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  1. NFL Week 1

    The Titans v Raiders is the game I'm looking forward to most this week. 2 teams that are genuine play off challengers and I'd say are at a very similar level. Literally can't call it either way. I believe I've gone with the Titans on my pick'ems. Purely due to home advantage. I did feel quite strongly that the Giants will beat the Cowboys too. Elliot being allowed to play has stopped me including it in my accumulator, but i still wouldn't be surprised if the Giants win that one.
  2. CFM Issues

    Yes mate. Had it a few times. As you say, a bit annoying, but not the end of the world. Hopefully they'll fix it soon.
  3. Fantasy football Madden PFL League's

    Bloody hell. Get Elliott back for week 1 and then lose Jaquiz Rodgers in week 1. Goodell gives with one hand and takes with the other.
  4. Fantasy football Madden PFL League's

    I didn't get an email mate. Have to go on site and check.
  5. Fantasy football Madden PFL League's

    Definitely happier with this draft than my Yahoo one that I had an absolute stinker in the other day. Gutted Elliot's suspension has been upheld though. Drafted him on the basis that I thought it would be downgraded at least. Was really happy that Mike Evans dropped to me at #9 though. Only pick I was really stuck on was in the mid rounds when I took Cam Newton. Would have happily taken several other QB's over him in the next 2 rounds but was running out of time so just had to pick someone. Was given an A Grade in the Draft Recap, projected 9-5 and to finish 3rd. I'd take that.
  6. NFL Pick'ems Week 1

    Joined. There appears to be 2 MaddenPFL groups.
  7. MaddenPFL Dynasty League on MFL

    Reminder that all rosters must be cut to 22 players by end of play this Sunday. (3rd September)
  8. Longshot

    I hope there's a good ending. I sat there for over an hour and a half last night doing this. Got to be honest, I was pretty bored and had I had something better to do, it would have gone off a lot sooner. When I did eventually turn it off, it said 55% complete. So I've still got about the same amount of time left. Now I've started it, I've got to finish it to see what happens, but I can't say I've enjoyed it. Playing as the dude in college the first time was alright, but then when you have to do it the second time and play both sides of the ball was mind numbing. I assume you can't fail? Which just makes it pointless. Only thing I really enjoyed was the first challenge of the show where you do the points throwing thing. Even that wasn't done very well though. All my opinion of course. Nice that they've tried something different but didn't really keep me interested.

    AFC North Winner: Steelers AFC South Winner: Titans AFC East Winner: Patriots AFC West Winner: Chiefs AFC Wildcards: Texans & Raiders NFC North Winner: Packers NFC South Winner: Buccaneers NFC East Winner: Cowboys NFC West Winner: Cardinals NFC Wildcards: Seahawks & Falcons AFC Championship Game: Patriots v Steelers NFC Championship Game: Cowboys v Seahawks Super Bowl: Patriots v Cowboys Super Bowl Winner: Patriots MVP: Offensive Player of the Year: Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) Defensive Player of the Year: Khalil Mack (OAK) Offensive Rookie of the Year: Dalvin Cook (MIN) Defensive Rookie of the Year: Derek Barnett (PHI) Comeback Player of the Year: Todd Gurley (LAR) STAT Leaders: Passing yards: Aaron Rodgers (GB) Passing TDS: Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) Receiving Yards: Mike Evans (TB) Receptions: Antonio Brown (PIT) Receiving TDS: Jordy Nelson (GB) Rushing Yards: David Johnson (ARI) Rushing TDS: David Johnson (ARI) Defensive Sacks: Khalil Mack (OAK) Defensive Interceptions: Aqib Talib (DEN) Surprise Team (Good): San Diego Chargers - I already think they're a good team but 5 - 11 last year was poor. They get at least a couple more wins this year. Potentially more and are well in the race for a play-off space. Surprise Team (Bad): Detroit Lions - The Lions to me are just a really average team. It amazes me they made the play-offs last year. Putting out there that there's no chance they make the play-offs this year an finish with 5 - 6 wins max. Breakout Player: Dalvin Cook (MIN) - All the hype around Mixon, Fournette and McCaffrey and Cook has become a forgotten man. I think he out performs them all season 1. Underachieving/Over-Hyped Player: Joe Mixon (CIN) - The hype is out of control. For a start he's got 2 other backs to share carries with year 1. I like him as much as the next guy but the hype is out of control. Particularly in the fantasy world. Worst Overall Record: Cleveland Browns - I like what they're doing, but they're not there yet. Audacious Prediction of the Season: I know I haven't predicted this above, however Ezekial Elliott to still finish with most rushing yards despite suspension! Your own team: Tamp Bay Buccaneers Regular Season Record: 10 - 6 Best Rookie: OJ Howard (TE) Most looking forward to seeing: Jameis Winston (QB)
  10. Glory Hunters Everywhere

