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  1. NFL Week 2

    Titans are gonna have a tough game against the Jags. I watched their game last week and i think their D is legit, if they can sort out their passing offense, they'd be a very good team. Very interested to see the game plan from Mularkey
  2. Decorating issue

    Think it's a great idea
  3. Running

    that is nuts, but i have a couple of guys i know do Ironmen, fair play to them its a great achievement but not for me, I could knock out 200km on a bike, but i wouldnt enjoy it.. how they do all of them i have no idea! A guy i played footie with used to run 10km to our game, play the game, run home, he did the running version of the Paris-Dakar rally (no idea what its called) but basically runs across the Sahara carrying everything you need, he survived .. but iirc he was the top placed Irish/UK guy. However he did tell me that, he was doing the Amsterdam marathon and s**t himself
  4. iPhone X

    I moved to Android a few years back and have had a few different makes, but i have to say this looks the dogs testicles, if it wasnt for the ridiculous price ii'd be interested
  5. Running

    tbh i hate running, I used to run long distance in school (5 and 10,000 metres) but I hate it now. I havent run (bar football related running) in a long time.. i plan to keep it that way! Prefer cycling. One of the guys i work with does Ultra Running, its mental he goes off a few times a year to do these mad events of 100km or longer in some cases, bonkers!
  6. Sky VIP - NFL London Tickets

    Sky VIP app @Mcmanus
  7. Game Pass

    yeah one game a week editors choice, redzone is free on sky sports mix if you have TV (dont need sky sports)
  8. NFL on Sky Sports?

    tbh i see all these people complaining, I've used it a s**t load its been great, havent had 1 issue
  9. Madden 18 Thoughts

    Played a bit over the weekend, biggest real concern is release from the Titans WR's they never seem to be able to get that yard past the CB and get away from him, some XP needed.
  10. NFL on Sky Sports?

    did you call? I'm not that close to the UK proposition, but you shouldnt be paying twice for HD, i would call up again and get someone else..
  11. Sky VIP - NFL London Tickets

    Hi folks, for those who have Sky and have the joined the VIP programme, keep an eye on the app as there is the opportunity to claim tickets to the london games. I've no inside info on when/what time they will appear but if you do fancy some tickets i'd keep a very close eye on it over the next week or so
  12. Do your job

    That's what he gets for show boating
  13. Security Code

    nope never heard of it @Hulldolfan
  14. NFL on Sky Sports?

    As usual, cheaping out on the Titans
  15. NFL on Sky Sports?

    18 pounds mate, HD is included on sports channels, that is the non contract price Sky Sports mix which should be showing redzone is on around the 120-129 channel area