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  1. PFL Coaches

    Name : Mark NFL team : J E T S jets jets jets OTHER SPORTS : Massive Liverpool fan and follow England around when I can.....painful at times! 1ST MADDEN : Madden 94 on mege drive or PlayStation. Didn't really get into it until online in Madden 08/09. Don't play as often these days hence the Up and down results! OTHER GAMES: None really, did buy the evil within which is pretty good.
  2. MaddenPFL - DraftKings

    What do I win?
  3. MaddenPFL - DraftKings

    I'm in
  4. NFL 2016 SEASON WEEK 3

    Hard to tell yet mate, the offense was shocking yesterday. The picks were a product of not just Fitz's shocking display but the whole offense. The receivers couldn't get open, Decker and Marshall were both banged up and Fitz was forcing it. Shocking display all round! Bet we beat the Seahawks next week though.
  5. Parenthood

    Nice one Bud, nothing better!
  6. 2016 Season Predictions

    AFC North Winner: Steelers AFC South Winner: Jaguars AFC East Winner: Jets AFC West Winner: Chiefs AFC Wildcards: Broncos/Bengals NFC North Winner: Packers NFC South Winner: Panthers NFC East Winner: Cowboys NFC West Winner: Cardinals NFC Wildcards: Seahawks/Redskins AFC Championship Game: Steelers/Chiefs NFC Championship Game: Packers/Panthers Super Bowl: Steelers/Panthers Super Bowl Winner: Steelers MVP: Ben Rothlisberger Offensive Player of the Year: Ben Rothlisberger Defensive Player of the Year: Luke Kuekly Offensive Rookie of the Year: Ezekial Elliott Defensive Rookie of the Year: Myles Jack Comeback Player of the Year: Keenan Allen STAT Leaders: Passing yards: Drew Brees Passing TDS: Drew Brees Receiving Yards: Antonio Brown Receptions: Keenan Allen Receiving TDS: Brandon Marshall Rushing Yards: Todd Gurley Rushing TDS: Todd Gurley Defensive Sacks: Von Miller Defensive Interceptions: Patrick Petersen Surprise Team (Good): Jaguars Surprise Team (Bad): Patriots (They will miss the Playoffs) Breakout Player: Devin Smith Underachieving/Over-Hyped Player: Jimmy Garappolo (0-4 to start) Worst Overall Record: 2-14 Browns Audacious Prediction of the Season: Patriots miss the playoffs and get caught cheating again (that's a given though) Your own team: J E T S Jets Jets Jets Regular Season Record: 10-6 Best Rookie: Darron Lee Most looking forward to seeing: Beating the Patriots
  7. 12 Albums that have stayed with you

    Now1 Now2 Now3 Now4 Now5 Now6 Now7 Now8 Now9 Now10 Now11 Now12 Or The Stone Roses - Stone Roses The Fat of the Land - Prodigy Nevermind - Nirvana Eight Legged Groove machine - The Wonder Stuff What's the Story - Oasis Parklife - Blur OK Computer - Radiohead Hybrid Theory - LinkinPark Life - Inspiral Carpets Californication - Red Hot Chilli Peppers Marshall mathers - Eminem X&Y - Coldplay
  8. NFL 2015 WEEK 2

    Stayed up and watched it last night with a quiet confidence, didn't expect the Jets to dominate as much as they did, the score line flattered the Colts in the end! The defence looks great and if we can get Richardson back sooner rather than later that D line looks immense. With a little bit of luck we can make a push for a wild card this year. Although not spectacular, Fitzpatrick is a steady performer and I felt more confident with him in there rather than "turnover machine" Geno. Hopefully the reported injury to Decker isn't too serious! The Colts will be fine and will make the playoffs, thanks in part to the powder puff division they are in, they have 6 wins banked, although those games will be tougher this year. A very satisfied Jets fan! Roll on Wembley!
  9. America's game 2014 Patriots

  10. Pilks is 40

    Have a good one bud
  11. madden avatars

    nice one bud
  12. madden avatars

    Jets mate?
  13. DeflateGate is back?

    Let's hope they get punished severely, unlikely for the golden boys of the league! Read an article stating that the ravens also believe the Patriots were using deflated balls in the divisional game which was certainly a lot closer than the Colts game, not sure how true it is but wouldn't surprise me if the Patriots have been "gaining advantages" whenever they can for years!
  14. NFL International Series 2015

    I'll be there, when do the tickets go on sale?
  15. Happy Birthday Goonertaff

    Have a good one bud