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  1. Origin behind your gamertag andforum name

    Nothing exciting for me either...surname is Wilson so my nickname is Willo.. 1904 is the year Hull City were formed (my first love before Indianapolis Colts) hence willo1904 for everything...
  2. Coach goals

    Good post. Madden 17 was the first time I've had madden in nearly 10 years so still getting used to playing again. Joined pro 8 for the last season but had a lot of cpu games to inflate my record and make the play offs. Despite this I still had a few wins against other humans ha and a lot of my losses were close losses. So my targets for this madden are to make the play offs a couple of times and generally improve my game play. Like the OP I tend to just user a DL but would be great if I could learn to user Luke Kuechly. I also struggled to run the ball in M17 so picked the Panthers to force me to improve this. Making Macaffrey a star in this league is a target too.
  3. DraftKings!!

    I want in on this please mate
  4. PFL Coaches

    Name : Chris (but everyone calls me by my nickname Willo) NFL Team : Colts Other sports team/s : Hull City, England & Yorkshire Vikings (both cricket) First Madden game : 2006? Not sure! Other favourite games: Since I have got Madden 17 I have not played any other games ha!
  5. 2017 NFL Season

    The Colts... I think another 8-8 season possibly 9-7, 10-6 season is in store. It really depends how this new D with 7/8 new starters actually play. If they're middle of the pack in the NFL instead of bottom 5 then we should be quite dangerous as Andrew Luck is always worth 6-7 wins by himself at least. Our OL, despite what the national perception is, is finally coming together this year with Kelly, Haeg and Clark all starting a number of games together as rookies at the end of last season. Expect another standard 80+ catches, 1400 yard season from the disrespected TY Hilton, but hopefully Donte Moncrief can stay healthy to provide some support. Really don't know what to expect in the AFC South. The Titans are building a very nice roster but can they put it all together? The Jags D on paper looks awesome but just like the Texans last year will Bortles hold them back. And as for the Texans they have JJ Watt back but it all depends on how Deshaun Watson plays. If he's good then the Texans should win the division again.