PFL Draft Reveal

Ok let’s get into this. This is the time of year if you are involved in an online connected franchise that all its members start claiming how rubbish they are at the game. The question of tanking gets thrown around. You know how the saying goes, you can’t kid a kidder! Let’s dive into the method behind the madness!

The I’m Not Good at Madden Gang (32-22)

  • At pick #32 we have the all mighty, scheming DaBurg, this guy lives and breathes football. He wonback to back division titles and a Superbowl last year, WITH THE JETS! Do I need to explain any further why this guy is picking last….Did not think so!
  • 31 we have Rayski, he dropped out the pro 10 last year but still managed to take time out of his life to take the 49ers to a 15-1 season. No rings on the finger for this cat, but after all the catfish I have had to listen to about Andrew Luck he should consider himself lucky he’s picking this early
  • Vondia is at 30, he picked 22 last year but his domination of the NFC conference in the regular season cannot be ignored. This man blew more things up than George Bush! He was brutal and had won most of his games in the first quarter! His team building also wins him top marks, so let’s see how he gets out of a tricky situation picking this late.
  • At 29 it’s Zoso, who picked 31 last year. He had some serious trouble with the Saints in the first 2 seasons of Pro 10 in a tough division. Zoso is up with the best but proved he needs the tools to work with to help him get over the line!
  • TJ drops to 28 from 27 last year so no complaints he is in the right place. Competed every year with a Lions team that needed work.
  • Toploader is at pick 27 also a similar position to last year. He kept up with the best and made a Superbowl, was the toughest AFC division but still challenged
  • RainbowDoc up next at 26 again a top player who made the play offs regularly in that tough old AFC East with DaBurg and Toploader. The Bills needed some work and he made some shroud moves and had one of best rated teams on the game by season 4
  • Snapdan (me!) 25. The biggest riser/faller whichever way you see it. Picking #3 over last year and dropping all the way back after winning the NFC West 3 out of 4 years
  • Aaron, a little drop from pick 19 to 24. Aaron consistently made the play offs in a division with TJ, he built a great roster with the Vikings, he is definitely one of the top players after showing massive commitment levels to improving his game over the year
  • At 23 we have Patsuk who is picking in the exact same spot. He did wonders getting the Colts to compete even with the game hating on him with injuries. He is still a top 10 player on PFL and if he lands a better team this year could get closer to 32
  • 22 and finishing off the bottom 10 is Bos who has flipped the tables. Last year he finished off the top 10 and now he’s jumped to the bottom 10! Bos had a young Jags team and made them playoff contenders battling out with Patsuk over the 4 seasons and matching him all the way


The Inbetweeners(21-11)

Nicelub, Mcmanus, Stuey, FortWorthJoe and DanMc filled picks 21-17. All similar guys who were on the verge of making the play offs and even jumped in once or twice.

  • Nicelub was new to the league last year and showed he has the skills to be a contender and I am looking forward to seeing what he can do when in from the beginning.
  • McManus got lucky with the Cowboys last year, that OL and Zeke were made for someone who has admitted to struggling to run the ball, he is lucky not to find himself further down the list as I don’t think last year reflected his true ability on the game.
  • Stuey steps up into the fast league after proving his worth in Pro 8, he proved he is a schemer and scammer and is a solid tactician. He could find himself further down the pecking order for M19.
  • fortWorthJoe’s time difference doesn’ta affect his commitment , regular poster and game player! Had some mixed results this year but was the only person to beat Vondia in season 3!
  • DanMc won the NFC West in year 1 with an 8-8 record, started with a terrible Rams team and finally managed double digit season wins for the first time. He is a good player who was a little let down by his team choice!


16-11 is Winti, Milo, Forzambri, Ken, Willo and Shmarky. These guys were stuck in a division with top guys, had bad teams, still provided some shocks and 2 are stepping up from Pro 8.


