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  1. Advice needed.....

    Some of you guys are wayyyyyy to smart for me - there must be a google chart for me somewhere!
  2. Advice needed.....

    Guys - how do you decide if someone is 4-3 or 3-4
  3. Running

    I used to do it but hated it with a passion - I know live right next to a park so took up mountain biking instead Still treadmill at the gym though
  4. NFL Roster cuts

    I know the next update will amend this anyway but I have noticed Osweiller has a 15m bonus in my offline Madden - shouldnt he only have a salary as his bonus was covered by the broncos?
  5. NFL Roster cuts

    I am soooooo damn excited to get started - am playing 5 online leagues to try and get up to speed with everything I love this game - shame I am 5hit!!
  6. NFL Roster cuts

    In which case let the trading begin and 'let's get this party started'
  7. NFL Roster cuts

    I still think they will have a hell of a season two - seen their draft picks? He will do well there I am sure - just hope he uses the draft picks rather than trading them away
  8. DraftKings!!

    @RamsDan says you cant receive messages buddy yes please re the invite
  9. Help req'd

  10. Help req'd

    Would appreciate the same as @Scott-RFC - had my bum handed to me online last night - only lost by 2TD but the guy (or girl) didn't throw it once all game - Charles with the Broncos - it was unreal
  11. Mac - Golf & NFL Mgt Games

    Guys As I am travelling a bit I am trying to source two things ... NFL Mgt game for Mac Golf Sim for Mac Does anyone have a suggestion? Also - anyone played Xbox One 'The Golf Club2' yet? Better than Rory EA? Ian
  12. Anyone in PFL a regular golfer?

    Let me know! Ian
  13. Glory Hunters Everywhere

    Pleaseeeeeeeeee tell me that you saw them at Wembley .... the proper original Wembley Fridgeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  14. Kaepernick

    Whatever did happen to ubeep ????
  15. Disneyworld - Orlando

    Nae probs @Beyond The Game Champions Gate area best for villa - own pool - multi bedrooms - jacuzzi - kitchen .... might really be worth thinking about - have a look at vrbo.com At only four I am not sure how much they will remember Disney - but you would remember Universal believe me!! Will answer your DMs as and when buddy!!