The first season of the MaddenPFL PS4 League is in the book and it has been a cracker –to cap off the season we are joined by the #IrishMafia member Rugby Dan who provides his All Pro Team for the season gone. Will your players make the team? Click below to find out

The first season has come and gone and has been an amazing season. We’ve had some fantastic finishes with Quietlife leaving every one on the edge of their seats and lets not forget Quietlife making Levett cry with his Hail Mary. Also we had the whole #IrishTakeover which was fantastic with the Irish lads dominating the leagues only for it to come crashing down. Lets also not forget we also had the Bears make the playoffs – yes the bears and they got to the Superbowl! Last but certaintly not least we had Flirtsie overcome #CrookedCommish in the AFC Championship game then march to the first ever PS4 Superbowl!

All in all it has been an enjoyable season and was of the most memorable in my time playing Madden!

But without further ado I introduce you to the MaddenPFL PS4 All Pro Team – please comment if you fell someone is missing or better yet tell us what your team was!


Quarterback – A.Rodgers – Green Bay Packers – Stuarty (2nd Team: Tyrod Taylor – Buffalo Bills – Beyond The Game)

A-Rod just pips out Tyrod Taylor here; this is in large part due to a QB Rating of 126.2 and 4,392 yards and an incredible 11.8 yards per attempt. Overall QB play was at a down year with the league being dominated by running back play – A Rod is still the man behind centre.

RB – LeVeon Bell – Pittsburgh Steelers – IvanFarai  (2nd Team -LeSean McCoy – Philidelphia Eagles/Buffalo Bills – Wendel)

This man has got bid shoulders after carrying the Steelers to the playoffs and breaking all the recovers along the way to his first MVP trophy this was a no brainer. Jukem Nukem had an insane season with 2,178 rushing yards; 32 (yes that is not a typo) rushing TD’s and another 607 recieving yards through the air. I think it is safe to say he’s unanimous pick here and I’m excited to see what next season holds for Bell.

Flex – Jamaal Charles – Denver Broncos – Flirtsie – (2nd Team – Julio Jones – Atlanta Falcons – Exiller)

Armed with a brand new shiny ring, Charles turned back the clock to have the fines season of his career. With only 146 carries but an incredible 11.4 yards per carry and 18 TD’s – who said 31 year old running backs are done in the NFL.

TE – Kyle Rudolph – Minnesota Vikings – Cricky – (2nd Team: Rob Gronkowski – New England Patriots – Aaron)

One of the many shiny toys in Crickys toy box is Rudolph the Red nose reindeer. Rudolph continued the recent domination of Tight Ends in the NFL with some terrific play. This was one of the tougher choicers in the selection process with Gronk,Everett and Thomas not far behind from making the team. But given the success Cricky had this made sense.

WR – Odell Beckham Jr – New York Giants – Shane (2nd Team: Jordy Nelson – Green Bay Packers – Stuarty)

Odell got over the yacht incident and that kickers net and put up some terrific numbers. With 1290 yards on 41 receptions – thats 31.2 yards per a catch!

WR – Cameron Meredith – Chicago Bears – Hansolo (2nd Team – Terell Pryor – Washington Redskins – Quietlife)

One of the best years a receiver has had in recent years and was a big part of why Han was able to make his Superbowl run. Meredith established himself as a bonafide number one receiver. Also its arguable that he put himself down as the best post route runners in the league – over the season Meredith hauled in a staggering 17TD’s on 60 catches.

LT – Alejandro Villanueva – Pittsburgh Steelers – Ivan Farai (2nd Team: Reily Reiff – Minnesotta Vikings – Cricky)

LG – Zack Martin – Dallas Cowboys – MztikalAce (2nd Team: David DeCastro – Pittsburgh Steelers – Ivan Farai)

C – Maurkice Pouncey – Pittsbugh Steelers – Ivan Farai (2nd Team:David Andrews – New England Patriots – Aaron)

RG – Chance Warmack – Philadelphia Eagles – Wendel (2nd Team – Marshall Yanda – Baltimore Ravens – Regulator)

RT – Bryan Bulaga – Green Bay Packers – Stuarty (2nd Team: Kyle Long – Chicago Bears – Hansolo)

This offensive line was hard to pick – but the one thing you couldn’t look pass was the Steelers Offensiveline which were paramont to the success of the running game in Pittsburgh. To explain how good this unit was between the five of them they only gave up 3 sacks all season and all had significant snaps during the season. One thing that is worth mentioning is the interrior line play was steller across the board making it a tough choice.

DE – Aaron Donald – St Louis Rams – RugbyDan (2nd Team: Calais Campbell – Jacksonville Jaguars – Kerrgio)

Only for Leveon Bell’s Herculean like effor Donald could’ve been the MVP. Alas he had to settle for defensive player of the year and as a result was an unanimous all pro selection. He Smashed the sack record previously held by Michael ‘The Gap’ Strahan with 32 and was basically unblockable all season.

