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  1. BTGs Betting Thread

    I normally do the over/unders no HC, however havent got around to it actually betting yet. But i'd be up 1 game (200 euro) at this stage. Starting stake is 100
  2. Disney Fox??

    Disney will also own Sky.. initially 40% but the view is that any sale would see Disney having to buy the rest of Sky too. This would open up a lot of stuff for Sky in terms of content..
  3. How do i get better on D

    some good info in the groupme, im taking notes..
  4. How do i get better on D

    So, after each game I've taken a few minutes to examine each play and see where I f**ked things up.. What I'm finding and last nights game against Ken was a prime example, I cannot defend the pass. 6 catches for nearly 300 yards with all of them going for TD's. my DBs were no where near the ball bar one where Garcon trucked them. My run D is odd, I can bottle guys up for chunks of the game but they always then seem to break off 1 or 2 big runs (like 70/80 yarders). I've got a lot of XP to use on my defense, I'm guessing i should be using this on PRC, AWR, Man and zone for my DBs?
  5. Buffets

    Normally start with eggs, bacon, sausages and pudding ( the meat one), beans. If there's room then i load up on the pastries
  6. Delay/Lag issues playing online

    kicking is ridiculous in this version, and imo the wind always seems really strong
  7. Nfl week 4

  8. Nfl week 4

    f**king titans s**tting themselves
  9. Sky VIP - NFL London Tickets

    it was...
  10. Trump

    agree @Kirchoffs69 it does need a white leader to take a stand, if brady, Rodgers or someone of that calibre took a knee, Trumps argument is upended
  11. NFL Week 2

    Titans are gonna have a tough game against the Jags. I watched their game last week and i think their D is legit, if they can sort out their passing offense, they'd be a very good team. Very interested to see the game plan from Mularkey
  12. Decorating issue

    Think it's a great idea
  13. Running

    that is nuts, but i have a couple of guys i know do Ironmen, fair play to them its a great achievement but not for me, I could knock out 200km on a bike, but i wouldnt enjoy it.. how they do all of them i have no idea! A guy i played footie with used to run 10km to our game, play the game, run home, he did the running version of the Paris-Dakar rally (no idea what its called) but basically runs across the Sahara carrying everything you need, he survived .. but iirc he was the top placed Irish/UK guy. However he did tell me that, he was doing the Amsterdam marathon and s**t himself
  14. iPhone X

    I moved to Android a few years back and have had a few different makes, but i have to say this looks the dogs testicles, if it wasnt for the ridiculous price ii'd be interested
  15. Running

    tbh i hate running, I used to run long distance in school (5 and 10,000 metres) but I hate it now. I havent run (bar football related running) in a long time.. i plan to keep it that way! Prefer cycling. One of the guys i work with does Ultra Running, its mental he goes off a few times a year to do these mad events of 100km or longer in some cases, bonkers!