  • DanMc won the NFC West in year 1 with an 8-8 record, started with a terrible Rams team and finally managed double digit season wins for the first time. He is a good player who was a little let down by his team choice!
  • Winti (My kryptonite!) Winti was #2 last year in pro 10 and was in the division of hell, he had to leave in the middle but stuck out in pro 8 and returned to his Panthers team in pro 10 for the last year. Massively improved and is on the rise, definitely could be higher next year if his progression continues.
  • Milo another drop out who returned, how dare people let life get in the way of Madden! Milo is another who has proved he knows his way around a controller, he has pulled off some big wins and got the Texans challenging, not afraid of a QB scramble either! Could be another one to watch this year!
  • Forzambri is Winti’s brother and also had something over me (maybe Winti had the controller), another stepping up from Pro 8, he played throughout with the Seahawks and it was difficult to place him but I think this is not too high or low!
  • Ken is a lover of punishment it seems, he picked 7th last year and picked his beloved 49ers! I know he will probably do this again so he may as well have been pick 32! Ha Ken got the 9ers competing and built a strong roster by year 4, but the 49ers do have some better pieces to start with this year so should he get them again, he might be challenging a lot earlier and dropping even further down the ranks for M19.
  • Willo is new to the site and took over the Browns half way through Pro 8 and even took them to the play offs! It is good to see new members who stick around and I am looking forward to watching how he gets on, he is another member of the Andrew Luck Is Jesus Cult!
  • At number 11 we have Shmarky, he took the Browns to the play offs in year 2 but didn’t have much luck in year 1/3 and 4.  Picking 18 last year and has had a dramatic fall down the league, maybe he will climb again if he picks a team with more tools to work with


The Lucky Ones (10-1)

The guys with the best choice of team, I remember picking 3rd last year and got my Seahawks! Remember guys PICK A GOOD TEAM!

  • 10 is Shatners, he picked 4th last year but dropped out after having a tough time in Arizona! He did redeem himself by joining pro 8 later with the Falcons and took them to the play offs! So he definitely improved but not so much to climb out of the top 10!
  • Number 9 we have the silent assassin Sparky, rising 4 from 5 last year. Almost made a playoff but a few here and there made him miss out, was also involved in a few blow outs and had some struggles with a talented Raiders team
  • Volki is at 8! World class one week, hapless the next. Might not be early enough to land his Packers, but If he finds some consistency in his new home he will find himself dropping to mid-table, nowhere near as bad as he likes to make out ha
  • 7 is a new boy to the big league Coco, he was a great member in pro 8 last year but his results didn’t match the commitment, had some struggles with a Vikings team in human games. Hopefully he finds a team more to his taste with an early pick and play starts to match his chat!
  • Triangle King is at 6, after picking the Ravens last year at 11 the drop suggests it was a bad decision but like Ken may very well pick his home boys again! I killed the Ravens in my AFC North report, I hope I was wrong…..or Triangle King picks a stud roster and gets himself back out the top 10!
  • Tripperman is at 5, he has jumped from #1 to #5 and hopefully next year we see him a little higher/lower (I’m confused), had the star studded Steelers last year, will he go with stars again or will he not be able to pass up on the Chargers should they be available!
  • 4 is ScottYob, been a great member to the league since transferring over from the dark side (ps4) had a very tough division with 3 guys picking 26, 27 and 32 this year. Hopefully has a little more luck avoiding them this year but as Winti will tell you it doesn’t always work that way!
  • In at number 3 is Burnzee Boy, he had pick 14 last year and has dramatically fell into the bottom 3, he homered with the Bears last year, will he make that choice again as he aims to get out of the relegation zone for Madden19
  • Hubblewiffle is at pick 2, he came back to the PFL and lack of practice showed in his results, the only way is up with more game time and a much better team than the Jets. (again showing what Daburg did winning a superbowl with these bums!)
  • At pick #1 you is Helimachoter! He has returned and has been excited about the league starting since Christmas. He is all finished at school and ready to tackle the Madden world, I heard some nasty rumours about his play style but his commitment cannot be denied. Hopefully in Madden 19 he is picking way down the list!


Hopefully this calmed you down a little about your draft spot…..Or enraged you more, thanks for reading I look forward to the league starting and hopefully the same 32 finish the year that started it!