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  1. Any of yous play amercan football for a team

    Can your body take a beating? I'm guessing in your 30's? @Mcmanus is your man for this though.
  2. Top Ten favourite games of all time

    Just looking through this list, I wouldn't change a thing. I have played JC3 and it was brilliant but not as good as JC2.
  3. Decorating issue

    To Quote Roy Chubby Brown Roy "Whoever invented decorating wants f**king!" Roys Wife "Not what you said the other night, who invented f**king wants decorating"
  4. iPhone X

    umm, Phone or Xbox One X No, I'll get 2 XBX
  5. iPhone X

    f**k that at that price. I got my wife's old Iphone 6, I'm actually liking it now. It never seems to suffer from slow down, I was forever having to reboot my old Samsung phone. Probs go 7 or 8 at some point.
  6. NFL Pick'ems Week 1 result

    well I never, 2 games I didn't get right I thought we're 100% wins and the last was a Giants homer pick.
  7. FLM/PEN/PFL charity

    Tight pookeynoodles.
  8. FLM/PEN/PFL charity

    Make sure you let Davo know on flm so you get paid out. Na if you're not playing in flm or pen
  9. FLM/PEN/PFL charity

    http://fifaleaguemanager.com/forums/topic/119709-deadline-day-charity/#comment-1370103 If you're feeling charitable. Helps a lad with great cause.
  10. NFL on Sky Sports?

    I'd threaten to pull the plug on Sky for pulling that bulls**t
  11. NFL on Sky Sports?

    f**k, they can do one! NFL Gamepass any better?
  12. Sky VIP - NFL London Tickets

  13. NFL on Sky Sports?

    Should just be £18 flat
  14. Help req'd

    don't go random, that's the 1st rule of Madden online
  15. Mac - Golf & NFL Mgt Games

    People on FLM are going nuts for the Golf, they have events etc all the time. It's been much improved since launch.