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  1. India Australia

    I think it's more to do with the average bowling from both sides and strong batting line ups.
  2. Fantasy Football - Out of Control?

    Absolutely it's out of control, I enjoy playing it. The drafts are always fantastic and the banter you have with opponents but I'd much prefer a Colts win than a FF win. I don't understand how it's so massive, how people can have the job "fantasy expert" there are books people are paying for with tips on what to look for, tv shows, podcasts all about who to sit and start. The thing that summed it up for me was the recent tragedy involving APs son, a child dying, one podcast I listen to was talking about how this may affect his fantasy performance. Fantasy has become bigger than reality for some, mind boggling.
  3. De Niro - the good, the bad and the Fockers

    It's brilliant Stuey!! Your not getting mixed up with "Taxi" the film starring Queen Latifah are you?
  4. The good: The godfather part 2 Taxi Driver The Deer Hunter Raging Bull One upon a time in America The Untouchables Goodfellas Casino Jackie Brown Sure there's a number I've missed but not many actors in as many top top films as that. Bad: Meet the Fockers The good Shepard New Year's Eve Ugly: Rocky and bullwinkle Little Fockers
  5. Nicholas Cage - The Good, The Bad & The WickerMan

    Did you know that his uncle is Francis Ford Coppola! But yeah not a big fan of his, I watched wicker man just to see how bad it was, it beyond a joke. Loved kick ass, hated him in it
  6. Crews?

    I'd be up for it
  7. Let's Talk about them 49ers

    Ooooooooooooor the Colts were just fantastic last night? Fantastic defense, 49ers couldn't get any separation down field, got decent amount of pressure with Mathis and Freeman and played smart on offense, running the ball well and not turning the ball over. 27-7 is a great result and fully deserved, best performance from us I've seen for some time!
  8. iOS 7 new functionality

    Spirit level is on the compass app: Utilities - Compass. Then Calibrate by turning your phone round, then swipe across to bring up the spirit level, pretty well hidden to be fair! Airdrops available on the 5 as well, another new feature, the flashlight!! Personally I really like iOS7, very impressed so far.
  9. Funny Stuff from the Web

    One of the funniest videos I've ever seen! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvw3uUOjwto
  10. Anyone Heading Over?

    Going over at Christmas hopefully go to a game, think we've got the Texans and Jags at home while I'm there. Saw the texans last year but would prefer to see them again over the Jags
  11. 1st Test

    Awful batting performance, majority got themselves in and then out with loose shots, hope it isn't due to complacency, our batting has been pretty poor for a while now especially in the first innings in the first test of a series, we've started brilliantly with the ball as we always do, Finns ball to Clarke was just about perfect! As for the toss I'm in the Len Hutton camp, win the toss bat, if your unsure - bat, if you're thinking of bowling - bat.
  12. lions

    Australian fans practising their fire drills with fifteen minutes to go! Brilliant result, fantastic performance.
  13. Guilty Pleasures

    A guilty pleasure of mine would be soaps... I've watched a few of them for years! But musically currently I don't mind a bit of Taylor Swift, catchy stuff!
  14. lions

    Haha just as you call up a Pakistani!
  15. The Ashes

    Expecting it to be reasonably close but Australia's batting is very average, I'm going for 3-1. Very important to get off to a good start at Trent bridge, ill be there on the Friday!