PFL – Divisional Power Rankings

So before the PFL franchise officially kicks off let’s have a look at the strength of the division as we rank them for the first time in the Divisional Power Rankings!


Eagles – Coco

Giants – Triangleking

Cowboys – Scottyob

Redskins – tripperman28

In eighth place we have the NFC East. The only reason they are the first on the list is just that all four teams were selected in the first seven picks, so that should really tell us that on past experience this division may struggle to get any team in a wildcard spot. However looking at the teams the coaches have from day one if they all get clicking right away they could quickly start to rise up the power rankings and I would love it if they prove me wrong and get a couple teams in the playoffs.

Division Strength: 2/5

With all four teams being selected in the top 7 picks of the draft unfortunately at this stage I can only give them two out of five.

Inter-Division Competitiveness: 5/5

On the plus note with all four coaches being so close to each other (literally a run of 4 straight after each other) this division is anyone’s for the taking and should be one of the more fun and unpredictable divisions to pick a winner from.


7. NFC South

Panthers – Willo

Falcons – Hubblewiffle

Buccaneers – Sparkyroo8

Saints – Winti26

Next up we see the NFC South and like the NFC East another division with a lot of picks in the first half of the team draft with Winti closing out the division with pick 16. Hubble is coming back after a period of inactivity and may take some time to get rid of some Madden rust but does possess one of the strongest rosters in the game. Sparky again has a decent roster with the Bucs but has only made playoffs once in his PFL career, Willo is new to the PFL so impossible to rank and Winti is improving but has yet made it to the elite level of coaches but I’m positive that could change this year if he keeps continuing to raise his game like he did last Madden. So again much like the East, I struggle to see any wildcard spots coming from the South early in the first season of the PFL.

Division Strength: 2/5

Again all four teams selected early in the draft and a lack of playoff experience from the coaches in recent Maddens in the PFL.

Inter-Division Competitiveness: 4/5

I can see Winti taking the division early on however the other 3 coaches could easily beat each other throughout the season and make this a competitive division to keep an eye on.


6. NFC North

Packers – Dr_Volki

Vikings – Shmarky

Lions – Toploader

Bears – Burnzee Boyee

In sixth place I put the NFC North. Three of the teams were selected in the top 11 picks and were only joined late on by Toploader at 26. Take Toploader out and there isn’t much in the way of Playoff experience and Burnzee has a tough starting roster which may rule him out just for the first season. Shmarky was up and down last Madden with some good results and then some unexpected losses but that was with the Browns, if he can get going with a dominate Vikings D he could help this division to quickly rise up the rankings. Volki is always hard to predict, one week he can look like an elite player then the next week can throw 5 interceptions. I really hope he gets to that consistent level this season with a good looking Packers roster and if he does could be sniffing a wildcard spot. Toploader is an early favourite here with a decent but not spectacular Lions roster I think he takes the division but I see a couple of holes in the team which might cost him having a long run the playoffs first time around. So in conclusion, if the consistency issues in this division can get solved then we could see a Wildcard spot from the North join what looks likely Toploaders Lions in the Playoffs.

Division Strength: 3/5

One of the tougher divisions to predict based off you don’t know what version of the coaches will turn up to play on any given day. But in the so called “weaker” NFC the division has a great chance to get some wildcard spots and Toploader has potential to make it the Super Bowl if he plugs up some weaknesses in the Lions.

Inter-Division Competitiveness: 2/5

For the first season I don’t see much of a surprise coming from the North, Burnzee’s first priority is team building and upgrading some young talent and so shouldn’t be worried about standings in the first season. I can’t look past Toploader winning the division so it just comes down to Volki and Shmarky battling for a potential wildcard.



Broncos – DanMcGrath77

Raiders – ShatnersBassoon

Chiefs – HLR Milo

Chargers – Forzambri1993

The first AFC Division to make it on the list is the AFC West but they could easily move up by the next rankings. All the teams were selected between pick 10 – 17 so it should be a competitive division on paper. Possibly the division with the best defense’s of all four teams means we could see some low scoring games in this one. The reason they are the first AFC division up is just due to a lack of recent playoff football in the PFL. Milo and DanMcgrath have had a taste of playoff football in the past but are yet to get to the big one, and while they have a great chance of reaching playoffs again it could be tough to go far in a stacked AFC conference. All four coaches will have to raise their games this year in the AFC if they want multiple playoff appearances.

Division Strength: 3/5

All four coaches are capable of really good results and performances but can they do it on a consistent level. With how tough that AFC looks it going to be really hard to gain one of the two Wildcard spots so that consistency is a must throughout the season.

Inter-Division Competitiveness: 4/5

Should be some good division battles in this one, Dan and Milo may end up in a two way battle for the division but don’t count out Shatners and Forza they could easily end up playing spoilers and get themselves right in the mix.



Texans – PaulG

Jaguars – Mcmanus

Colts – DaBurg864

Titans – Helimachoptor

The AFC South just pips the AFC West to 4th spot and a lot of that has to do with DaBurg. He is going to be in the playoffs with the Colts, he may even be in the Super Bowl. The rest of the division packs some strong teams with solid coaches. Mcmanus has been in the Playoffs multiple times and is one of the best squad builders around, Paul G is a newcomer so is an unknown but has a great team in the Texans and that defence is going to win you games alone. Heli may have picked first but picked well with that much fancied Titans team and I’ve heard he used to ball back in the day so I’m expecting him to challenge once he settles back into the swing of Madden. We could easily see a wildcard spot join Daburg in the playoffs in this division especially when Mcmanus builds up his god squad in Jacksonville!

