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  1. Nfl week 11

    Maybe Jack read my post? One down, one to go.
  2. Nfl week 11

    I’d like to see both of our coordinators sacked. Norton kills me as DC. He should’ve been binned after each of the last two seasons. Downing has took our offense backwards, Musgrave was a surprise casualty last year. At this rate, Del Rio has to be on the hot seat. We should be contending this year instead we’re fighting to get back to .500.
  3. Scotty's Mid season Mock

    Raiders will be doing well if they land Chubb. That position has to be the pick, failing that I’d go OT.
  4. Nfl Week 10

    Am I the only one bored of this whole Elliott ban fiasco? Any other team and that player would’ve served the ban already. Jerry Jones is starting to think he runs the league!
  5. Nfl week 9 & trade

    Where is Pacfish? Those Rams are on fire. Not only is a winning season looking a cert but playoff football is coming to LA. That McVay is even making Goff look good. Credit where credit is due, you Ram boys have had to put up with some s**t.
  6. Nfl week 9 & trade

    That’s a stunner. Texans season surely done now unless they call Kaep?
  7. Nfl Week 7

    Great win for the Raiders, could be a catalyst for the rest of the season. Finally Amari Cooper turned up. Maybe that was his twin playing before? lol
  8. NFL Week 6

    http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/10/16/navorro-bowman-joins-the-raiders/ Hopefully he’s a nice pickup. A one legged Bowman will be an improvement on any of our useless linebacking crew.
  9. NFL Week 6

    @Beyond The Game What did you think of the Chargers win? So frustrated with the Raiders this season. I think we binned the wrong coordinator. Musgrave should’ve been kept and Norton kicked into the long grass. Having said that, this loss was probably on the offense. The D held you to 17pts so our offense should be able to better that. We’re not using Lynch enough and Cooper has vanished and wtf was Del Rio doing going for it on 4th & 2 when we could’ve had you pinned inside the ten? Aargh!
  10. NFL Week 6

    I see Navarro Bowman is being shopped by the niners. C’mon Oakland you know it makes sense.....
  11. NFL Week 5

    Wtf has happened to Amari Cooper? He has just vanished. Doesn’t bode well for him cos he usually vanishes in the second half of the season.
  12. Nfl week 4

    He had a tough outing last year in Houston, was like a deer in the headlights. For now he’s dropped to QB3. I think Reggie McKenzie picked him up as a project player hoping to trade him at some point. The Cowboys wanted him ahead of Prescott last year! He’ll be a future cut I’m sure.
  13. Nfl week 4

    ffs Carr injured again. We turn to EJ Manuel now who, at least, knows the offense from his Bills days. There’s going to be a clamour for Kaepernick especially if Manuel struggles. Could get interesting as we’re probably a team that would sign him.
  14. Nfl week 4

    Raiders @ Broncos After our humbling in DC last week I’m not looking forward to going up against the donkeys. Their D is pretty impressive and Carr normally struggles against them. 24-10 Denver
  15. NFL Week 3

    Jeez we got our butts kicked in DC. Really poor game for us. That’s the second time Derek Carr hasn’t turned up in a big game, did the same in Kansas last year. It was horrendous, one to forget I think. Hope the Skins can beat the Chiefs next week.