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Thursday, 27 July 2017 20:51

Madden 18 - AFC North - CFM Preview - Team Grades

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Continuing with our team previews for the upcoming Madden 18 we turn our attention to the AFC North. The PFL Commissioner SnapDan breaks down the division where he is cold as the Browns form has been for much of the past decade! The division features a powerhouse team, a team that could go either way and 2 teams that must've stolen Dan's stuffed as his analysis has been brutal! Also we are joined by a Special Guest! With @charlesasc2  from the Brits in End ZonePodcast who provide his pick of the AFC North! If you haven't heard of these guys give them…
Thursday, 27 July 2017 19:07

Madden 18 - NFC South - CFM Preview - Team Grades

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Madden 18 – NFC South – Team Preview Continuing with our team previews for the upcoming Madden 18 we turn our attention to the NFC South. Where the competition is going to be like the weather - HOT! - There is plenty to like in this division and it is likely one of the few divisions where we have two teams who get A's! Our Resident Madden Guru DaBurg provides his analysis on the division and believe it or not he doesn't try to sell his Panthers too high! Also we are joined by Special Guests from the guys at Brits…
Madden 18 – AFC East – Team Preview Each season with each new madden I’m asking myself the same question – What team do I want to use in the upcoming Connected Franchises? This leads to many other questions such as what are the most important positions. What positions can I sacrifice and many more! Over the last few instalments those answers change and change significantly. It was only 3-4 Madden’s ago where all I wanted were Man Corners – then it was Zone Corners. Not to mention it was only 2 Maddens ago you could get by with a…
Friday, 21 August 2015 19:25

MaddenPFL Part of the RGM Community

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Not only does MaddenPFL boast one of the best Madden setups on the internet, with Connected Franchises, Regular Events and a vibrant community, it is also in a partnership with 2 other sites under the RGM Community Umbrella. 
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