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  1. pro10

    We have one team available in the Pro10, if interested post below
  2. #Congratulations PatsUK The New Pro8 #SuperBowl #Champ #Ravens #MaddenPFL #CFMMovement See you for #Madden17 https://t.co/srSG3X4cgP

  3. @TopL0ader @resleeved typical Shatners

  4. RT @TopL0ader: #Pro10 #Wk16 @MaddenPFL @TopL0ader vs @resleeved https://t.co/4QTiPG7IZl Live Thursday @ 9:30pm https://t.co/OAv20Kz8NC

  5. RT @FifaLeagueM: @MaddenPFL @ProEvoNetwork Open to your members too https://t.co/UEZQQyifp7

  6. For #Madden17 we're going BIG! We got fast advance leagues as well as slow advance leagues on #XboxOne and a brand new #PS4 league! Join now

  7. RT @Shopmaster: Join me tonight at 9pm est. for Game Changers Live as we get hyped for the @EAMaddenNFL 17 Stream and talk Formation Subs.…

  8. RT @Judgebredd: Madden 17 on @EAAccess in 4 days? 10hrs used up in 1 day doubt :D @MaddenPFL

  9. Hardknocks, pre season, #Madden17 the silly season is coming #NFLUK Share it with us on https://t.co/n6Hm4RMZDH https://t.co/alX7mWe3BU

  10. RT @T4Verts: Cont. AFC/NFC East - https://t.co/mI8oeVTfYj. AFC/NFC South - https://t.co/LnK1iuEFpm AFC/NFC West-https://t.co/lpyrjbMM2h

  11. Play off football on a Sunday afternoon

  12. Over 300k tweets about #SuicideSquad are the #Browns that bad on #Madden17 help them... https://t.co/n6Hm4RMZDH https://t.co/2ERHV7esiH

  13. RT @RexDEAFootball: The #Madden17 developer launch stream is tentatively scheduled for August 17th on the EA Sports twitch channel. We'll b…

  14. @leaguecrawler speak to @DavoteK and/or @Cloughy7 re Soccer leagues and how they work.

  15. We're another day closer to the release of #Madden17 sign up to join https://t.co/n6Hm4RMZDH today! Get that #FridayFeeling