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  1. You playing forthworth tonight? Will it be on twitch or any feed? 

    1. DiodeX


      hopefully playing, no twitch from me due to s**t internet.

  2. pro 8

    Yes, last spot.
  3. pro 8

    #notjimi #notrayski
  4. pro 8

    It'll be 5 day now I think
  5. pro 8

    He just wants to play h2h games now
  6. pro 8

    Are you in, or just sticking to one?
  7. pro 8

    @TuscanRaider74 ?
  8. pro 8

    In 8, out 10 @Mcmanus
  9. Sign up here, let us know if you'd prefer 4 day or 5 day scheduling? Shanew1705 Aaron TrooperUk Stuey Vondia Scotty84 Winti26 Sovoth Forzabri1993 DiodeX Liridon Toby Ken2Blitzkrieg TuscanRaider FortworthJoe CMoney DanMcGrath Perrin SnapDan TorresLash Psychosis Tripperman28 HovaJones Mcmanus PatsUK DaBurg OJM84 Joe Hitthesticks10 Tunners1 Riverman P4ddy31 waitinglist: - AFC Grimbo
  10. @camillalong looks set for winter.

  11. @xboxuk do preview updates rollout or all done at once? Had a look and no option to get 360 games this am

  12. @joeedgar @MaddenPFL @DavoteK never can tell if you're takin' the p**s or not :D

  13. @joeedgar @MaddenPFL @DavoteK lol, ¬,¬, not good on Ie, chrome or FF, nor phone!

  14. @MrFlibble81 never buy new games either, look at BF4!, works now but was Alpha at release!

  15. @Full_Kitwinker @1G_dogg full kit subbuto winker also :D