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  1. Longshot

    No but I've watched videos from the mode on YouTube
  2. As told by a former player and writer for Bleacher Report https://www.google.de/amp/s/syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2160300-breaking-down-the-progression-of-the-nfl-preseason.amp.html
  3. PFL Coaches

    Name: Jamaal NFL Team: Panthers other sports teams: Charlotte Hornets(NBA), Atlanta Braves(MLB) and Dynamo Dresden(my wife is German, lol) First Madden: John Madden Football 92 Other favorite games: NBA 2k, Fallout series, Borderlands series and Battlefield series.
  4. Fantasy Football 2017 Sign up

    Was just helping to fill space, I'm not fussed if you take it brother
  5. Fantasy Football 2017 Sign up

    He can have my spot if need be @Hulldolfan
  6. Madden 18 First footages

    As am i I'm watching Da_Burg_864's awesome stream. Come check it out here: https://mixer.com/Da_Burg_864 https://mixer.com/Da_Burg_864
  7. Fantasy Football 2017 Sign up

    Let's get it
  8. Pre Season Week 1

    Yep. That's why I adde the last bit in my post. Right after I wrote it I forgot to mention that the Bills needed to pick it up by May 3 of this year, looks like they didn't.
  9. Pre Season Week 1

    Yes. The new team gets the fifth year option. The Patriots did it with Brandin Cooks this year. But that's only if the Bills picked it up before the May 3 deadline.
  10. Nba Live 18

    I almost bought a PlayStation because of MLB The Show.
  11. Battlefield 1 is in the EA Access Vault

    For sure
  12. Madden 18 First footages

    I'll never forget those games against that cheesy SOB.
  13. I'm downloading this ASAP!
  14. Madden 18 First footages

    Guess we will have to see it in action. I'm glad it's been made back into a skill action anyways. It also never ceases to amaze me what cheesy thing people will figure out to gain an edge. I would have never thought that would be something you could do and have success with
  15. Madden 18 First footages

    I didn't know you could hold Y either. Never tried it as it seemed counterintuitive to do so. Ive always just moved the guy into position and press Y once the ball is thrown and it's close to me.