I think we have a great season ahead of us. A few old names return to the PFL and a number of new faces are fancying their chances for the first time. With no need to worry about salary caps and team schemes, the PFL coaches can get down to concentrating on what they need to do best – playing the game. Let’s see who mad in impact in week 1.

 1st. Adrian522
Being the only team have completed and won their first two fixtures puts Adrian at the top of the first power rankings. The Packers are a force to be reckoned with this season and in the right hands they have all the indications of going the distance. A win 31-24 win over the Bears followed by a 44-21 win over the Vikings puts them in a very strong position in the Blue North. I’m sure JA15 and the Falcons will be doing their best to upset their flow in week 3.

2nd. Carlos172 TSR
The Ravens have, quite possibly, the best defense in Madden. Carlos proved this with the 4 picks in the 45-14 mauling of the Browns. Offense isn’t too shabby either as the Ravens sit 4th in overall offense yards per game and lead the league in points scored. It’s hard to see who might stand in his way to his first PFL Bowl. 8-2 at the end of the season is not an unrealistic expectation.

3rd. TuscanRaider74
Dominated the Redskins in the opening fixture. The two times PFL champion has got his hands on his favourite team this time around and he’ll know just where their strengths and weaknesses are. Question is, will is opponents ? Faces another ‘old boy’ in week two when the Cowboys travel to Philadelphia.

4th. Reaper KH
Did not hesitate when he got to his pick in the draft and snapped up the Raiders. A successful 1st outing with them too when they beat San Diego 42-26 in week 1. Second in overall offense and first in passing yards per game, he’s taking the best he can get out of this weakened side. If he can sure up the defence a bit more, then this is team that could be playoff bound.

5th. Rigglar
Might be the only chance I get to make an appearance in the Power Rankings so I’ll take the win over the Bills, the 5 picks and forced fumble, being 6th in overall defense, and 1st in least points allowed and slot myself comfortably into 5th place. Only have to play Rainbow Doc this week, so it was nice knowing you all.

6th. JA15
The Falcons overcame divisional rivals the Panthers in week 1 by a touchdown. Scorelines really don’t matter when you have a ‘1’ in the win column and I think the Falcons will be pushing plenty of the opposition to one side. Expect a close game at Tampa in week 2, where team ratings will be the key factor in who comes out of this one on top.

7th. eminentpolecat7
Won a tough game against Kirchoffs and the 49ers and it is for that reason that he hits the rankings ahead of his divisional rival, Ben SFC. This team should go 2-0 after a trip to St Louis in week 2.

8th. Ben SFC
It was quite a surprise in some quarters that the Cardinals dropped to pick 31 of the draft. Thankfully for many they fell just out of DeadPoet’s reach. If Ben can get to grips with a weak QB and use the tools he has available to him, he could very well go on to win enough games to get to the playoffs. It’s not going to be an easy road though and next week’s fixture with the 49ers will be crucial to how this team develops.

9th. RFC Buncey
His success last season saw Buncey drop to 30th pick in the draft. While he might not emulate his previous heights he’s started out pretty well with a 3 point win of PFL newboy Ramsburgers and the Texans.  It’s will be a tough few weeks for the Jaguars and the week 2 fixture with the Titans might well be an indicator as to who can win this division.

10th. Gypsymuffin
It’s always a pleasure to have Gypsymuffin in the top ten. He deserves it this week after a fine effort beating the Vikings. No less than 4 TD passes in that game for Detroit. With Madden cover boy, Calvin Johnson, on the team, he’s always going to be a force to reckon with through the air. Avoid too many interceptions and who knows, we might see Detroit fighting it out for a playoff spot.

Expect the week 2 top ten to feature a few new names after Doc and DeadPoet have played their game and honourable mentions to Eamonn87, p4ddy31 and Pilks1075 who all had wins in their opening game of the season.