Welcome to MaddenPFL

With the release of Madden 18 around the corner, the MaddenPFL team are pleased to announce exciting new changes coming to the website including an updated fresh look and a brand new CFM league structure. Established in 2005, MaddenPFL has grown to become one of the most popular sites for Xbox One and PS4 Madden NFL gaming in Europe. Click the link to find out more about our changes planned for Madden 18

Home to ‘sim-style’ football, we are currently hosting three CFM leagues and welcome players of all skill levels and abilities. So whether you’ve just picked up a copy yesterday, been playing the game for years or are looking to return to Madden after a break, we will have space for you. With a strong community of players you will always find a game to play, be challenged and develop your skills further.

Madden 18 will see a tweak in our league structures to better meet our member’s needs. Our flagship CFM league has been renamed as the ‘PFL’. This league is for the experienced and dedicated coach and provides the full Madden CFM experience including pre-season, regular and post season games as well as all the off season undertakings such as free agency, drafting and trades. Two CFM game weeks are compressed into each week (advances every Wednesday and Sunday midnight) and quarters are 9 minutes long. The league will be run by @SnapDan and @helimachoptor – the league is now full but you can put yourself on the waiting list here in case spaces do open up.

We are also pleased to announce the launch of a new league – the ‘PFL Arena’. Replacing the Pro8 the league will be focused on the more casual gamers whilst keeping a level of competitiveness seen within MaddenPFL. The Arena is ideal for those players who are looking to improve but we also welcome more experienced players looking to play sim games of NFL. The league will employ a 5 day game week with 8 minute quarters and we will be running the CFM options which suit our coaches. @ZoSo and @tripperman28 will be running this league so put your name down here if you wish to join.

The PS4 league returns to MaddenPFL after popular demand. The league will be run under standard PFL rules with the full Madden CFM setup. This will be a once a week advance league with 8 minute quarters and the full CFM experience. Players of all abilities are welcome to join. @Beyond The Game is the commissioner so please get in touch and post your availability here

Our strength has always been its community of dedicated coaches. A renewed focus will be made to foster this community spirit by increasing league articles and user content on the forum. Match reports, highlights, team reviews, mock drafts etc will be posted and user involvement will be encouraged. In addition we welcome the return of fan favourite Quick Hits from next season for the PFL as well as the Coach of the year, ‘Road to the Playoffs’ and mock rookie drafts. In time for the new NFL season we will also be reintroducing the ever popular Pick’ems to whet your competitive and predictive juices. 

So If you are looking to take your first steps into your Madden career, are an experienced coach and are looking to satiate your Madden fix or just looking for a place to discuss the NFL with other passionate fans then MaddenPFL is the place for you. So signup and introduce yourself if you wish to join the best Madden CFM leagues around.