PFL – Madden 18 Team Draft Review – NFC Edition

What a week it has been. First we crowned our new Pro 10/PFL Superbowl winner, then was the release of Madden then capped off by the PFL Annual Team Draft. Now the Draft is done and dusted we are joined by the most recent MaddenPFL Superbowl Champ – PatsUK who is going to break down the draft and provide his “winning” insight looking at the NFC!

NFC East 

Eagles – @Coco0981

Giants – @Triangle King

Cowboys – @Scottyob

Redskins – @tripperman28

So the NFC East was the first full division in this draft and officially becomes the Emerald Island division. Something tells me this may have been arranged pre-draft with 4 in a row going 4-7 and fair play to them, lock down a division playing against your mates all year! This might be one of the most open and fun divisions in Madden 18 and could even see a different winner each season.

Scottyob was first up and with pick 4 and selected the former Americas team (Pats have stolen that crown now!) the Dallas Cowboys. Ive only played Scotty once and he looked like a decent player and a top lad. Coming back to the PFL last year and getting some games under his belt I think he could be a strong bet to win the division in the first year with Zeke playing behind that oline and Prescott being elite in madden throwing to Dez will be tough to stop. Defense on the other hand needs some work and building will have to start on that side of the ball.

Tripperman28 was next up at took the Washington Redskins at 5. Not going to lie I think a lot of people were surprised the Skins went so early especially in the division with the G-men and the Eagles still available, but Trips said he likes what he sees especially on defense so who are we to raise eyebrows. Trips has come on massively last year and finished the last pro10 season taking the Steelers to the playoffs and getting some impressive wins along the way. Redskins do have some nice weapons on both sides of the ball Pryor could be interesting and Reed is a beast at TE. Norman and Breeland are a nice CB pairing and so if Trips can continue to play like he did last Madden he will be challenging for the division no doubt.

Triangleking picked up the Giants at pick 6 and I really like this pick. Giants have a solid roster this year and I can’t really see many holes the only issue could be finding a replacement for Eli. Again haven’t really played TK much so hard for me to say how well he will do but his in a division were he knows all the players well and certainly has the weapons at hand (Odell, Marshall, Shepard, JPP, Vernon, Collins, DRC and Jenkins) to do well!

The other coaches didn’t have to wait long for the division to be finalised as with pick 7 Coco took the Philadelphia Eagles. Never played Coco so again impossible to comment on his chances but he took a very nice looking roster in Philly. This is probably the strongest the Eagles have been for a while as they move away from the Kelly disaster. They have a good young QB in Wentz and now Blount will take some pressure off him with a legitimate rusher. Wr core is still suspect long term but Jeffery and Smith should help give time for the younger wide outs to develop. The Defense looks good and the latest Darby trade will help out even more and Cox, Jernigan and Barnett should be a stout Dline. Coco himself said his still getting used to the game and I think his in the perfect place, division full of top lads and a nice starting roster means he could be challenging for the division sooner rather than later!

NFC North

Packers – @dr_volki

Vikings – @Shmarky

Lions – @TopLoader

Bears – @Burnzee Boyee

The NFC North was opened up early by Burnzee Boyee as he took his Chicago Bears with pick 3. Now he definitely reached talent wise picking them so early but his a homer who stays loyal and so massive kudos for that. Now that being said I don’t believe it’s the massive doomsday team everyone is making them out to be some good young talent could develop nicely. No doubt Trubisky is the new face of the franchise and Madden has blessed him with nice stats right from the get go and with White and Meredith to throw to he has some legitimate options. They also have some talent at the HB position topped off by Howard who had an amazing rookie season. Defense lets the team down a bit, but I like the look of the linebackers. Burnzee had a tough season 3 in the pro10 last year which led to a couple of meltdowns in the chat box :lol: (madden gets to us all bud in the end) but he bounced back with a much better season 4 showing more like what was expected of him. I think the first season might be tricky but if he can develop the team and get a few pieces in on D Burnzee could be a strong force in the NFC North as the seasons progress.

Next up was Dr_Volki and I think we all knew with the Packers still being on the board where he was going with pick 8. Can’t blame him either who wouldn’t want to play with A-Rod and co with that offense. The only problem with the Pack being they are an aging team but with regression supposedly not hitting as hard this year Volks could be ok. No doubt about the talent on this team Rogers, Cobb, Nelson, Bennett, Clay and Clinton-Dix just of the top of my head. I really don’t see any reason why Volki cant challenge for the division title he has the pieces in place, gets better every year and so could Madden 18 be his breakout party!

With pick 11 Shmarky took the Minnesota Vikings. Shmarky is another coach like Volki who seems to keep improving and he has a team this year (unlike the Browns last time) who can challenge from the get go. No question this Vikings Defense is elite one of the best in the game, Smith, Rhodes, Hunter, Griffin, Joseph, Barr, Kendricks etc embarrassingly good! On offense does he go with Bradford or Bridgewater (my guess would be the latter) Murray pickup at HB is a nice addition to replace AP and Diggs and Thielen should be good targets at WR. The oline will need upgrading but that seems a common theme in teams this year. I would like to see Shmarky challenging for the division I think he has the roster to do so and the skills on the paddle to match, with that defense just play mistake free football on the offense and you should be in with a chance every game!

Finally after a long wait all the way to pick 27 Toploader took the only NFC team left on the board the Detriot Lions. Surprised they fell as much as they did I think the age of the team may have put people off. Stafford at QB is elite but will need resigning interesting to see if Toploader lets him test FA or snags him back up. Nothing special at HB but I do like Abdullah and the same for Wr core with Tate and Marvin Jones being your best of the bunch with Ebron being a good Madden TE to mix into the receivers. Oline looks pretty solid to give Stafford time in the pocket something that could be important in this years Madden. Defense has some good spots Ansah still a beast (like Stafford will need resigning) Ngata good but aging, Whitehead probably the best linebacker but rookie Davis should develop nicely. Slay is amazing at CB and rookie Tabor could also develop well. No doubt Toploader is the early favourite in this division I don’t think the other coaches would be angry at me for saying that but he will need to keep checking over his shoulder as he could find himself started to get caught up by the pack if he has a bad run.



