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Monday, 20 November 2017 22:06

MaddenPFL PS4 - Week 10 Power Ranking Featured

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Welcome to the first edition of the MaddenPFL - PS4 Power Rankings - Find out who takes the no 1 position below.

  1. Crickymc  – The man from the north of Ireland takes poll position in our first set of power rankings. Cricky has gone unbeaten through 10 weeks of the season and not to mention he has had the harder schedule over the others. His biggest win to date was against Stuart and was the start to him throwing down the gauntlet to the rest of the league. But with this it is the way he has achieved success he is a real gunslinger leading the league in passing averaging 287 yards per a game. His defense has stood up and has forced big stops as well. He is certainly a threat to take out the NFC crown at this stage.

  2. Beyond The Game – The Thunder from Downunder has also gone through the first 10 weeks unscathed. However unlike Cricky his schedule has been a bit easier with the only big matchup being his battle with Aidan. The Bills unlike the other teams listed don’t dominate in one particular field but rank in the top 5 of almost each key stat. The big challenge for BTG will come in the later weeks where he is set to go up against Bullet Club & Aaron which will see the AFC East really heat up.

  3. RugbyDan – Next up is the Irishman who has no idea on the rules and thinks clock management is how many smoking breaks he can fit into an 8 hour shift. Sure enough Dan could’ve been undefeated as well but for the reasons stated above he isn’t. After losing in OT to the CPU on a FG as time expired as he thought he got the ball back. However Dan is deadly with his running game, after playing a number of squads’ games with him, he is the man you want in the backfield. But his ability to run will send a few scares down the league. His passing game has picked up as well. However the next game for Dan is critical as we see Cricky v RugbyDan in the biggest PS4 game of the season thus far. With Gurley also out for much of the regular season it will be interesting to see how Dan responds.

  4. Stuarty – The quiet assassin as I like to think of him. He goes about his game with no worries, executes his plan to perfection and gets the W. No sexy play calls or big stats just getting the W. However looking underneath the hood you see a man who has got his Packers clicking ranking 4th in total offense. He is surely seeking revenge against Cricky who was his only loss and he will get his chance in a few weeks’ time. The only concern for Stuart is can his defense hold up.

  5. Kerrgio – Kerr has made some waves this season. I think he has topped his early season expectations with some fantastic performances. Many thought that when Fournette would go down there was no way Kerr was going to bounce back but he sure has. 2nd in the League in rushing yards with 131 ypg. The upcoming set of fixtures will test Kerr but he is sitting pretty with only 1 loss to his name and is well within the hunt for one of the AFC 1 or 2 seeds.

  6. Bullet Club – This has been some rise for Bullet Club. His start to the season wasn’t the best having an epic game against the Croc which went to a draw. But he has certainty bounced back and done it well with some big wins and on the backside of the AFC East leading Bills. His opportunistic defense has caused plenty of trouble for anyone who has played him and he is coming into the toughest stretch of his season looking very strong.

  7. Aido – Aidan started the season off brilliantly going on an absolute tear. You couldn’t score against his defense and Khalil Mack was causing trouble. But the wheels have started to come off in Oakland the last few weeks. It started with their first loss against the Bills where a bad INT before half time set things up for the Bills to take advantage. Then it was another set of picks against Bullet Club that set him back. The one thing playing into Aidans advantage is when Carr is back this team will be different; but the race in the AFC West is hot with the Broncos on his tail so it’s going to be a wild finish in the West.

  8. Flirtsie – Also known as Mr Clutch. Flirtsie was late joining the league but has made his voice known going undefeated to start the season. But those wins were tough against a plucky Giants & Chargers teams where a last second TD’s and INT’s saw both out. But his last set of games have certainly proved his no push over. However all eyes will turn to the next shootout with Aidan as the matchup to watch. Flirtsie could be the guy who causes trouble in the AFC Watch out!

  9. IvanFarai – Ivan like Flirtsie is another new joiner and has put up some numbers; but his yet to have that game that has pushed him into the top bracket, no fault of his own mind. Ivan’s toughest games are ahead in a few weeks’ time his matchup against Stuart is going to be an interesting watch and could go a long way to seal Ivans credentials.

  10. HanSolo – This is what happens when you go ahead and start making some fantastic trades. It wasn’t long ago where Han was down to 1-4 but a set of good moves have changes his fortunes getting Brees was the big start. He comes into next week with the biggest game of his season thus far which could put him in a firm wildcard position definitely a player to watch over the next few weeks.


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