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  1. dwevans' Trade Calculator

    Having just joined the site I can offer a couple of tools that you might find useful in all your leagues. The first is a trade calculator that I have created over the last year or so. Its pretty good at maintaining realism amongst trades and balancing this with the limited life of a CFM and other factors. Its fairly self explanatory but any questions ask me here or on GroupMe. *** Version 2.4 Updated 29.12.2017 *** Merry Christmas - Added a Final Season CFM Button to base valuation mostly on OVR and much less on age/contract length/DEV in final CFM seasons. - Added a Week 8 logic for the trade deadline (The Fraser Rule) to allow slightly more wiggle room on trades in Week 8 as teams reevaluate their priorities/needs halfway through the season. - Raised the floor of valuation for Elite QBs - they maintain higher value into their later years. - Removed an error where the floor of low rated young players was too slightly too high if they had a high contract length. - Added a logic where top 5 picks in the draft need to have their value matched or overpaid for. A similar logic was also added for superstar young players. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3c3i6z910h206ay/Trade%20Value%20Sheet%20Final%202.4%20Locked.xlsx?dl=0 *** Version 2.2 Updated 7.11.2017 *** - Rookie button added - Increases the value for rookies slightly given they are eligible for specific rewards/longer contracts. - "How to" guide added - FAQs added (more to come) Trade Value Sheet Final 2.4 Locked.xlsx