MaddenPFL Legends 2013

MaddenPFL Legends is our way of recognising members who have brought a little extra to the site during their time here. Whether it’s their on the field exploits or activity in the forums or providing some of the extras that help keep the site flourishing and maintain its reputation as the best Madden and North American gaming site in Europe.
The recipients have been chosen in three ways: firstly by the Admin team; secondly by the VIP’s and finally by the whole site.

The recipient of the Admin award and the first member to become a MaddenPFL Legend is Berty44.
Berty started his Madden career in Madden 09 (The Brett Favre one). He wanted to see Favre in a Jets uniform (probably the only person in the world who did). Bert took part in one of the early seasons of The PFL (at that time the only completive league available). Over time he rose through the ranks and in August 2010 took part in PFL Bowl X losing to the Seahawks. This was closely followed by a Bowl appearance in the Pro Franchise Madden 11 Season 1, where 4 points were the difference when his Jet’s lost to bitter rivals, DiodeX and the Giants. Bert’s last Bowl appearance came with the Vikings in PFL XIII, again, unfortunately, a loss, this time to Blahbla and the Raiders.
Over the years Berty has kept us all entertained with his golf betting tips, FIFA exploits and incomparable stick skills in Madden – whether it’s his inability to convert a 25 yard field goal or, more recently, his uncanny knack of throwing an unintentional lateral to his opponents. However, if there is one legacy of Berty’s time at MaddenPFL it is the Pro Franchise. Through good times and bad, Berty has steered this sometimes challenging Franchise with a cool head and calm approach. And it is for this that he deserves special recognition.
The recipient of the VIP award is Rigglar.
Madden 09 was Rigglar’s first venture into online gaming. In May 2009 he stumbled across a UK site for Madden players (XBLN as it was known back then). He quickly made an impression of losing more games than he wins and through 14 seasons in the PFL and 20 seasons in the Pro he’s rarely made a playoff appearance. Rigglar’s finest Madden moment came in the first MaddenPFL Cup where he made it through to the semi-final. Other than that Rigglar’s time at MaddenPFL has been fairly unremarkable. Oh, let’s not forget that he’s won the GM Franchise Bowl twice and not an ounce of dubious rule bending in sight.
The final recipients and members (yes, there are two this year) to become MaddenPFL Legends, as voted for by the site are Hulldolfan and xelnino9x. Two long term players with very different styles and very different reputations.
Hulldolfan, a Madden masochist. A talented player, who, more often than not, ends up with a losing team. It’s not his fault he’s a Dolphins fan and he lets his heart rule his head, but this man is a shining example of what it means to be a member of this site and the leagues we play in. Season after season of battering and defeat. Sometimes 16 games or more without a win, yet still he plays on and never grumbles, blames or points a finger and waits for that elusive win that is all the more sweet when it finally arrives. When the game is getting us down and things aren’t going our way, we can all look to the positive attitude and play for fun approach that Hulldolfan exemplifies.
xelnino9x is one of those annoying types of players. You know the type, young upstart who waltzes in and teaches veteran Madden players a lesson or two and for a long time elnino dominated the leagues. His first Bowl appearance was in May 2009 when he lost to TuscanRaider74 in PFL Bowl VI. Since then he’s been in 3 other PFL Bowls – winning two; 7 Pro Franchise Bowls – winning six; and won both the first UKML Bowl and UK Madden Cup. After a few months away from the game, elnino looks to be making a return and we expect his name to be on another trophy before too long.