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  1. The 2017 Madden PFL Mock Draft - Pick Thread

    Hoping we will get a thread going for this years draft too!
  2. iPhone X

    I ended up changing my mind about grabbed me an 8 Plus Friday I think the X will be very very difficult to get, I wouldn't imagine getting one until Jan, then 9 months later I'd be getting the new one, so held off and got the 8 Plus which I'm loving
  3. iPhone X

    Got a 6s currently which was a stop gap phone after I sold my Samsung S7 Edge Plan was to always get the new iPhone when it was unveiled this month, and ideally the new "remodelled" iPhone However that price I'm going back and forth currently between an 8 Plus or an X Only saving grace is if I go for an X I'll get it for approx £600 at most due to how I plan on purchasing it, so that will soften the blow of it being £999
  4. Running

    I do running mainly in the gym to stay in shape, though I hate it with a passion. Keep meaning to get in the swimming pool as think that's better all round and works the core too, or buy a bike via the cycle 2 work scheme but not got round to either yet
  5. NFL 2017 season!

    Of course! Big Blue....I Mean Keep Pounding!
  6. NFL 2017 season!

    I watched the Raiders Titans 1st half before work. Enjoyed that game and looked very close going into HT Managed to watch some of the Giants Cowboys on my break at work, their OL sucks, had no running game and missed OBJ imo Hoping to watch Saints Vikings tonight and at least the first half of the Chargers Broncos game
  7. Origin behind your gamertag andforum name

    Nothing exciting for me sadly Name is Shane Surname begins with W Was born on the 17/05 Hence Shanew1705
  8. The 'Footy' Thread

    Not a bad window for Albion, kept Evans and we added a few players too, don't know much about the Polish lad we signed but loads are raving about him. Will wait and see if he can transition to the premier league Now if we could just get rid of Pulis
  9. Longshot

    Pretty much my thoughts exactly, was surprised when it was apparent it was a game show I'd also have preferred a random team too
  10. PS4 MUT Squads

    Gave this a go a little while ago with @Beyond The Game and @Kerrgio (cheers for the game lads!) Really really enjoyed it, every little thing you do, be it pressuring the QB and beating the OL, making an int or a tackle, blocking on runs or kick/punt returns or making a catch on an important down for the opponent, it made it felt much more satisfying, especially knowing its a team game too and not just you relying on yourself. Highly recommend giving it a blast Any PS4 lads about ever fancy it give me a shout and I'll be happy to get involved
  11. NBA Offseason

    I've never been to an NBA game, think the 2 coming over for the new season are pretty rubbish teams as well?
  12. NBA Offseason

    They did a sign up for early access to tickets or to be emailed in advance hone they go on sale so I signed up to that
  13. Longshot

    Just completed Longshot, wasn't how I imagined it'd play out tbh! Won't post any spoilers
  14. Glory Hunters Everywhere

    Haha! For me it's more like it'd be good having a place that's cheap to visit so I could go over once a year to watch, a place I'd like to visit too, and where there are other fans to have a chat with etc, I've not committed to moving from the Panthers, just considering my options ha
  15. Glory Hunters Everywhere

    To be fair in my defence, I've not decided what I'm doing right now! Conflicted is the best way to put it haha