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  1. To return or not, that is the question???????

    It's good to see someone debating coming back who got the superior console, so many people have had the mediocre one! I'll be in the PS4 Franchise this year and would be great to play against you mate, I'm crap as well so can be sure of plenty of wins whenever our paths cross in the game!
  2. Madden 18 First footages

    Downloading on access currently for myself
  3. Premier League Fantasy Football

    I had a pretty good weekend, 4th in mates league for money Keeper CS, 3 defenders CS and 1 grabbed a goal 2 midfielders grabbed a goal each, the other got 2 assists and a star man Up top Big Rom banged in 2, 2 other strikers did naff all for me Also in a work league which I'm 3rd in, so not a bad start
  4. Nba Live 18

    I've got it, just rarely play it, bit hard though as I play it and not a clue what I'm doing really (bit like Madden actually )
  5. Nba Live 18

    I've had 3 of the last 4 2K games, can't beat them, I only tend to play My Career, but the detail that goes into that mode is better than any other sports game out there (maybe MLB The Show which I've yet to get into) I've played NBA Live when it's been on access and just not been impressed with it either graphics or gameplay wise
  6. Premier League Fantasy Football

    I'll be up for it Done one recently and I think 6-8 means everyone gets 2/3 really good players, 10-12 makes it bit harder (better imo)
  7. Madden 18 purchase ?

    I bit the bullet and grabbed it earlier on for £59.99 Think it's easily the most expensive I've paid for a game, but I wanted it digitally this year and just didn't see the digital prices dropping
  8. The 'Footy' Thread

    Oioi, it's a sign they've won one
  9. Game Pass

    Save best till last eh!
  10. Game Pass

    Apple app is live now too
  11. Game Pass

    Mine's auto-renewing, I'm one of the lucky ones that got it for £105.99 Android app is now live, it's ok, feels different but the same as the previous one. Can't see why they needed a new one, archived footage only goes back to last season too Nothing yet for Apple or Amazon app store
  12. Game Pass

    New app should have landed today however still no sign. Reading on the internet think a few people have been shafted this yer regarding the price Anyone else subscribe to it or cancelled due to being shafted?
  13. 2017 NFL Season

    Really looking forward to pre-season starting, will finally get chance to see some of the rookies that really intrigued me prior to the draft. There's quite a few guys I will be keeping an eye on, however these 3 are the main guys Obi Melifonwu - Safety I really really expected to be taken late first/early 2nd, instead he fell further then I thought he would being taken 56th overall by the Raiders, rate this guy a lot and will be keen to see how he gets on over the season, and how often he gets on the field (no doubt playing behind Karl Joseph). Also born in London too - I'm sure the folks at Sky Sports will be mentioning this every chance they get Chris Godwin - PSU WR taken by the Buccs. He's ex PSU, so what's not to like about the kid! Expecting to see him bit more in pre-season, no doubt he will start the season behind Evans and Jackson James Conner - Topping the sales of rookie jersey's (possibly behind Watson), the kid has overcome cancer, so instantly have admiration and respect for him being able to get back into this sport and be drafted. He ran for over 1700 yards the season before he got cancer with 26 TDs, spent the next season out, and then in his come back season ran for over 1000 yards and 16 TDs, I'm really high on this kid, hope he goes on to have a great career, and think he is being vastly under-rated
  14. London NFL Games 2017 - Meet Ups

    Really want to go this year after last year was my first time, but none of the games really grab me or excite me this year. Twickenham I thought was a better atmosphere than Wembley, but a nightmare to get to and from
  15. Madden 18 Information and Discussion

    If I've noted those down correctly and from what I could see (1 player I have no idea who he was) it would appear to be: Mitch Trubisky Overall: 76 Speed: 83 Strength: 71 Agility: 83 Mid Acc: 80 Juke: 73 Deshaun Watson Overall: 75 Speed: 84 Strength: 61 Agility: 87 Awareness: 75 Mid Acc: 79 DeShone Kaizer Overall: 74 Speed: 78 Strength: 71 Agility: 81 Short Acc: 81 Juke: 79 Davis Webb Overall: 72 Speed: 79 Strength: 62 Agility: 78 Throw Power: 93 Juke: 48 James Conner Overall: 72 Speed: 85 Strength: 82 Agility: 79 Stiff Arm: 88 Truck: 84 Jamaal Williams Speed: 88 Strength: 73 Agility: 87 Stiff Arm: 83 Truck: 74 Pat Mahomes Speed: 79 Strength: 69 Agility: 88 Leonard Fournette Speed: 90 Strength: 83 Agility: 66 Joe Mixon Overall: 79 Speed: 91 Strength: 75 Agility: 91 Juke: 87 Ball Carry Vision: 83 Samaje Perine Overall: 73 Speed: ?? Strength: 87 Agility: 80 Stiff Arm: 88 Truck: 91 JuJu Smith-Schuster Overall: 73 Speed: 88 Strength: 73 Agility: 88 Stiff Arm: 84 Catch In Traffic: 86 Cooper Kupp Overall: 75 Speed: 86 Strength: 65 Agility: 92 Catch: 85 Route Running: 82