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  1. Offensive Line Unit Awareness

    This is change. I normal have a group of big fat strong idiots.
  2. Congratulations BTG

    Nice one mate. Congrats.
  3. I actually have tradable assets though! Or at least I think I do...
  4. Lads, I'm loaded at WR and I have Derek Carr available. Surely someone must want to upgrade their squad? I'm looking for an Upgrade at RB.
  5. MaddenPFL Fantasy Premier League

    Sorry for the spam lads, Me and a few mates have set up a Fantasy Premier League podcast; our first episode came out this week - I'm hoping its of interest to you. I'd be very grateful if you lot gave it a listen. Any criticism would be welcomed too. Cheers! Here's the link: http://www.justoffside.co.uk/podcast @Joe, @ThePacFish, @tripperman28, @StueyH111 @MurghBatwar, @shatnersbassoon, @JA15, @MackemJet, @DavoteK
  6. XBL down?

    Trying to get on now...
  7. Flex limited to being WRs and RBs right? I really need to do some research....
  8. MaddenPFL Fantasy Premier League

    Will my Madden PFL login get me there or will I have to sign up?
  9. MaddenPFL Fantasy Premier League

    We doing this again this season?
  10. I'm in if I'm not too late.
  11. MaddenPFL Fantasy Football - Signup

    Congrats @MurghBatwar, you picked up the Championship yeah? I bossed the consolation bracket after finishing dead last (despite have the 4th/ 5th highest scoring team - cheers fixture list...)
  12. Whats your favourite defensive scheme?

    I'm struggling for consistency on D; the Raiders corners and middle linebackers are probably to blame there. As a result I'm playing a lot of cover 3 and 4. Man seems the way forward, but my back seven isn't very good at it.
  13. Need a new offensive playbook

    I'm enjoying the Cardinals book. Similar to the Browns, Balanced with a nice selection of Gun and Single Back plays.
  14. Connection to your peer has been lost

    So this problem is back with avengeance for me. Me and @DanMcGrath77's game dropped three or for time, plus i can play Black Ops at the moment due to dropping out of games. Spent 2 hours on the phone to BT, trying 5GHz thing. I want a new hub. I want an new internet provider!
  15. Connection to your peer has been lost

    They ran some diagnostic stuff at there end. My xbox has a wired connection they recommended changing to port 4 in the back of the hub. They monitoring the line for the next 48 hrs to see if there any change. I played Tripperman last night, connection held so fingers crossed its worked. We'll see if it holds up.