Panthers – @Willo

Falcons – @hubblewiffle

Buccaneers – @SPARKYR008

Saints –@Winti26

The NFC South looks like it could be another close division which is too tough to call. First off the board were the Atlanta Falcons with Hubblewiffle snapping them up 2nd overall. Fantastic pick up this one what a roster from day 1 to play with. Matt Ryan is one of the best Madden Qb’s this year after MVP season and with a stacked receiving core topped off by Julio and even more stacked backfield with Freeman and Coleman they definitely have weapons. Defense looks good also with some playmakers like Vic Beasley, Trufant and new pick up Poe stuffing the run no real glaring holes to fill. Don’t think ive played Hubble so not aware of his playstyle but with this team he must be thinking he can top the division from day one!

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the next off the board with Sparkyroo8 picking them up at 9. The Bucs are a team I think were high on everyone’s list this year. Winston continues to get better as the face of the franchise. Evans and Jackson are a great pairing at WR and Doug Martin is an accomplished HB to start with. Rookie OJ Howard at TE could develop into a beastly playmaker also. On defense they have the likes of Mccoy at DT, Hargreaves at CB and Alexander at LB so some good pieces on that side of the ball too. Sparky improved in Madden 17 including a trip to the play offs in season 3 of the pro10. I think with the Bucs at his disposal he should be capable of reaching the playoffs again in a division he should be competitive in.

When his not too hungover or p**sed to pick a team Willo finally decided to choose the Carolina Panthers with pick 12 over his Colts. His reasoning to get better on defensive usering and who better to use than Luuuuuuuuuke Kuechley. The defense not quite as beastly as it was in their superbowl run but still very good including the likes of Lotulelei and Short on the Dline and some ageing but still good players like Davis, Johnson and Munnerlyn to go along with the youth of Bradberry and Worley. Offense could be exciting with the likes of Cam, rookie McCaffrey, Benjamin and Olsen. Never played him but I think his in a good division with a good team against a good group of lads to try and make a splash in the PFL… if he can stay sober long enough that is :lol:

Finally with pick 16 Winti got to get his hands on his beloved Saints and what a year to do it. Drew Brees is still elite but how long will he last and he is joined by AP in the backfield this season two of the best to play at their positions even if they are in their twilight years. Thomas had a good year at wr although losing Cooks was a blow Ginn will look to replace him, Fleener at TE is a good option and the oline looks decent. On Defense Jordan is a beast at DE, Lattimore and Breaux at CB will be lock downs for the entire franchise with Vaccaro prowling behind them. Havent played Winti in a while but word is he has improved a lot and was unfortunate to be in the division of death last madden. I don’t see him having to worry about that this year and I put him as my early favourite to win the division.



Seahawks – @fortworthjoe

Cardinals – @PatsUK (Me)

49ers – @Ken2Blitzkrieg

Rams – @RainbowDoc

Ken kicked off the NFC West taking to nobodies surprise his San Francisco 49ers with pick 13. Definitely a homer pick this one although they do have youth on their side they just lack the big name superstars you come to expect from the 9ers. Ken has some work to do right off the bat as Brian Hoyer isn’t going to get the job done for four seasons but Hyde is a decent hb though tough to bring down so could lean more on the run. Receiving core isn’t great but until they get someone to throw to them its not that much of a concern. Buckner and Thomas on the Dline are good young talent to work on and Bowman at LB is a beast. But all in all this is a project team and this could cost Ken early on in the franchise. However if he can build well after a season or two he could be a contender to take the division as he is a solid player with playoff experience and a great guy to chat to whilst playing.

Next up was Fortworthjoe selecting the Seattle Seahawks with pick 18. Rumours are he was upset not to land his Broncos however he must be happy that the Seahawks were still available this late on. I don’t have to go into detail about the LOB we all know how good that defense is and on offense Wilson, Rawls and Baldwin are a great trio. The only worry may be the oline but that can be improved and this team has most of the pieces in place from day one. Another great guy Joe is also a very good player with playoff experience and with this team his going to have a great opportunity for some more playoff football in the PFL.

Next with pick 23 was some jabroni who picked the Arizona Cardinals. Can’t believe these dropped all the way to me and can’t wait to get going with David Johnson as I love a HB who can rush and catch (too many years of watching the Patriots play). The receiving core is good with the two Browns and JJ Nelson to step up when Fitz finally calls it a day. Oline needs work though and a replacement for Palmer will be needed at some stage. Defense was better than I realised stacked at linebacker and safety and one of the best CB in Peterson just needs work to find someone to play alongside him. Overall I’m delighted to get the Cardinals and hopefully look to plug up their holes and challenge for the Division with a great group of guys.

Finally RainbowDoc got his Rams with pick 26!!! Its been a long time waiting but he finally gets to use his favourite team. Goff needs a bit of work to become a reliable QB but has a good starting point to develop and can lean on the beast Gurley and Doc loves a run game so fits him perfectly. Austin and Kupp are joined by new signing Watkins to add some nice weapons at receiver and Everett could develop into a beast at TE. Defense lost a few pieces but still have a game changer in Aaron Donald and Quinn, Baron and Ogletree are good linebackers. I really see this team as a great fit for Docs style of play and he will be a tough challenge to play against and an early playoff favourite to reach a Superbowl in the NFC.