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  1. Wildcard Weekend

    Amazing turn around @DaBurg864 called it on groupme but still astounded
  2. Wildcard Weekend

    i think it will be a narrow Chiefs win @Beyond The Game Titans will stifle them and then try and run the ball (now that Mariota has found out he has legs)
  3. Wildcard Weekend

    Titans gonna surprise you all
  4. Black Monday

    Could see mularkey getting chopped. However next year is also the last year the titans are paying Ken Whiswnhunt So he may yet survive.
  5. Hanging up my Madden Cleats

    Very sorry to see you go Burnzee, you've been such a stalwart on the madden forums over the years. And the fact you always pick the bears is pretty cool. Best of luck!
  6. Help a PEN Member out

    2 is like a simpler version of 3.. voted
  7. official AVENGERS INFINITY WAR trailer

    yeah looks epic, long wait though
  8. BTGs Betting Thread

    I normally do the over/unders no HC, however havent got around to it actually betting yet. But i'd be up 1 game (200 euro) at this stage. Starting stake is 100
  9. Disney Fox??

    Disney will also own Sky.. initially 40% but the view is that any sale would see Disney having to buy the rest of Sky too. This would open up a lot of stuff for Sky in terms of content..
  10. How do i get better on D

    some good info in the groupme, im taking notes..
  11. How do i get better on D

    So, after each game I've taken a few minutes to examine each play and see where I f**ked things up.. What I'm finding and last nights game against Ken was a prime example, I cannot defend the pass. 6 catches for nearly 300 yards with all of them going for TD's. my DBs were no where near the ball bar one where Garcon trucked them. My run D is odd, I can bottle guys up for chunks of the game but they always then seem to break off 1 or 2 big runs (like 70/80 yarders). I've got a lot of XP to use on my defense, I'm guessing i should be using this on PRC, AWR, Man and zone for my DBs?
  12. Buffets

    Normally start with eggs, bacon, sausages and pudding ( the meat one), beans. If there's room then i load up on the pastries
  13. Delay/Lag issues playing online

    kicking is ridiculous in this version, and imo the wind always seems really strong
  14. Nfl week 4

  15. Nfl week 4

    f**king titans s**tting themselves