Top 10 Free Agents

The starting of the PFL League is getting closer. This week the members have been voting on the direction they want the league to take. One of the topics was how the waivers in year one should be done. There were 3 options for the 32 coaches to vote on, they were : Draft Order, Reverse Draft Order and Team OVR. Team OVR won the vote so when week one kicks off, the coaches send the players they’d like to claim and they will be awarded in order of Team OVR. Here are my thoughts on 10 guys who should be on every ones waivers!

10. Marquees Wilson – WR – 74 OVR
Age – 24
Top 3 Stats – 84 Catch, 88 Spec Catch, 93 Jump
The former Bears WR will be a top weapon in the Redzone and with 93 ACC he is quick off the blocks. The 6’4 WR will be handy addition to teams who need a safe pair of hands and some height on their team. At 24 he is still young and could make your team the whole 4 years.

9. Darrelle Revis – CB – 82 OVR
Age – 32
Top 3 Stats – Man Coverage 82, Press 84, Play Rec 84
Former Superbowl winner Revis will be a good pick up whether you are in win now mode or just need a stop gap at CB or FS. He has 91 Acc and 88 speed so despite his age he can still keep up with most guys around. That play rec and pres will make sure people don’t get past him very easy if you decide to line him up outside.

8. Quinton Coples – DE/OLB – 80 OVR
Age – 27
Top 3 Stats – Acc 87, Tackle 82, Strength 83
Former 1st round pick will be a solid and versatile player whether you play 34 or 43. He is an all round solid player with 81 block shed and power moves too. He’s not an elite level player but at 27 he’d be solid back to the elite guy or even a starter if you are a team that has 0 pass rush!

7. Denard Robinson – HB – 74 OVR
Age – 26
Top 3 Stats – Juke Moves 90, Spin Moves 89, Ball Carry Vision 85
The ex Jaguar back will be a great edition to any team. Running backs are one of the positions where you are going to expect a lot of injuries. With 92 speed, Acc and those moves Robinson could easily be a #1 in the right hands. Those spins and jukes are devastating this year and if you know how to use them Robinson could be a top pick up for you.

6. Ian Williams – DT – 80 OVR
Age – 28
Top 3 Stats – Strength 93, Block Shedd 86, Tackle 86
The former 49ers nose tackle could play 43 or 34 when you take a closer look at him. He’s strong as an ox but with 80 acc he’s also quick off the blocks. He would be a great starter for anyone looking to pick up a DT, at 28 you’d have enough seasons of him playing at his best to find a replacement for year 4 if needed.

5. Nick Mangold – OL – 82 OVR
Age – 33
Top 3 Stats – Strength 89, Pass Block 83, Impact Block 87
Another former Jets player in my list, Mangold will go straight in as a starter on most teams. He has the awarness needed to help with the new unit blocking mentioned in EA’s blog. Atleast a year to build up a replacement for him, but any team needing a starter on OL can’t go wrong looking in the direction of Mangold for help.

4. Gary Barnidge – TE – 87 OVR
Age – 31
Top 3 Stats – Catch 88, Catch in Traffic 86, Special Catch 85
I was shocked when the Browns cut Barnidge in the off season but their loss can be someone elses gain. Judging by them stats he has a very safe pair of hands, with 89 acc too he gets off the mark quickly. Potential candidate for signing of the season, he could be a touchdown monster. If Barnidge finds himself playing for the right coach he has the potential to make the PFL Top 50!

3. Vincent Jackson – WR – 77 OVR
Age – 34
Top 3 Stats – Catch 88, Catch in Traffic 88, Special Catch 90
Speaking of safe hands! Jackson will be a top signing for any team, if you need a redzone target or just a 1st down on 3rd and short Jackson should be your first read every time with those hands. Do not let him drop down your list.

2. Sebastian Vollmer – OL – 79 OVR
Age – 32
Top 3 Stats – Impact Block 87, Pass Block 80, Run Block 82
Like Mangold, Vollmer is going to go on 90% of teams in the league and be a starter week one. I am a little worried about adding Vollmer to list as I’m sure he’s officially retired, but the roster updates are coming and he’s still on the game. Hopefully a team desperate for an offensive lineman can grab him before he vanishes from the Madden series for good!

1. Ladarius Green – TE – 87 OVR
Age – 27
Top 3 Stats – 92 Acc, 87 Catch, 84 Special Catch
He’s going to last you the franchise, he has the speed and hands of a WR, I have no doubt in my mind he will be near the very top of every one’s waiver claims. Everyone just needs to keep their fingers crossed he isn’t picked up by a team before the week 1 roster updates!