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  1. NFL 2017 season!

    Was so nervous for this game decided to stay up, man what a huge huge game this was for our season (win or lose no spoilers).
  2. NFL Pick'ems Week 1 result

    Missed first week of this didn't see it unfortunately! Got my picks in for this week though.
  3. NFL 2017 season!

    Are you a Chargers fan man? I had them penciled in for a win as well was a bit disappointed with them. Still think they can make a good shot for the division this year even with the Raiders being very good as well. Probably one of the toughest divisions in football atm. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, both Bengals and Texans have taken a serious beating. Curious to see who will digest it best and show up this thursday. I'm a bit worried cause the game is in Cincinnati and if that offense eventually starts clicking they have weapons on top of weapons.... Hope to see Foreman getting more playing time as well!
  4. NFL 2017 season!

    Yeah but our D is pretty disappointing so far... not one turnover yet. But I agree Fournette looks like he's gonna be a beast
  5. NFL 2017 season!

    Griffin concussion and Fiedorowicz and Ellington being checked for concussions now thought they had new helmets....
  6. NFL 2017 season!

    Watson to Nuuuuuuuuk
  7. NFL 2017 season!

    Last few plays you see they haven't practiced together this offense with this qb. Two TE's out and 2 wr didn't start and now Ellington(wr) injured as well... hope it's not serious
  8. NFL 2017 season!

    Watson going in.....!!!!!
  9. NFL 2017 season!

    Right there with you
  10. NFL 2017 season!

    Duane brown gonna get paid after this game.... 6 sacks haha
  11. NFL 2017 season!

    Our o-line is terrible but can Savage F off already???
  12. NFL 2017 season!

    Cambell has a franchise record of sacks in a game within the first half
  13. NFL 2017 season!

    Think it's a combination. Texans offense is terrible but jags defense also making plays.
  14. NFL 2017 season!

    Love the Titans for doing that to be honest(he onside kick). Also had fun trick plays last year. Texans offense is so bad I'm actually missing Brock
  15. NFL 2017 season!

    FFFIIINNNAAALLLYYY!!!!!!!! So curious about the Texans - Jags game... guess it will be about which offense will suck less hard . So excited regular season is finally here though.. HERE WE GOOOO