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  1. SUPERBOWL!!!!

    Great game like a madden shootout tbf. Sure Steelers fan are miffed right now at TD call probably difference between pats winning and not. However still expected TB to drive up and win again with 2:21 on the clock but not to be. Petersen brave and aggressive and that play will probably go down in history. Still looked like a game winning drive was on cards but big play by eagles fair play. Life after Mcddaniels, Patricia and possibly gronk will be interesting
  2. NFL Bad Lip Reading 2018

    love these every year hilarious
  3. SUPERBOWL!!!!

    Yeah think its fair to say Eagles have better roster but Pats have the best qb of all time, Bellicheck Mcdaniels and Gronk coupled with experience you would think will be enough. As always with BB he will shutdown Eagles main threat its up to them to have a plan b and will need to play lights out to have a chance. Expecting an exciting and close game however always a horrific 3 hours watching the pats in terms of nerves would love a straightforward win but hey any win will do
  4. Nfl Championship weekend

    makings of a good game tbf pats don't do boring sb games prepared for more drama
  5. Nfl Championship weekend

    GOAT all I need to say
  6. Nfl Championship weekend

    same with every pats game tbh mate lol
  7. Nfl Championship weekend

    Pats and Eagles
  8. Divisional round NFL

    yeah williams will wear that for a long time however made me smile at payton cant stand him lol
  9. Divisional round NFL

    @Beyond The Game i should just come to u and pick the oppposite lol
  10. Divisional round NFL

    yeah eagles game was exciting happy for Foles came back to his old self as expected easy pats win here playing so terrible we have won 12/13 games of course hope jags win tomoz
  11. Divisional round NFL

    how many times have the pats lost? dolphins game aside have been doing what we needed to do never know in playoffs of course more concerened over jags/steelers
  12. Divisional round NFL

    @Beyond The Game top marks for being a comedian Falcons, Saints, Pats and other game is really tough im hoping the Jags can cause an upset