Division Strength: 3/5

DaBurg is an elite player who was last in the team rankings so didn’t even get to pick his team but it won’t matter he would be good with a high school team. I believe the rest all have a legitimate chance of challenging for a wildcard spot.

Inter-Division Competitiveness: 3/5

DaBurg takes the division I don’t think anyone would argue with that but the rest all have a great shot of beating each other, that, of course, could also mean they miss out on a wildcard though!



Seahawks – Fortworthjoe

Cardinals – PatsUK

49ers – Ken2Blitzkrieg

Rams – RainbowDoc

The final NFC division left and even though it’s my own division I honestly think it’s the strongest in the NFC. RainbowDoc is a top player and it showed picking at 26. He has a decent team, a team that really suits his playstyle and I can see many headaches ahead trying to stop Gurley so I think he is a sure in for a playoff spot. It’s really strange having to talk about myself now, but I think after my Super Bowl win the expectations have to be raised for myself now. Before I was just happy to have a winning record, however, I’ve had a decent run of playoff football and only narrowly missed the playoffs in one of four seasons in Madden 17. I’d like to think I can be competitive in the division and reach the playoffs through division winner or wildcard. Ken and Joe are both also solid players who have played in many playoff games themselves. Joe has a stacked Seahawks team and so is going to be right up challenging for the division and Ken may struggle a little more due to a weaker 49ers roster but I wouldn’t rule him out.

Division Strength: 4/5

I believe it’s the strongest NFC Division and is capable at its best of having 3 teams in the playoffs based off last year’s performances.

Inter-Division Competitiveness: 4/5

Again strong division and will be competitive with all four coaches capable of beating each other will be a difficult one to predict and should be fun to keep an eye on.


Patriots – Nicelub

Bills – Rayski

Dolphins – Snapdan

Jets – Bos

Just missing out on the top spot we have the AFC East. Really not much in it and this division could easily move atop of the rankings before long with no team being selected until pick 21 it’s full of strong coaches. Every single coach has playoff experience and all are very good Madden players. Rayski is the early stand out favourite being one of the elite players in the PFL but what will that Bills team look like by the time he gets his hands on them. Bos has a tougher challenge at the start with the Jets and has a building job to do but I know first-hand his an astute player so don’t be surprised if he starts turning heads straight away with the Jets.  Nicelub is the real dark horse for me here has a great team to start with and got some really good results in Madden 17 so we could see him in a Super Bowl in the near future. Finally, Snapdan has a team that suits his style with not many holes and his going to get the best out of Ajayi. We could easily see two players in the playoffs from this division every season.

Division Strength: 4/5

When the four teams were picked 21, 22, 25 and 31 you know it’s going to be a strong division and it shows here. Any of these players could win and if they were all separated I think you could make the case they all would be top of their respected divisions.

Inter-Division Competitiveness: 4/5

All capable of beating each other it should be interesting to see who comes out on top. Rayski will be favourite but that Bills team might lack the strength of roster needed to allow the other coaches the sneak ahead, I feel it’s too hard to predict at this stage of the franchise.



Steelers – Aaron

Ravens – Zoso

Bengals – Vondia

Browns – StueyH111

Finally taking top spot is the AFC North and I don’t think it’s to anyone’s surprise to see them sitting atop the rankings. Want to know how to make a division of doom, take a solid player like Stuey picking at 19, sprinkle a little bit of Aaron at 24, add a helping of ZoSo at 29 and finish with a dash of Vondia at 30 and it’s a perfect recipe. Aaron with the Steelers is going to cause real problems to stop that offense, Vondia will match it with Dalton, Green, Eifert and lighting fast rookie Ross, not to mention a stacked running back locker room. Then ZoSo already one of the best (if not the best defensive player in the PFL) has a solid defense to work with right away including Weddle and Mosley. And Stuey despite claiming to be a “slow starter” has one of the best set up development teams in the franchise to work with. All have playoff experience and all have Super Bowl experience with a couple of rings thrown in between them. You can’t help but feel one of these coaches will be in the conference game at least in the first season, maybe the Super Bowl and perhaps lifting the Lombardi trophy itself.

Division Strength: 5/5

Strongest division in the league from the get go and scary to think it’s only going to improve as the franchise grows. All these coaches are capable of winning a Super Bowl and they should all be looking at winning records.

Inter-Division Competitiveness: 5/5

Who do you choose from this division….that’s a serious question as I’m finding it difficult to choose! They all could beat each other and I think it’s going to be a right fight for top spot and perhaps we could see three teams from this division in the playoffs.

Well that’s it for the first official PFL Divisional Rankings. Now if you didn’t agree with your own division ranking go play and win some games and prove me wrong, as I would love to see you make me look like a fool and have to bump you up the list by the time the next rankings come out. So good luck to all the coaches, have fun and continue to make the PFL the best Sim Madden league in Europe!!!