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Monday, 09 October 2017 12:41

MaddenPFL PS4 Flash Report - Week 3 Featured

Written by Beyond The Game
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Welcome to the first edition of the PS4 Weekly Flash! Week by Week we will recap the happenings of the MaddenPFL PS4 League going through the best matches of the week, power rankings (from week 6) & previewing the upcoming fixtures.

Read on to find out more

Week 3 Results

 (Shane) 32-25 (Matty)  

The first edition of the PS4 Flash starts with what was possibility the game of the season across If you didn’t get a chance to watch this game live on twitch, you missed a game that nearly resembled the Packers v Cowboys game from last night with one change.

Matty with his new weapon of Shady blew away Shane in the first half with the series of jukes and spins that broke the Giants Ankles. Shady was on fire for the day with 173 yards on the ground and a TD to boot. Matty was looking quite comfortable. But then Shane rallied his defense learnt to stop the run and kept firing away with Webb and Darkwa breaking the spirits of Philly fans everywhere. Shane was able to turn a halftime deficit into a 7 point lead with a minute to go.

That’s when Matty started to thrive with a series of quick hitting pass plays and with seconds to go he was in the Redzone. It felt like I was watching the same game last night when Rodgers drove his team down field except this didn’t have the happy ending – Collins would pick Wentz on an errant pass to finish the game and get Shane the biggest win of his MaddenPFL career.

It was an exceptional game and these two players could be there come playoffs – look out NFC!

 (Aidopotato) 19-0 (Quietlife) 

We quickly change to another game that was billed as a game to watch this past week. But in the end fell short of expectations.

The Irish domination on the site continues with Aidan making the media friendly Quietlife his whipping boy this week. However it wasn’t all smooth sailing – Lynch was shutdown by Quietlife as he was limited to 45 yards on the ground and 1 fumble and injured for 2-3 weeks to boot.

Quietlife stayed in the game for much of it but when Kurt Cousins went down with injury having to play with Colt McCoy was a leap to far to make.

Aidan continues his unbeaten run whilst Quietlife will look back at the past few weeks as opportunities missed to take a stranglehold of the division.

   (FcumKev) 24-12 (Hulldofan)

Our Final game of the week was a battle between Manchester v Hull.

It started off well for the Manchester boy with Mariotta on target for a nice completion to Matthews followed by a Pick 6. It was 17-0 before you knew it. Hulldolfan though put up a good fight with a deep bomb to Richardson making things interesting in the 3rd quarter to get on the board and with Murray injured earlier in the game it looked like the running game was stopped. But thankfully for Kev there is this running back called Henry who brought the Thunder has he rocketed for a big running TD to put the game on ice 24-7. 

Credit to Hulldolfan who came back with some wonderful plays a big pass to Baldwin and a wonderful run by Rawls but was unable to do anything to catch up to the Manc.

Fcumkev gets his first W on the board as he looks to chase down Kerrgio who has stormed out to an early lead.

Flash Hits

- Fun Fact: the combined record of the Three Irish Lads is 7-2– with two of them unbeaten three weeks in. #Irish Domination

- Cricky and his Vikings were too good for Mark and his Bucs in a 48-21 win with Bridgewater throwing for over 350 and 5 TDs – but the 3 INT were the only blemish on a solid performance.

- The NFC North looks like the division to watch with the Packers and Vikings undefeated – can’t wait for when those two square off.

- Mzkital gave a demonstration of INT’s with Heath breaking the INT record with 5 in a single game in a 30-10 win over Kascade.

- Stefennn and his beard got off the board with a win against Scott in a hard fought 22-10 win. Thanks in large part to a spectacular piece of run defense with only 8 yards allowed..

- The CPU was put back in its place this week going 3-6


Power Rankings

Coming Soon - Week 6


3 games to watch this week


(Matty, 1-2 )  @  (Stefenn, 1-2)

Our first preview is the Chargers v Eagles both teams come into this game with a 1-2 record. However this could be a ripper – Stef got on the board last week thanks to a run defense that was amazing. Matty though brought in LeSean who broke ankles galore last week only to fall short at the last hurdle.

With LeSean v the best run defense of last week this is going to be the game to watch.


(Hansolo, 2-1)  (Stuarty, 3-0)

The battle of the NFC North continues – Stuarty comes into this game with an 3-0 record and Han will be looking to break it this week.

Stuarty has put up some great numbers this season and has been quietly going back and getting the job done. Han with a 2-1 record has also been playing well and this is a must win for both if they want to stay in touch with Cricky – certaintly at this point of the season the NFC North is the division to watch.


(Quietlife, 1-2)  @  (Scott, 0-3)

Our final game is the battle of Scotland!

Both are coming off performances they would rather forget – however both have played rather well and have just lack the execution or have been the victim of disconnections! Scott-RFC is better than his 0-3 record suggests and the same goes for Quietlife and his 1-2 record. Both will be out for revenge and to prove they are the pride of Scotland!




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