Back again! The season went so quickly and was the best yet! It was very hard to choose the top 50 this year, injuries took there toll, people shared the love around their players more with the intake of rookies and trades. Very evenly matched stats around the league and lots of players unlucky not to make the cut. If you don’t have a player or many featured take it as a compliment that you don’t cheese players and are very flexible in your play calling…

50 – Trumaine Johnson (Rams) – The Rams finished as the 1 seed in the NFC and have a second Championship game in as many years to look forward too in the coming days. Johnson flashed his ball hawking skills with 8 INTs on the year. The Bears QB might want to look another direction before he thinks about throwing it at Johnson.

49 – Christian McCaffrey (Panthers) – When you think about Willo’s Panthers, you think about CMC. He has proved a nightmare for defences especially the Saints who love facing him twice a year. With Almost 2000 yards combined and 16 TDs to his name, the offence runs through him. If you figure out how to stop him give the rest of the NFC South a shout.

48 – Harrison Smith (Vikings) – The Vikings DL can give coaches nightmares, after playing them myself I know! They get pressure instantly, Harrison Smith benefits from this and jumps those quick outs and contested balls. He finished with 4 INTs and 4 FF with a TD to his name as well. He racked up 5 tackles for loss and the stats don’t do his play justice.

47 – CJ Anderson (Broncos) – CJ just needs to stay healthly and he can find himself near the top 10! 1500 yards is a great season and it could be better! He averages 7.5 yards per carry so opposition defences are glad when he sits it out!

46 – Ramik Wilson (Chiefs) – The Chiefs defence is the reason they got to the play offs and won the AFC West. Wilson is an under rated LB around the league, a jack of all trades! 60 tackles, 15 tackles for loss, 4.5 sacks, 3 INTs, 3 FF is an awesome season that won’t jump off the stat sheet until you see him kicking around on all the categories.

45 –  Isreal Brazzell (Packers) – 1st round rookie Brazzell had his season cut short by injury missing the last 2 games. He had close to 1800 yards on the ground and in the air with 10 TDs. In the Packers offence you’ll always play second fiddle to Aaron Rodgers but Brazzell proved he can run this team, he had a very impressive 6.4 yards per carry.

44 – Jordan Howard (Bears) – Another pass catching your offence goes through me back from the NFC North. Another who also had his season cut short by injury with over 6 yards per carry. Just over 1700 yards combined and 16 touchdowns for the season. He is back for the NFC Championship game and the Bears coach DaBurg who is retiring at the end of the season wants that fairy tale ending, Howard’s play could certainly deliever that.

43 – Odell Beckham (Giants) – A great year for Odell who finished with 1451 yards and 22.3 yards per catch, the only thing stopping him being higher on this list is the points he scored. 7 TDs for the season is a disappointing return for that number of yards and clear playmaking ability.

42 – Melvin Ingram (Panthers) – The Panthers played their first year in a 34 defence and picking up Ingram from the Chargers proved to be a coup. 20 tackles for loss combined with 12 sacks , even chipping in with 2 interceptions. That kind of pressure is gold in a league that has seen a lot of yards and points put up by offences.

41 – Melvin Gordon (Chargers) – Gordon had a great year for the Chargers, nearly 1600 yards and 16 TDs on the ground alone for a team with a 2-14 record is impressive! When you lose that many games you’d expect the passing game be the most stat bloated but Gordon is a chain mover who can finish the drive!

40 – Josh Norman (Redskins) – A hot and cold year performance wise for the Redskins, who weren’t helped by the amount of picks their QBs threw. Luckily for them they don’t have to play against Josh Norman, he had his worked cut-out with the amount of time the D were on the field, but managed to get 9 turnovers with 7 INTs and 2 FF to give the offence another shot.

39 – Michael Bennett (Seahawks) – No one around the PFL enjoys playing the Seahawks defence, Bennett is proving age is just a number with his play. 17 sacks on the year is some return on a DL full of talent in a race to the QB. If he improved on his FF’s (1) he could have been a lot higher.

38 – Austin Hooper (Jaguars) – 11 Touchdowns for Hooper, more than any other TE in the league and 7th in the league. He wasn’t just a redzone monster though as he racked up 1139 yards to go with the TDs.

