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  1. Alien: Isolation

  2. Alien: Isolation

    @helimachoptor It's freakin awsome imo. Bought it for a tenner last year from GAME. Atmospheric, suspense, hide and stay alive. One of the best Survival games out there, if not the Best imo. When it gets down to the nitty gritty of surviving the ALIEN, you can get quite carried away At times you'll find yourself whispering at the screen hoping it'll go away Sound effects are awsome as you have to listen for it, running around the vents. I also managed to pick up the bonus levels for free back then, NOSTROMO level. Took me right back to the last few moments in the movie. Here is that trailer...just awsome
  3. Madden 18 - Where to Buy

    I do Shopto every year tbh. It went from the original price of £59.99 for normal version, down to £42.85 within 2 weeks or less. Same goes for SWBF2, CoD WWII & FIFA 18, all down in price with Shopto to the £42.85 mark (only one is £42.86)
  4. PFL Coaches

    Name: Brian Country: Scotland NFL Team: Chicago Bears Other sports/Teams: Greenock Morton FC. Borrusia Dortmund. Valentino Rossi. First Madden: John Madden 1990 (Mega Drive) Other favorite games: Fifa, Project Cars, Mass Effect trilogy & ANDROMEDA. Elite Dangerous, Battlefield4 & 1.
  5. Madden 18 Franchise/Bugs

    In M17 there was a facility to edit players XP gain range, by the commish. So by submitting 2 players say, you would simply copy n paste their original attributes from the Daddy leagues, on to the thread ( if there was one), as a way of submittimg those players. After the 'edit' everyone gets to see the XP changes of the players.
  6. Madden 18 Franchise/Bugs

    Yeah, XP can be a bit of a fire starter debate. And I think @shatnersbassoon makes a valid point for an almost slight incease accross the board, or: What if each Coach were to be allowed to have only 2 to 3 players a season, submitted for higher XP gains those games. By that I mean you would submit a player to have his XP gain raised by 1 level, so if they were 'average XP', you would be see them increased to 'fast XP', then the following year if you submitted the same 2 or three that would be you they would be raised again, however it means you can't submit new players in for consideration that season.
  7. Madden 18 First footages

    Gizzed everywhere after watching the Bears again
  8. Franchise Blog

    The Draft board could be interesting if it does draft closer to what you want.
  9. Madden 18 - Teams

    Could be worse, could be FIFA 17 and your defenders just run away from the forward
  10. Madden 18 First footages

    I just peed a little
  11. Headset

    I have an old set of TB XP500's that I still use, they require a 'chat adapter' for the cable to the controller. They've last longer than the 800's I bought which were wireless. Depends what you're looking for tbh @helimachoptor
  12. Madden 18 purchase ?

    SHOPTO.net = £42.85 and usually a day before general release too. I ordered it a few months back at £59.99, it's dropped substancially....nice
  13. Madden 18 - Teams

    So, just more annoying madden traits that ruined the game from time to time, of which there are many like above to mention.
  14. Madden 18 - Teams

    Sometimes just changing to a player meant one of your guys would stand still and get dusted. Makes me think this happened more to me quite as I had ballhawk etc turned off.
  15. Dunkirk

    Went to see it the other week and loved it. I will say this, it did really well in how it was told from each POV.