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  1. Greatest Comeback?

    Thought this was another post about my loss . They missed the extra point they missed the 2 point conversion haha how are they so bad and still won. The leading team defense vs those onside kicks was laughable as well haha. #firethatcoach
  2. Nfl week 9 & trade

    Gutted absolutely gutted... this season is just ridiculous injury wise.. sliders anyone?
  3. fao admins

    Damn harsh Trooper! f**king Microsoft with their s**t
  4. Peer disconnection in Madden 18

  5. QB only league - daily advance

    Cool invite sent Paul. For now there seems a problem where 2 people who have to play eachother keep crashing while going in to the game. This sucks and is disappointing. But means if you play someone else you're bassicly on a bye. Unless the other person doesn't mind going on ap then you might be able to play. We've let ea know maybe they come with a fix but I'm not holding my breath
  6. QB only league - daily advance

    yeah give everyone time to join
  7. QB only league - daily advance

    instant starter
  8. QB only league - daily advance

    oh and first advance will be tomorrow at midnight since we just have today to join the league and create your QB
  9. QB only league - daily advance

    @SnapDan @DanMcGrath77 @dr_volki @tripperman28 @Ddc1990 @PatsUK @Liridon Ok guys the league has been created and you all had your invite. On the rules: the rules are... THERE ARE NO RULES Ok that's not completely true, try and switch up your play calling a bit and play like a real NFL qb. There's no limit on amount of TD's or yards so do what you want there. Now only if you're in a game vs another user i'd say it might be smart to just use the league rules then? You wont actually play against the other person since the defense isnt controlled by your opponent but might make it more fun to just punt on 4th and play it like that. Only thing i need to say yet is this is a fun extra league just play how you want when you want. If 2 people play against eachother and need 1 day delay in order to get things sorted there's no problem with that just let us know. I'll make @SnapDan and @DanMcGrath77 commishes as well so anyone can advance. If you have any suggestions or ideas just post em below and we can always add/change the 'rules'.
  10. QB only league - daily advance

    nah go with what you feel is your story bud
  11. QB only league - daily advance

    whats your gamer tag bud
  12. QB only league - daily advance

    I'm switching teams dont wanna beat out Watson So i'll go for the Giants!
  13. QB only league - daily advance

    Make one or pick one doesn't really matter to me. And i guess first come first serve so take em
  14. Hey guys! I was thinking about starting an online franchise and play around with the 'be a player' mode. Was first thinking of making it just for myself but i thought lets check with people if there's more interest in joining it. Think it's a good way to practice your offense and get some more games in. It's just a league for fun so there won't be (much) rules, making this post to see if there's any interest in this at all. So to sum up: Online franchise where everyone is one player(so no trades/contracts/scouting and all the other stuff), just do your training(if you want) and play a game. Let me know bellow if you're up for something like this! Teams that are gone: - Buccs - Giants - Bengals - Chargers - Bronco's - Ravens - Patriots - Jags - falcons
  15. Nfl week 4