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  1. iPhone X

    can it play Snake?
  2. NFL on Sky Sports?

    I did, and got nowhere I do like their coverage tbf and I will have to take it in the ass for now and cancel it after the NFL season is done. Price wise, probably works out the same as NFL Gamepass I'd imagine.
  3. NFL on Sky Sports?

    You'd think so wouldn't you
  4. NFL on Sky Sports?

    It is 18 but thats not in HD. It's an extra £6 for the sports HD which is apparently separate from the other HD... what a load of crap! I've just spent 15 minutes on the phone to them.
  5. NFL on Sky Sports?

    £18 plus £6 to watch it in HD (regardless of the fact I already pay a tenner per month for the HD pack).
  6. NFL on Sky Sports?

    Thanks for that. Do you know how much it would be for just that channel? If I add that channel would it be in HD (I have the extra HD subscription thing but don't know if channels are added in HD or SD). One more question, would this addition force a new contract on me or would it be no contract so I could cancel it anytime? Thanks!
  7. @helimachoptor Hello you knowledgable lot (well some of you). I wish to upgrade my sky tv package to include sky sports just for the NFL this season (don't currently have Sky Sports). I gather now they have changed the way they do it with different channels. From what I've seen the NFL stuff should be on Sky Action or something, but the confusing bit is it says live matches and stuff will still be on Sky Main Event (whatever that is). So, before I ring them up and get bamboozled, anyone know if I can just get one channel with all the NFL on it, and if so which one and how much would I expect to pay extra? I suppose I should l be ringing them up but just wanted a bit of a heads up. Cheers chaps.
  8. McGregor Mayweather

    Davo hit the nail on the head. Couldn't care less about this pointless money-making venture. It's not a fight. Rather watch Apollo Creed v Ivan Drago again
  9. American Football Movies

    Yeah Invicible is a good one. Friday Night Lights worth watching also (the film and the TV series).
  10. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    Yes, that's exactly it.. thanks. I know the concept of a teaser trailer. I've seen them all on release since Empire Strikes Back and they've all been better than this one imho. You do remember the Empire Strikes Back one, right? The Force Awakens and Rogue One teasers grabbed me more. Maybe it's because I saw exactly what I'd expected to see in this one, I'm not sure what it was tbh. The perceived attempt at a barb was quite unneccessary.
  11. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    As teaser trailers go, I was underwhelmed and a little disappointed if truth be told.
  12. Farewell for now...

  13. MaddenPFL Dynasty League on MFL

    I was under the impression I'd fielded a full strength line-up each week, oh well.
  14. Pro Bowl

    How Sean Lee didn't make it is beyond me.
  15. MaddenPFL Dynasty League on MFL

    It's very annoying as it seems fairly regular. What's the point of trying each week.