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Madden 18 – AFC East – Team Preview Each season with each new madden I’m asking myself the same question – What team do I want to use in the upcoming Connected Franchises? This leads to many other questions such as what are the most important positions. What positions can I sacrifice and many more! Over the last few instalments those answers change and change significantly. It was only 3-4 Madden’s ago where all I wanted were Man Corners – then it was Zone Corners. Not to mention it was only 2 Maddens ago you could get by with a…
Friday, 21 August 2015 19:25

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Not only does MaddenPFL boast one of the best Madden setups on the internet, with Connected Franchises, Regular Events and a vibrant community, it is also in a partnership with 2 other sites under the RGM Community Umbrella. 
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