37. Malik Hooker (Colts) – Another defender for the Colts, Hooker had a great year with 7 INTs and 4 FFs and wouldn’t look out of place if he was higher on this list.

36 – Breshad Perriamn (Ravens) – Yes Perriman 2 or 3 Maddens later? Is still doing nasty things to defences in the PFL. He led WRs in yards (1648) and had a great 22.9 yards per catch but just 8 touchdowns on the year. If he can turn those yards into 7 points the Ravens should have more chance of making the play offs in season 3.

35 – JJ Watt (Texans) – PFL’s Watt isn’t made of weetabix and he causes havok in games. 17 sacks and a force fumble is a great return. The Texans had a new coach who struggled early on but finished strong, the Colts will have to look out especially if JJ has another year like this.

34 – Landon Collins (Giants) – Collins had a great year, chipped in with 8 tackles for loss, 7 INTs and 2 FF. Good year for Collins in a year of struggle for the Giants defence.

33 – Desmond Trufant (Falcons) – 9 picks and a force fumble with a TD to his name as well. great year for the Falcons DB, any DB who gets in double figures for turnovers is an asset!

32 – Tarell Basham (Colts) – Who…exactly! He isn’t much to look at (player stats wise) but he is certainly being productive for the Colts. 42 tackles, 12 for loss, 12.5 sacks and 4 FF. This DE knew how to stuff and pass rush!

31 – Keoriss Babineaux (Bengals) – The Bengals rookie WR had a great year, if the 1300 yards and 14 TDs is a sign of things to come then the Bengals have added another devatsting weapon to their already loaded offence.

30 – Fletcher Cox (Eagles) – You don’t get many defensives tackles with the talent and production of Cox. 19.5 sacks and a  FF is some serious interior pressure, the NFC is loaded with insane defensive line talent and Cox has performanced with the best of them this year.

29 – Marcus Peters (Chiefs) – Peters another part of that solid Chiefs D, 10 interceptions and 2 TDs, when will people learn, don’t throw in his direction!

28 – Isaiah Crowell (Browns) – Brilliant year for the Browns and Crowell was a big part of it, his ground game brought 1421 yards and 18 TDs to the table with a very impressive 6.2 yards per carry.

27 – Eric Berry (Chiefs) – #Justice4Berry is still a thing and the brigade will probably be out in force as he finds himself only #34 but his play didn’t match his top 10 hype! 7 INTs and 1 FF is still a good return, he did turn 4 of his 8 turnovers into 6 points though!.

26 – Todd Gurley (Rams) – Playing the Rams is a tough scheme, with Diggs and Watkins on the outside you have to respect that, this benefits their real star man, Todd Gurley. A great 6.7 yards per carry, 1500 and 20 touchdowns to go with it! The Rams offence is naughty!

25 – Sherman Barber (Texans) – Great season for the Texans rookie, they didn’t have many picks in the draft but they made this 7th rounder count. The 43 OLB had 15 tackles for loss, 8.5 sacks, 3 INTs and 5 FFs, what a year for the rook!

24 – Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers) – Over 5000 yards, Aaron continues to pound it to Big Ben with an insane number of yards, the reason he is so low is the 23 interceptions thrown, are these Blake Bortles garbage time game chasing type yards rather than an offence that can’t be stopped?

23 – Le’Veon Bell (Steelers) – Back to back Steelers! Bell had an incredible year and his catching ability helped it out. 1550 total yards with 22 touchdowns, does the offence run through Ben or is Bell where the money is at!

22 – Lamar Miller (Texans) – When the Texans started to click under HitTheSticks, it was the ability to get Miller clicking that helped most! An amazing 2374 yards combined and 16 touchdowns, talk about a game changer!

21 – Earl Thomas (Seahawks) – Another member of the glitchy Seahawks defence! He helped himself to 11 INTs and showed off his awarness and play rec by recovering 3 fumbles that were forced by team mates bringing his turnovers up to 14!

20 – Vic Beasley (Ravens) – The Ravens went into win mode in the off season going after star names, Beasley was one of them and he brought the heat to the Ravens pass rush, 12.5 sacks and 4 FF as well as 2 picks for himself!

19 – Trey Flowers (Patriots) – The Pats pass rusher had another fine season, 19.5 sacks and 2 FFs. He is a menace on the DL and over powers most offensive lineman he plays.