    The real GOAT!
  11. Glory Hunters Everywhere

    I'd only been watching the NFL a few weeks when I decided to buy a ticket to the International in 2011. The game was Bucs v Bears. Bucs were the allocated home team. I'd been wanting to adopt a team for a few weeks but hadn't really settled on anyone. Was enjoying watching the Pats and Packers offenses and it looked like I'd just slip into supporting one of them. However I'm not a glory supporting pookeynoodle and I like an underdog! So I started to put down some criteria that I'd like from my team. the 2 main criteria were: 1. I wanted them to play somewhere in America that I might go on holiday: Florida, New York, Las Vegas, California...etc 2. I wanted to support a young up and coming team. It wasn't until the weekend of the game that I was down in London at the fan rally and just got really involved in supporting the Bucs. They had what I thought was a good young team at the time and had just gone 10-6 the year before and were 4-2 that season before I went to watch them. They had Josh Freeman, Mike Williams, LeGarrette Blount, Aurelious Benn, Aqib Talib, Gerald McCoy (All seemed good young players at the time - some didn't quite work out that way) Before the game I'd made my mind up I was supporting the Bucs and bought a Josh Freeman jersey before the game. It was a good game but the Bucs lost. (24 - 18 Bears) However I fell in love with them there and then and I remember the point. It wasn't a TD. It was a goaline stop... well several of them in fact. Bucs made about 6 goalline stands in a row to keep the Bears (Forte) out and keep them in the game towards the end. Every time they stopped them the noise got louder and louder and we cheered and celebrated like it was a TD after they stopped them for a FG. We went on to lose the game and every single game for the rest of the season as well for that matter. Finishing 4 - 12. But I was hooked! Fire the cannons!
  12. Kaepernick

    Not quite as bad as the 6 that voted for Kaep over Cam though.
  13. Kaepernick

    Guilty of being a Kaep believer.
  14. Fantasy football Madden PFL League's

    King Jimi listed in both leagues.
  15. McGregor Mayweather

    I'm not disgusted it's happening but think it's all a bit of a circus. At first I thought I'd enjoy the press conferences but it just got farcical. Almost reminded me of WWE when they come out on stage and have a bit of beef with each other. Just looked so staged. Just made me think that the rivalry is complete bull s**t and genuinely wouldn't be surprised if they both sit back stage laughing with each other about how much money they're going to make. Then again, you can say the same about a lot of boxing 'rivalries' these days. For what it's worth about the fight; Mayweather will likely barely get touched the whole fight. Not sure Mayweather has the power to knock him out either. Think it will be a TKO in the late rounds. Like 9 - 11, something like. McGregor going to get really frustrated he can't hit Floyd in my opinion. I personally have money on a Mcgregor Disqualification (14/1) but an even better bet is McGregor to be docked a point which is 3/1 I believe. Won't be paying for it. May watch it on a stream. But wont be making plans around it. Bring on Canelo v GGG. 16/09/17 - Save your money for that.