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  1. Hanging up my Madden Cleats

    Looks like @Coco0981 is going to have to become resident upskirt photos guy. I've told you @Burnzee Boyee in a GroupMe PM how, I feel about you going bud. You'll get peace eventually and I'll be happy for you when it happens.
  2. Madden Title Update 20 Nov

  3. Nfl Week 7

    Yeah he's his cousin so I can see the conflict
  4. KFC Double Down

    What's that?
  5. Adrian Peterson

    I see your drug use hasn't affected your sense of humor like it has your Madden ability
  6. Running

    I run 5k or 30 mins which ever happens first on Monday/Friday, play 45-hour full court basketball on Wednesday and do weight training and calisthenics three times a week. I only like running when there's a ball involved. But my job makes me so there's that, lol. Always found running without playing some kind of sport to be boring as hell. My only caveat would be doing obstacle runs, those are fun as hell.
  7. Fantasy football Madden PFL League's

    I was the first to sign up bud
  8. NFL Roster cuts

    Says the guy who gutted his team last season
  9. Anyone in PFL a regular golfer?

    @fortworthjoe is as you can see in his profile picture
  10. Injuries revisited

    You should have seen mine. Your Phins had 10 injuries Phins
  11. Glory Hunters Everywhere

    I could think of one person that'd have something to say > #gutted
  12. Glory Hunters Everywhere

    Damn right he is
  13. Glory Hunters Everywhere

    I'm from small city in northwestern South Carolina. I was in to baseball up until the age of 10 when they announced we'd be getting an NFL franchise called the Carolina Panthers. I was excited and got hooked when I went to their first training camp at Wofford College which is only about 20 mins from my house. Been a fan since day one and been lucky enough to watch them lose two SB in their 22 years as a organization
  14. Longshot

    No but I've watched videos from the mode on YouTube
  15. As told by a former player and writer for Bleacher Report https://www.google.de/amp/s/syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2160300-breaking-down-the-progression-of-the-nfl-preseason.amp.html