18 – Sean Burrell (Bills) – Superstar Burrell who put his name before his play! He loved the media spotlight but this rookie QB who started the year put shame to all those other QBs in the draft class, his 60-70s throwing accuracy didn’t matter and he threw 31 TDs to 11 INTs with an impressive 71% pass completion. He won a few awards on the game and now looks like a normal QB, we are doomed!

17 – Danielle Hunter (Vikings) – Another pass rusher, 20 sacks for the year an amazing figure to hit!

16 – Cameron Jordan (Saints) – You guessed it another pass rushing devil! So many of these guys had a great year, can we have some good offensive lineman please! 20 sacks in the books for Jordan.

15 – Andy Dalton (Texans) – Half a year hating him, half a year shouting he’s going to be MVP. Dalton had a great year, 4000 yards to his name but where it matters, 37 TDs and 17 INTs. Has he done well enough to survive another year for the Texans…

14 – Randall Beck (Raiders) – What a year for the rookie LB, 71 solo tackles (led the league) 24 tackles for loss (led the league) 11.5 sacks (led the league for ILBs) the only things you can say got him 12th and not higher is only 1 INT and 1 FF, but a remarkable year for the star of last years draft.

13 – Dak Prescott (Cowboys) – Prescott was the perfect QB in a run first team. He had 3000 yards which is lower than some, but he matched most with 33 TDs but where he could not be matched was his turnovers, he only threw 6 INTs, the lowest i’ve seen in a Madden league.

12 – Anthony Barr (Bengals) – Part of the Bengals LB crew who’s stats looked more like cornerbacks than linebackers. He had 12 INTs, 5 sacks and 2 FF, Stop throwing at the Bengals!!!

11- TY Hilton (Colts) – He missed some games with injuries but he was money! 1338 yards and 13 TDs but its the amazing 31.9 yards per catch average that caught the eye!

10 – Chidobe Awuzie (Cowboys) – The Cowboys corner doesn’t need a user, he shuts down his side of the field on his own. 12 INTs and 2 FFs, he is the leagues #1 corner.

9 -Jordan Evans (Bengals) – The other part of the BGang, Evans had 17 INTs but no fumbles to his name! He has coverage stats better than most corners around the league but is suspect if he has to make a tackle..

8 – Donald Payne (Colts) – Another user! Only this one knows how to knock you off your feet! 12 INTs and 4 FFs for Payne. The Colts D has playmakers littered all over the top 50!

7 – Shaydon Wall (Lions) – First round rookie Wall was just too much to handle for most secondaries around the league he racked up 15 TDs and  1553 yards playing his way to near the top of the 50!

6 – CJ Mosley (Ravens) – And the new world heavyweight user champion of the world goes to CJ Mosley! 10 INTs is a good year, but when you combine that with 21 tackles for loss, 3 sacks and 4 FFs, you see a linebacker making a difference on EVERY PLAY, not just pass coverage! Stay out of his way!

5 – Deshaun Watson (Bengals) – If Watson ever finishes a full season he could find himself top of the list! He still managed 3400 yardss, 39 Tds and 9 INTs before he went down!

4 – Tyrann Mathieu (Cardinals) – 51 tackles, 3 FFs, 2 TDs and 14 INTs! This is a FS you do not want to throw at! Mathieu had a shutdown year as the Cardinals made it to the play offs. FS is one of the most important positions on the field and the honey badger is top of the pile!

3 – DeShone Kizer (Browns) – Kizer had a brilliant year, a remarkable turnaround from year 1 to this year. 74% pass completion, 34 TDs to just 9 INTs and over 3500 yards. He won games and he kept them in games, he proved he had both styles and is this years number 1 QB.

2 – Martavis Bryant (Bills) – Monster is the word that comes to mind when I think of Bryant. His size, his speed, his strentgh, he has it all! 1445 yards with 19 TDS and 27.8 yards per catch! (Cover the post FFS…)

1 – Leonard Williams (Jets) – In a year where pass rushers have seemed so dominating it feels wrong to have anyone else at the top of the tree! Williams has cruified any offensive line who dared to step on the field with him. 21.5 sacks, 44 tackles, 21 tackles for loss and 4 FF. He has been the number 1 defensive line dominator in a year where the DL’s have ruled!