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  1. XBOX One X

    I will sell the s to buy the x. Just wondered if it was worth bothering
  2. XBOX One X

    not yet but TV due an upgrade next year
  3. XBOX One X

    Guys Have a 500GB Xbox One - have sold it and its being collected Weds Have bought a 1TB Gears of War Xbox One S for £250 which I will open once the old one has gone But ......... should I be buying a Xbox One X instead of the S?? Anyone got any advice as someone nearby is selling a new one for £400 Ian
  4. What's your sporting Bucket List ???????

    When I retire I want to take my wife to all the Tennis Grand Slam in one year I would love to see the Golf Grand Slam in one year Ashes match in Australia Been lucky to see FA Cup Finals, England Football & Cricket, NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA
  5. Nfl week 9 & trade

    I dont necessarily think so ....... I actually am wondering if the patriots have their eye on someone in the draft .......
  6. NFL Week 6

    I wonder if he will follow that 49ers player of a couple of years back and say its just not worth the risk and quit
  7. NFL Pick'ems Week 5 result

    @ZoSo Give Milo a break - without him on the Tweenies I would have pulled lots more hair out when the kids were little Let him have his glory for a while
  8. QB only league - daily advance

    Falcons vondia please
  9. Jags v Ravens

    Was just laughing - just having a carvery and then the family and I are coming up - should be there for kick off
  10. Jags v Ravens

    Bloody hell BTG - I am coming after lunch - bringing the whole family
  11. Advice needed.....

    Some of you guys are wayyyyyy to smart for me - there must be a google chart for me somewhere!
  12. Advice needed.....

    Guys - how do you decide if someone is 4-3 or 3-4
  13. Running

    I used to do it but hated it with a passion - I know live right next to a park so took up mountain biking instead Still treadmill at the gym though
  14. NFL Roster cuts

    I know the next update will amend this anyway but I have noticed Osweiller has a 15m bonus in my offline Madden - shouldnt he only have a salary as his bonus was covered by the broncos?
  15. NFL Roster cuts

    I am soooooo damn excited to get started - am playing 5 online leagues to try and get up to speed with everything I love this game - shame I am 5hit!!