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  1. dwevans' Trade Calculator

    Great stuff mate. Would look at this in depth but good work.
  2. MaddenPFL Dynasty League on MFL

    Every year i feel I have one of the better rosters and every year I don't even make the playoffs. Had a moment of weakness and traded Bell away in an attempt of changing that. Hope it pays off.
  3. Apologies for the lack of a roundup last week. Had a few things going on and wasn't able to get on the laptop to post it. Week 8 Looks like i wasn't the only one who missed entering their picks. Winti also forgot and scored 0 to give up a chance of winning. Sparky and Quietlife both took advantage and top scored to take the lead Week 9 Mylo top scored this week Overall Standings Sparky take a slender lead over Quietlife at this point with Mylo not far behind them. Still a lot to play for so dont be like me and forget to enter your picks. Select them here - http://weeklypickem.fantasy.nfl.com/
  4. After a collectively shocking round in week 6, week 7 bought a total reversal of fortunes. All 11 participants this week scoring 100 points or more. Winti top scored alongside glenbryant1987 with 170 and solidifys his lead at the top The overall table looks like this Please make your selections for week 8 via the link below http://weeklypickem.fantasy.nfl.com/
  5. Sorry for the delay chaps. Week 6 results are as below The good news was that we've jinxed Mylo and he drops to 4th. Overall rankings Make you're picks here if you havent already http://weeklypickem.fantasy.nfl.com/
  6. Adrian Peterson

    Huge fan of the trade, exactly what we needed. Obviously made a huge impact to the entire game for us. Thought he had enough in him to be a good rusher for us but this was beyond what I expected. Plus what it did to the running game and defence was great. Still feel we have a huge issue of a second CB alongside Patrick peterson, which was even more exposed when he went off injured and Bethal let Evans score. Bethal isn't a starting corner and he has a really tough job to start opposite peterson. At least it's made the season exciting and I can look forward to the Twickenham game now
  7. NFL Week 6

    Don't know what you're complaining about. Am sure Rodgers gets a broken collarbone for you in Madden every year.
  8. fao admins

    @trooper uk invite sent - felt good booting you from the league though. Balance how i felt typing your new GT out
  9. fao admins

    I'll do it when I get on but surely you should be able to recover your old GT. Sounds like a right ball ache. @trooper uk
  10. I have to admit, when i started running pick'ems i didnt expect this to happen. If i had known it was going to, then i may not have bothered. This week sees Milo sit at the top of the tree. He top scored in week 5 to establish a dominant 10 point lead at the top with 600. Previous heavy rollers Winti, Cardy and Quietlife scored considerably less to drop down the table - quiet life had a stinker picking up only 60 points. The overall table looks like this This week sees all of us hoping someone will knock Milo off his perch. Make your picks here http://weeklypickem.fantasy.nfl.com/
  11. Adrian Peterson

  12. Adrian Peterson

    AP always seems to be destined for the cardinals. Right when we took a s**tty Levi Brown instead of AP in the draft.
  13. Adrian Peterson

    Don't like the trade. We've got too many holes in the team to compete. Would rather get a high draft pick and get a qb. Although having AP on the team is nice, even if he's getting on and has slowed down.
  14. Exciting week after the group admin had a massive fail and forgot to make his picks. Three coaches had cracking week - none more so than new entrant wba1990 who got 150 points. Myles and Sparky get 140 points each - in Sparkys case it it propelled him to second place being quietlife. Still very tight at the top with 6 coaches within 50 points of each other. With some more tough games this week, i would not be surprised if everything shakes up next week again.
  15. NFL Survivor week 1

    Well congratulations to me then. Mylo picked his Patriots and Winti went Cowboys leaving me to win by the safe pick of Seahawks against the Colts. New group created Group name - MaddenPFL 2 Password - PFLrules http://survivor.fantasy.nfl.com