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MaddenPFL Part of the RGM Community

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Not only does MaddenPFL boast one of the best Madden setups on the internet, with Connected Franchises, Regular Events and a vibrant community, it is also in a partnership with 2 other sites under the RGM Community Umbrella. 

The RGM Community Network;

  • MaddenPFL (you are here)
  • FIFA League Manager - The home of an innovative transfer based FIFA League, boasting over 100 managers.
  • Pro Evo Network - Established in 2004, re-established in 2013 with Pro Evolution Soccers resurgence and has a similar setup to its FIFA counterpart.

RGM is now the meeting place for all three sites to combine and enjoy mixed gaming events, like poker, golf, various FPS titles among other things. Its a great accompaniment to an already superb setup that you are currently using.  Check it out!

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