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  1. SUPERBOWL!!!!

    Great Superbowl. Both offenses were fantastic. Some gutsy calls from the Eagles. Well deserved champions.
  2. House of Cards

    House of Cards is great but I think that without Spacey it is finished.
  3. SUPERBOWL!!!!

    As much as I’d like to see an Eagles win, we all know that the forces of darkness will prevail and Brady will have his sixth ring. Pats by 4.
  4. Nfl Championship weekend

    Jeez how good is Brady? Ten points down in the fourth quarter to that Jags D and you win? @Riverman How good will it be to watch a Super Bowl your team is in? All of us Pats haters will be on the Eagles bandwagon.
  5. Nfl Championship weekend

    Of course the flip side to this is imagine losing a home Superbowl!!!
  6. Nfl Championship weekend

    Tough calls this week. I think the Vikings D will be too much for the Eagles offense so I’m gonna go for the Vikes in a low scoring affair. As much as I’d like to see the Jags win, I think the Pats have too much big time experience for them. So Pats by 10.
  7. Divisional round NFL

    Falcons, Patriots, Steelers and Vikings for me.
  8. London Games - 2018

    It’s understandable Phil, Raiders and Seahawks will be a great game to see. lol
  9. Wildcard Weekend

    Chiefs, Rams, Bills & Saints for me
  10. Black Monday

    John Fox gone in Chicago
  11. Black Monday

    Del Rio gone. Amen. Offense regressed, defense abysmal. If Gruden is in I wonder where that leaves the GM?
  12. Black Monday

    I think Del Rio could be done in Oaktown. Definitely underachieved this year, potentially 6-10 in a season we were touted to challenge the Pats? Fired the wrong coordinator last season and just had a horrible season. He may survive but if he does I would expect a cull. Crabtree already rumoured to be gone.
  13. Over .500

    Well deserved. McVay has Goff looking a legitimate QB and has added some nice players at WR. The defense was always good. My only concern would be that the NFC is stacked. The Vikings, Seahawks, Eagles, Saints and Panthers are all strong so it may be a one and done playoff run but progress none the less.
  14. Nfl week 11

    Maybe Jack read my post? One down, one to go.
  15. Nfl week 11

    I’d like to see both of our coordinators sacked. Norton kills me as DC. He should’ve been binned after each of the last two seasons. Downing has took our offense backwards, Musgrave was a surprise casualty last year. At this rate, Del Rio has to be on the hot seat. We should be contending this year instead we’re fighting to get back to .500.