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  1. How do i get better on D

    Huge thing for me is making sure my corners can tackle. Also getting big hitter and strip ball traits for your defence is important as turnovers are so key in the game.
  2. Greatest Comeback?

    Kicker definitely touched the ball on the second onside
  3. Buffets

    This would be funny if you didn't steal it from Fresh Meat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4DaDD1QAfk
  4. Peer disconnection in Madden 18

    I just played a game where we got disconnected, but neither of us were kicked from Xbox Live or the EA severs. Very strange.
  5. DraftKings!!

    Good 0.0 points there mate
  6. NFL Week 2

    Never as good as our lord and saviour Sam Bradford
  7. NFL Week 2

    Tom Brady is obviously done and should just retir...................oh
  8. NFL Week 1

    As soon as Hightower went down I thought it wasn't going to end well and the offence looked lost once Amendola got injured. Very sad to see Berry get hurt as a football fan, he is one of the best.
  9. NFL London Tickets

  10. NFL London Tickets

    I've got 2 for sale. £60 each.
  11. NFL Pick'ems Week 1

    Joined them both. Is it alright if I invite my friend Glen to join them? He's not on the site, but a few of the guys have met him when we've had Wembley game meet ups.
  12. NFL on Sky Sports?

    The new gamepass app is shockingly bad.
  13. NFL London Tickets

    Not got mine either.
  14. Longshot

    boing boing you cretin COYW
  15. Don't worry you pookeynoodle pig f**ker bitch ass twit knob b*****d Jets fan