DT – Ndamukong Suh – Miami Dolphins – Bullet Club (2nd Team: Chris Baker – Tampa Bay Bucs – Crocodile Marko)

Fun Fact: Ndamukong Suh means house of spears; which is ironic because he pierced his way through every backfield this season. He had 10 Sacks and a fantastic 18 TFL and funnily enough didn’t get suspended or fined once! I guess video games can’t always be accurate.

DT – Fletcher Cox – Philidelphia Eagles – Wendel – (2nd Team: Dontari Poe – Atlanta Falcons – Exiller)

Don’t let this guy into your house, because he’d only sack your wife and kids. Bad boy Fletcher had another fantastic year manning the front of the Eagles defense and had 9 sacks while consistently being double teamed. and allowed Brandon Graham to flourish.

DE – JJ Watt – Houston Texans – Steffenress (2nd Team: Cameron Wake – Miami Dolphins – Bullet Club)

Harvey couldn’t stop him and neither can any offensive lie in the PFL this season. Watt had another fantastic year and the future fall of famer had 16 sacks, 17 TFL & 3 Forced Fumbles. He just beat out Cameron Wake who would have locked up this spot any other year,

LB – Brandon Marshall – Denver Broncos – Flirtsie (2nd Team: Deone Bucannon – Arizona Cardinals – Levett)

Nobody seems to rate this guy which is very unfair, becuase he anchored Flirtsie’s superbowl winning defense. Rumour has it he has been asked to star in the Italian Job 2 after robbing 9 picks and according to advanced metrics didn’t allow a catch all season. An incredible achievement and I haven’t even started on the 9 sacks and 14 TFL!

LB – BJ Goodson – New York Giants – Shane (2nd Team: Luke Kuechly – Carolina Panthers – LukeDe)

As Conor McGreggor once said “who the fuck is this guy?”. Ladies and gents I present to you BJ Goodson the best hidden secret in the PFL. Under Shane’s guidance the BJ had a breakour season recording 12 TFL an incredible 10 INT and allowed 0 catches on the year. Looking forward to seeing how this guy progress in future seasons.

LB – Khalil Mack – Oakland Raiders – Aidopotato (2nd Team: Von Miller – Denver Broncos – Flirtsie)

The wonderful thing about players like Khalil Mack is the fact that he can change your defensive identity in an instant. Aidan’s Raiders had a wonderful year because Mack made his defense better every time they stepped on the field. He constantly chased after Donald for the sack record and just fell short. Watch out for this guy next season because I see him surpassing the 20 sacks he got this year!

CB – Chris Harris – Denver Broncos – Flirtsie (2nd Team: Casey Hayward – Los Angeles Chargers – Stefenn) 

While his teamate is ripping chains off WR’s, Harris is busy shutting them down! The best cornerback this season and it really isn’t close. Harris allowed nothing his way and anyone that had the balls to test him paid for it badly (just ask Han Solo). Harris had 10 picks and a ridiculous 17 pass deflections and also lets not forget he had 2 TD’s!!!

CB – Patrick Peterson – Arizona Cardinals – Levett (2nd Team: Marcus Peters – Kansas City Chiefs – Scott-RFC)

Very competitive year at CB, but I went with Pat Pete. He’s been a model of consistency and swatted away 17 passes and had five picks in a very talented NFC West.

FS – Harrison Smith – Minnesotta Vikings – Cricky (2nd Team: Jonathan Cyprien – Teneesee Titans – FcumKev)

The Hitman had the finest season of his career while leading the Vikings to the number one seed in the NFC. He had a fantastic 10 INT’s and din’t allow a catch in his direction all season. He’s seperated himself as the best safety in the game at least in these Irish eyes.

SS – Jabrirll Peppers – Cleveland Browns – BadaBing (2nd Team: Eric Berry – Kansas City Chiefs – Scott-RFC)

He leads the bunch of promising youngsters on BadaBings Browns. He was deemed the Swiss Army Knife coming out of Michigan but scouts were uncertain if coaches could utilise him, but not the man from the  North. Well I think the Stats explain it all here 4 TD’s, 3 FF, 10 Deflections and 5 INT’s and 6 TFL! The stats speak loudly at how well this youngster has transitioned to the NFL and his my pick for All pro for next year – In all seriousness this Browns team could be dangerous.

Flex – Micah Hyde – Buffalo Bills – Beyond The Game (2nd Team: Jalen Ramsey – Jacksonville Jaguars – Kerrgio)

The leader of BTG’s talented secondary. Hyde had teams in fits on the back end all year. He was steady and din’t allow anything his way as shown by his 10 deflectionsand 5 INT’s while leading the playoff starved Bills to the number 1 seed in the AFC.