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  1. Madden 18 Thoughts

    Something I couldn't do last year! spin. Evan Imgram at TE is going to be a handful for any defence.
  2. Madden 18 Thoughts

    I could run! I found even with the Giants OL they actually made decent blocks and running lanes, following a guard to the 2nd level was a thing of joy. I seemed to have more control over the HB as well although it did seem a wee bit predetermined as ever on the 1st coupe of steps. OBJ still can't win 1 on 1 balls though. The CPU is still tough but in the pre season game, the backup Steelers QB feel to pieces late in the game, missing sure WRs etc. Getting sacked must have shaken him up. f**k me, if I like the 10 hour trail.....
  3. http://www.espn.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/20296921/bill-barnwell-builds-perfect-nfl-roster-salary-cap-2017 Pretty good read and amazing what team you can build within budget.
  4. Madden 18 First footages

    you'll need a degree in button combos to get that working!
  5. Madden 18 First footages

    I don't like how robot Brady is, looked 100% in that footage.
  6. Pre Season Week 1

    I have read that pretty much there is only 5-8 jobs up for grabs each off season, that's a hell of a lot of people going for the same job. Please god, no injuries!
  7. Shoutbox

    Coming in here with all your fancy ideas!
  8. Shoutbox

    I think it was great at the end of the last madden, but we need the forum to jump back into life. FLM doors manage without one
  9. Shoutbox

    That'll be Davo I guess
  10. Shoutbox

    What do you mean?
  11. Not M18, But TITANFALL 2, In the Vault

    single player game is as good as it gets.
  12. Front Page Articles

    @Beyond The Game http://maddenpfl.com/pflnews/item/401-flm-fines The PFL front end seems to knacker the res of the images. Don't spend much time messing with them until Davo gets it updated.
  13. Front Page Articles

    Part of it may be the frontend is different to the FLM one. I'm going to bung up one of their articles just to see how it looks there for now.
  14. Front Page Articles

    I create the images using https://pixlr.com/editor/ for the 1000x400 front page images. But in article images can be any size as it has a smart scale function. (will only let you scale 1 to 1 if that makes sense)
  15. Front Page Articles

    Writing Articles. If you are doing any articles please ensure the images are done at 1000*400 and there are not squashed. Also a couple on the front page look a little low res so look a bit s**t. http://fifaleaguemanager.com/ This is what we will be moving to once we have a few more articles to post up. If you do any, send them via pm to me or @Beyond The Game . If you can put images in the article , that would be good, we can scale those easily in the publishing software.