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  1. iPhone X

    Give us all some insight into your cheap method? XD
  2. Advice for Cardinals

    I'm coaching Arizona in the PS4 league and a little worried about depth for my LE's. Only one above 60 OVR. Any advice on what I should do or who I can try and trade for to build that side up?
  3. NFL London Tickets

    Oooh what seats?
  4. NFL London Tickets

    If anyone knows anyone selling Rams/Cards tickets, please let me know
  5. CFM Issues

    and now CFM is down completely
  6. CFM Issues

    Anyone else finding this bug? I finish a game in CFM mode and then when i exit the game, instead of going back to my CFM screen, it kicks me back to the main menu so I need to "continue Franchise". Just slightly annoying.
  7. DraftKings!!

    Im in!
  8. PS4 MUT Squads

    I really wanna try sometime. I'm interested in playing the head coach role, if anyone wants to try? Im not sure if my PC headset will work with PS4 so have to check that out too
  9. NFL London Tickets

    Last year they didnt send them out til like the week before the first game

    Here we goooooooooooo! AFC North Winner: Bengals (I got a good feeling this year!) AFC South Winner: Texans AFC East Winner: Patriots AFC West Winner: Raiders AFC Wildcards: Broncos and Steelers NFC North Winner: Packers NFC South Winner: Falcons NFC East Winner: Eagles NFC West Winner: Rams NFC Wildcards: Seahawks and Lions AFC Championship Game: Patriots vs Raiders NFC Championship Game: Packers vs Falcons Super Bowl: Raiders vs Packers Super Bowl Winner: Raiders MVP: Offensive Player of the Year: Brady Defensive Player of the Year: Burfict Offensive Rookie of the Year: Mixon Defensive Rookie of the Year: Garrett Comeback Player of the Year: Osweiler STAT Leaders: Passing yards: Aaron Rodgers Passing TDS: Matthew Stafford Receiving Yards: AJ Green Receptions: Unsure Receiving TDS: Unsure Rushing Yards: Gurley Rushing TDS: Gurley Defensive Sacks: Unsure Defensive Interceptions: Unsure Surprise Team (Good): Bengals Surprise Team (Bad): Panthers Breakout Player: Kenny Golladay Underachieving/Over-Hyped Player: Todd Gurley Worst Overall Record: Jets Audacious Prediction of the Season: Bengals win 11-5 Your own team: Detroit Lions Regular Season Record: 10-6 Best Rookie: Joe Mixon Most looking forward to seeing: Matthew Stafford and Kenny Golladay combo.
  11. Disneyworld - Orlando

    I go at least once a year, feel free to ask me anything. I'm kind of an expert <3
  12. Madden 18 - Where to Buy

    I need to buy one XD
  13. Madden 18 - Where to Buy

    What is team play? I've never played Madden with anyone but the CPU XD
  14. Madden 18 Thoughts

    Am I being silly or do the graphics in these screenshots look WAY worse than previous years?