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  1. pro 8

    Yeah, I was writing it as you replied. My bad
  2. pro 8

    @SnapDan @Vondia He can have my spot if there's no more openings.
  3. pro 8

    Good stuff! Kudos to closing out the PRO 8 @SnapDan, @Vondia
  4. pro 8

    Wir sind ganz nah dran!
  5. pro 8

    I'm in and would prefer 5 day advances
  6. pro 8

    Well hopefully we can get that going as well.
  7. pro 8

    Just sticking to the one for now. I intend to jump in on the PRO 8 once I get a good feel for what my new work schedule will be like. Don't want to commit and not be able to play. Boss man is drooling over the opportunity to justify giving me more responsibility once my promotion training is done.
  8. pro 8

    Just 14 more to go!!