The Bengals now opt to try and improve their secondary, they were 26thin the league for passing yards allowed last season – giving up 237 yards a game on average. The Bengals hope by taking Harvin he can bring those numbers down and improve the secondary.


31.  New Orleans Saints – LG Taylor Tucker

With a bit of shuffling and some positional changes this allows the Saints to take Tucker, he’s down as a C – but I think he will be more suited to playing on the right side of the OL which in turn will mean someone from the right being moved to the left.


32.  Denver Broncos – C Craig Keyek

Hard to find an improvement for a Broncos team that won the Superbowl with the 3rd best offence and 3rdbest defence. However, they running game is immense (proven by having the number 1 run offence this season) and I think they solidify that by taking Keyek. Think this is another guy who will need to be moved, no chance does he displace Matt Paradis, however he could very easily play alongside Paradis as a RT


So time to review my mock and see exactly how I dod

On the left is my mock – on the right is who was taken! SO let’s look into to!


1. New York Jets – QB Samuel Losman

Actual pick: QB Samuel Losman – This pick was never in doubt. 5 points

2. Dallas Cowboys – LE Ray Frazier

Actual pick: LE Ray Frazier – 2/2 and on a roll! 5 points

3. Atlanta Falcons – RE Fillimore Skinner

Actual pick: LT Ortistes Mundy – First pick wrong didn’t even get the position correct!

4. Indianapolis Colts – QB Zac Wood

Actual pick: RE Fillimore Southward – First 2 right, followed by the next 2 being wrong

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – LT Oristes Mundy

Actual pick: LT Khari Mack – Correct position with OL and LT, but with Mundy off the board they took the next best LT. 2 Points

6. Baltimore Ravens – RE Roy Southward 

Actual pick: RT Avis Warmack – Completely wrong here, wrong position and wrong side of the ball

7. Cleveland Browns – MLB Shakir Atkins

Actual pick: MLB Shakir Atkins – After a bit of a blip with wrong predictions, I’m back on point with another correct prediction. 5 Points

8. Buffalo Bills – QB Patrick Lepsis

Actual pick: Franklin Simon – Back to being wrong again though it was an offensive pick!

9. Indianapolis Colts – WR Edivaldo Hood

Actual pick: QB Zac Wood – Colts take at 9 the guy I had them to take at 4, so they still got who I said they would get! Just at the wrong pick

10. Detroit Lions – CB Watts Holloway

Actual pick: SS Ephraim Chancey – First time with 3 completely wrong picks on the bounce!

11. Carolina Panthers – LT Khari Mack

***Trade to the New York Jets*** Actual pick: LOLB Harvey CANIDATE – Trade here meant I was bound to get this wrong

12. Washington Redskins – HB Eduardo Burgess

Actual pick: RE Sean RInger – Couldnt have gotten this more wrong if I had tried with the Skins taking a guy I didn’t even have mocked to go in the first round!

13. San Francisco 49ers – QB Devin Zitelli

Actual pick: QB Patrick Lepsis – After 5 incorrect picks, I finally get the right position but the wrong guy. 2 Points

14. Cleveland Browns – HB Harvey Dykes

Actual pick: WR Zach Adams – Back to being wrong again!

15. Seattle Seahawks – HB Dixon Parker

Actual pick: WR Edivaldo Hood – Least I got it right being an offensive pick and not defensive

16. Tennessee Titans – RE Ben Boone

Actual pick: FS Xavior Gritton – Defensive pick was correct, but wrong position. 2nd guy taken I didn’t have mocked in the first round.

17. Philadelphia Eagles – WR Franklin Simon

Actual pick: WR Jamichael Farley – Correct position, just the wrong name. 2 Points

18. New England Patriots – LOLB Harvey Canidate

Actual pick: QB Devin Zitelli – Another pick that was miles off, wrong player, position and side of the ball

19. LA Chargers – RT Avius Warmack

Actual pick: CB Malik Harvin – I wouldn’t have got this right hundreds times over, never would have predicted Chargers to take a CB

20. Arizona Cardinals – WR Zach Adams

Actual pick: LOLB Jon Rathman – Another I didn’t have to be taken in the first round

21. New England Patriots – DT Reynaldo Briscoe

Actual pick: RE Ben Boone – Whilst they took a DE and I said it would be a DT it’s still a DL pick! Giving myself 2 points here as the Pats take the guy I said they would take just 3 picks earlier. 2 Points

22. New York Giants – LG Wade Ainge

Actual Pick: HB Eduardo Burgess – The Giants still got an offensive pick here as predicted

23. Oakland Raiders – FS Elijah Saville

Actual pick: Elijah Saville – After what feels like forever I finally get the right position and player. 5 points

24. Arizona Cardinals – RT Cory Carman

Actual pick: CB Holloway – Watts Holloway. Not even close with this pick

25. LA Chargers – FS Dexter Mack

***Trade to Detroit Lions*** Actual pick: Fillimore Skinner – As I did predict Chargers traded out here, and the Lions got a complete steal getting the guy I mocked to be taken 3rd overall!

26. Green Bay Packers – SS Ephraim Chancey

Actual pick: Cesar Scroggins – I mocked them defence, they took offence, not close at all on this one

27. Jacksonville Jaguars – TE Griffin Tanney

Actual pick: RT Cory Carman – Jags add their OL here by taking a RT

28. Pittsburgh Steelers – DE Fisher Gentry

Actual pick: ROLB Eric Lewis – Got the defensive pick correct, just wrong position

29. Minnesota Vikings – RT Bryce Sharon

Actual pick: Wade Ainge – Vikings take OL as predicted, just opt for a LG instead of the RT. 2 points

30. Cincinnati Bengals – CB Malik Harvin

Actual pick: Moses Simon – Close as close can get, defensive pick as predicted, and a DB too, just a FS and not a CB

31. New Orleans Saints – LG Taylor Tucker

Actual pick FS Dexter Mack – Complete opposite here, I said defensive pick, and they go offensive pick

32. Denver Broncos – C Craig Keyek

Actual pick: DT Reynaldo Briscoe – And again, with the last pick of the first round, complete opposite to what I predicted!


So after the first PS4 PFL Draft is complete I’m pretty happy with my mock draft in all honesty!

I was able to mock the correct player to the correct team 4 times (I thought I’d be lucky to get 2 in all honesty!)

The I was able to mock the correct position to the team, just not the right player a total of 5 times

So 9 times I either got the right player or position out of 32. Not bad going in my eyes!

Mike who?!

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