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  1. MaddenPFL Dynasty League on MFL

    Well given Wentz is officially awesome and so is Files I can put Luck up for trade I'd also like to move up in the 1st. Can use my 1st plus a player Not much activity on site, understandably, so posting here
  2. SUPERBOWL!!!!

    Can I just say I will be watching the champions at wembley
  3. SUPERBOWL!!!!

    Agreed Eagles are at least on parity in all other areas Qb however is the most important one Eagles need to game manage and not turn it over and hope the defense can get to brady
  4. SUPERBOWL!!!!

    Belichik has had 2 weeks to prepare That's dangerous So think the offense will struggle to move it If it comes down to a game deciding drive to win it I'd bank on Brady to do it but not Foles
  5. Nfl Championship weekend

    That depends on the result and I don't hold out much hope 2004 was a rollercoaster of emotions
  6. Nfl Championship weekend

    It's already decided Said nfl wanted to push a team having a home superbowl http://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/the700level/conspiracy-nfl-prematurely-promotes-patriots-vikings-super-bowl?amp&__twitter_impression=true
  7. Nfl Championship weekend

    Pats and Vikings I reckon Tho I would love jags and eagles Think everyone bar pats fans will want the jags to win. Gonna be a late tense evening
  8. Divisional round NFL

    Making the pats punt That's a 5 yard penalty and and an automatic 1st down I did not enjoy that eagles game at all, very stressful but a good win Can't see them beating saints or Vikings tho
  9. Divisional round NFL

    Man it's tough I always like to back the best qb in the playoffs yet I think the eagles have a shot here and I'm not usually optimistic Eagles Pats Steelers Saints
  10. London Games - 2018

    To say I'm excited is an understatement
  11. MaddenPFL Dynasty League on MFL

    I'm somehow only 50 behind with foles ertz and Burton to play Literally Gurley and Lewis vs my entire side
  12. MaddenPFL Dynasty League on MFL

    I think Gurley and Lewis outscored my entire team
  13. MaddenPFL Dynasty League on MFL

    Cool Plenty of time to discuss Maclin maybe as well