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  1. KFC Double Down

    nah was in two nights ago as well
  2. BLITZKRIEG New Ep to be Released

  3. BLITZKRIEG New Ep to be Released

    Working on it at the moment .. UK looks liek January now , Europe April
  4. BLITZKRIEG New Ep to be Released

    The EP is now also available on the Mighty Music Bandcamp page https://targetgroup.bandcamp.com/album/reign-of-fire
  5. BLITZKRIEG New Ep to be Released

    Blitzkrieg release "Reign Of Fire" 7" vinyl December 8th! For fans of NWOBHM veterans Blitzkrieg, the long wait for new material is finally over. The 7" vinyl EP "Reign Of Fire" will see the light of day on the 8th of December 2017 in a limited edition of 500 copies embraced by amazing handdrawn old school metal artwork by Lee Murphy. Ken Johnson (guitars): "We are very excited about the Reign Of Fire EP coming out on our new label/home Mighty Music prior to the new album release in 2018. Let's re-ignite the fire... flame on". "Reign Of Fire" was recorded by Phil (Vandetta) Davies at Downcast Base HQ Recording Studios, Newcastle upon Tyne, England and mixed by Johan Haagesen at Hansen Studios, Ribe, Denmark. Tracklist: Side A: Reign Of Fire Side B: Judge Not (exclusive track for this vinyl release only) Next month Blitzkrieg will enter the studio to record the first album for Mighty Music and follow-up to 2013's "Back From Hell". This album is expected to be released in Spring 2018, where the band will be heading on a European tour. Blitzkrieg will be headlining the Nordic Noise Festival in Denmark in May. "Reign Of Fire" can be pre-ordered at the official Blitzkrieg bandshop: www.targetshop.dk/blitzkrieg, where "Reign Of Fire" t-shirt can be ordered as well. Blitzkrieg line-up: Brian Ross - Lead vocals Ken Johnson - Guitars, keyboards, backing vocals Alan Ross - Guitars, Backing vocals Matt Graham - Drums Huw Holding - Bass Band photo & video teaser by Geoff Duke Sample of Reign of Fire
  6. Any of yous play amercan football for a team

    Trained with what was then the Newcastle Senators at Northern Rugby Ground in 1988 , played in the slot in scrimmages loved it , was alot younger then and i think my thought process of playing a winger in football helped alot when coming off the line , sadly thou in 88 i first went to california so i was saving all my money for that me and @Mcmanus are about same height ? height wasnt a problem

  8. NFL Week 2

    saw improvemnt in the 49ers .. thought the 9ers D played very well , should have had a couple of turnovers ..
  9. Decorating issue

  10. Decorating issue

    Tonight it will be like scene from The Burbs when the klopecs are burying in the back garden .. only ill be digging dans astro turf up lol
  11. Decorating issue

    where do u live again
  12. Decorating issue

    do yous think this is a reasonable offer due to start on decorating our bedroom and like we did in the dining room , pulling the carpet up and having the bare wood floors painted , issue in the bedroom its concrete underneath , i suggested when we were at b&q why dont we get some artificial turf and ill mark it our like an NFL field ? lol
  13. NFL 2017 season!

    WELL where do i start . 49ers OL is still full of holes , that an iceberg hitting a liner would be proud of Hyde played very well and worked his bum most the game the D ..need reuben foster in there ..when he was gone they looked deflated a few drops that couldve been avoided not gonna have a go at Hoyer at present first half they were alot better than most of last season ..
  14. NFL Pick'ems Week 1

    joined up
  15. Game Pass

    Just gonna have to see if can get streams for the 49ers games not televised on sky