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  1. Interest in a PS3 league

    Yeah I can start it. It'll have to wait until Friday though as that's the first chance I'm going to get to turn on my Playstation. (Very busy at work right now)
  2. Does madden 25 give you faith for next gen?

    On the whole Madden 25 is an improvement over M13. The AI is now somewhat competent and if you're not careful they will blow you out and as someone who spends the bulk of his time playing offline, this is very good. The AI picks good defensive plays and generally seem to be watching what you're doing and reacting rather than just picking a play and sticking with it regardless of what look you're giving them. Is the AI perfect? No but then it's never going to be. Really I only have 2 issues with M25 and one of them is the commentary. Getting Nantz and Simms last year was a great thing as Collinsworths was getting old and the other guy (whose name I forget), well, I never really liked him anyway! But at least it felt like they were actually watching your game, Nantz and Simms just sound like they're not even paying attention half the time which really seems to kill any sense of depth and immersion to the game. The other issue I have (and this is a much bigger one). The game is called Madden 25 and they called it Madden 25 as this year marks the 25th anniversary of Madden football games so you would have thought that they would offer huge gameplay advancements and more bells and whistles than Santa Claus at a soccer match, but instead what they've done is the same thing as they always do - offer us up to date rosters and minor gameplay advancements. A lot of the dumb animations of M13 have thankfully gone now. This is not what I would call a great 25th anniversary edition of a video game. Now back to the original question of whether I'm worried about Madden for next gen? For EA, yeah I am, But not for this years game as it's likely going to be, by and large the same game using the same game engine, it's just going to look slightly prettier so we all know what to expect. But for coming iterations of the game, they HAVE to improve and offer consumers bigger and better jumps in core gameplay stuff and if they're not careful they will lose the exclusivity and be forced to go into direct competition with another developer and maybe lose that fight.
  3. Teach me some nano blitz's and money plays

    Good game planning and using the run to set up the passing game is pretty much the tactic I've always used - tend not to rely too much on so called money plays because 9 times out of 10 they don't work when I try them! lol.
  4. Vincent Young and Tim Tebow both cut?

    I can tell you that the US press (especially around here in Texas) all say that he's not a great QB. He gets a lot of press but that's more to do with the circus that is him rather than his football playing "abilities".
  5. Interest in a PS3 league

    Go ahead bud. If you know anyone else that might be interested feel free to send them this way!
  6. Interest in a PS3 league

    Well that's 2 of us! Just need another 30 people to join up and we'll get it started! Thank you Sir!
  7. Vincent Young and Tim Tebow both cut?

    Well, personally I would put money on him winning more games than either Gabbert or Henne if he went to Jacksonville. Just sign him to a 1 year contract and see what happens. And he would be great for the franchise! People down in Jacksonville love Tebow, it's where he's from, he went to college there and they love him. He would help sell so many more tickets and jerseys and increase revenue. People would go to the games just to see Tebow play. And if he fails and ends up somehow being worse than Gabbert or Henne than you get a high draft pick (You'll probably get a high pick anyway so you have nothing to lose).
  8. Vincent Young and Tim Tebow both cut?

    Tebow would be great in Jacksonville! He's from there, he played there, they love him down there and most of all, he'd be an instant upgrade over Gabbert and check down Chad.
  9. Vincent Young and Tim Tebow both cut?

    Yep! Shame about Tebow but yeah it's correct.
  10. Interest in a PS3 league

    I've only got NCAA 11 and can't play online with that one so not much good really! lol Anyway you can give me a link on where exactly to post it bud?
  11. Interest in a PS3 league

    Howdy!! I'm back! Having survived the move to Texas where it's basically illegal to not own a gun! I thought I would see if there was any interest in a PS3 league for Madden 25. The rules would be the same as every other Madden league here, we would advance once a week (as that's realistically all the time I have to play due to the 6 hour time difference and work commitments). Basically if you're interested just pop your name and PSN ID below and keep an eye on this thread. Oh and any ideas for a league name would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Got the game yet ?

    Don't want to rub it in but I've had my copy since Tuesday! courtesy of Amazon. lol
  13. All things GTA 5

    Yeah I remember that!! I believe in GTA 5 there is the Slender Man wandering around in one of the forests. I guess as some sort of homage to the game "Slender" Which by the way, if you've not played it is one of the scariest and best games of last year!
  14. All things GTA 5

    I wouldn't say it's over rated but it's definitely a case of rinse, repeat and try and cause as much controversy as we can in an attempt to cover up lack of developments gameplay wise. But GTA always has been and probably still is very cleverly written with some laugh out loud moments and ton of secret stuff to find. I always liked GTA London myself but then I am a slightly strange person! lol
  15. Best & Worst Version Of Madden?

    Grammar still eludes you however...