Pro10 – S2 Super Bowl Preview


Some men are born to be great,


Some men fight to be the best,


Some fight to just be.


Some will rise above the rest.


Some will create a legacy


Some will just be the guy who once was


Some will be the dynasty


Some will fade away after the loss.




As winter turns to spring tonight, the men will be separated from the boys, champions will be crowned and the loser will be nothing more than a footnote in the annuals of Madden PFL history. Tonight is their Super Bowl, tonight is all of ours Super Bowl.


Will Coach @kingjimi84 – the Pro10s version of Bill Bellichick – become a 4 time SB winner on his 6th visit? Can Coach @DaBurg864 find glory for the forgotten New York Jets? Will his upstart challengers prevent a back-to-back championships for these rugged Buccs?


The PFL’s top defence goes up against a balancing Jets team led by the infamous Geno Smith, hitting their stride from week 15, the Jets rushed through to claim the number 1 seed in the AFC. As they moved forward they watched their opponents capitulate to put them through and haven’t looked back since, they’ll be hoping Tampa Bay do the same tonight. 


Tampa, have seen a season of control football expertly executed, running the clock and bashing away through Abdullah but capable of going to the air when needed. The reality here is the Jets will need to shut down the Buccs run game to get Jameis into the air and hope he makes some mistakes. They will also need to see a similar performance on offense to when they handed the Buccs 1 of their 3 defeats in week 8 – holding Wilson to just 110 yards in the air. The Buccs failure to complete on 3rd down and finish the job in the red zone gave New York the opportunity to hand them their first loss of the season.


How will this week 8 match up sit with the coaches, will Coach @kingjimi84 be out for blood and sweet revenge on Coach @DaBurg864‘s high flying Jets, will Geno Smith bring his “I got this, trust me” mantra to his offensive unit? Will the Buccs let the lead slip in the 4th again? Will Jameis Winston try to ban women from the stadium as the men stand up? How is the security over the venues crab legs looking? 


Who will the confetti be falling on late this evening?


The stat sheet says the Buccs repeat their Super Bowl heroics, the heart breaking misery of Madden Football says Jameis Winston throws a game defining pick 6 to hand the New York Jets their first SB victory in Pro10 and the bitter taste of a 3rd SB loss to legendary coach @kingjimi84.


Tune in at 7pm GMT to find out who will be season 2’s GOAT and the team to be in season 3. 


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