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  1. College Football on UK TV WEEK1

    Yeah I'm really looking forward to this year, see if the huskies can follow up on a great year last year. Dante Pettis will be a good WR to watch he should move up to #1 after losing John Ross. Lost some big players this year but confident the next batch can step up. Taylor Rapp looked a great safety last year and expect him to be even better and stand out more with Budda Baker out of the team. Last year huskies games and the play offs were the only games I really watched with the odd Gators game leading up to the draft on college replay. Going to make more of an effort to watch more this year
  2. PFL Coaches

    OK guys I want to have a little section where people can learn a little about their opponents/community members, some of you will be playing each other for the first time and I want to have a page where you can check and learn a little bit about each other, just a little conversation starter etc so I want every league member to post below like mine and then once they are all done I'll get them all put onto one page so it's easy to look at. Name : Danny NFL Team : Seahawks Other sports team/s : Birmingham City First Madden game : 2016 Other favourite games : Football manager/Fifa/Rocket League Just simple and quick but a good way to learn something about your fellow members. @nicelub @rayski @Bos @Aaron @ZoSo @Vondia @StueyH111 @PaulG @Mcmanus @DaBurg864 @helimachoptor @DanMcGrath77 @shatnersbassoon @HLR Milo @dr_volki @Shmarky @Burnzee Boyee @TopLoader@forzambri1993 @Coco0981 @RainbowDoc @Triangle King @Scottyob @Willo @SPARKYR008 @hubblewiffle @Winti26 @fortworthjoe @PatsUK @Ken2Blitzkrieg@tripperman28
  3. Madden 18 Thoughts

    I've noticed pretty good blocking from OLs of all levels to be honest, I've found it hard to run under 100 yards rather than over I've used bengals, jets, seahawks, raiders, Titans, ravens and all had similar results not noticed any difference in OL play. Like I've mentioned before the key thing I've noticed when it comes to trench battles is 85+ ovr DE/DT/OLB are burning straight through. Online games are competitive games mode so maybe that's why elite rushers are coming through but then you'd think of elite lineman couple block them but they don't.
  4. To return or not, that is the question???????

    Never crossed paths being fairly new to the site myself, but Madden makes the league more fun! As you are aware the site is a hoot! Come to the light!
  5. Madden 18 Franchise/Bugs

    I don't think editing players is right, changing developments etc I think the xp slider needs to be adjusted according. Maybe have some Positions gaining more than others like QBs, HB, WR TE you have so much control over what they earn where as OL, Corners etc you don't really control them and they are alot harder to upgrade, zone and man coverage have had an increase this year and a rookie (who are usually cheaper) it was 1400 to upgrade man coverage from 68 to 69 that is going to be pretty hard to for anyone to upgrade them to 80/85 even in 4 years. Depends how much you want them to earn per week, I wouldn't mind it being turned up a little higher and then turning it down a little before the end of season awards kick in so people aren't getting silly XP, anyone over the age of 25 is also screwed because even with it turned up they hardly get anything
  6. Madden 18 Franchise/Bugs

    We all want to get started on the franchise bug free, we have some tweaks we need to think about regarding XP, game style sim/competitive etc Post anything franchise and bug related in here. How much xp did you get, how quickly did you get a bum to 90 ovr, any bugs with contracts, how easy is it to resign etc
  7. Madden 18 Thoughts

    I'm sure most of you are aware the game went live yesterday evening. What do you think about the new game? I think graphics wise it a little better and more detailed than last year, some nice added features like the spinning ball on loading screens and a few more real mechanics like when your defender drags a player on offence to the ground it looks a little more realistic. Here are some of my thoughts, I know this is a trial and usually to test the errors before the game is released so things could tweak. Gameplay, OL - I tried 6/7 teams all with different strengths and weaknesses, OL doesn't matter again, every team team I've used have had a guy rated under 70 ovr in the team and I haven't noticed a difference in his performance to someone better, I was the bengals who have an OL of 69..72...74...78...77 ratings and was only sacked once. With a 69 ovr LT!!! QB - Now this is a huge difference, Russell Wilson was 11/13 (only in completions were me trying target passing which both went in the stands ) he didn't over throw once, Andy Dalton had a mixed bag some over throws some dots and then I tried the Jets and the QBs were near impossible to move the ball, simple passes under no pressure like this being overthrown consistently http://xboxclips.com/SnapDan/6003ad0b-a520-434c-adbb-aa88d8cdb140 Pass rushing - if you have an elite guy you are going to get tons and tons of sacks, they get through alot no matter how good or bad the OL was in games I played. Safeties - if you have good safeties they are going to make plays, I noticed my safeties getting a lot more picks on their own when I had good ones and I think safety could really be a key edition to a good team this year. Usering - didn't notice any difference really http://xboxclips.com/SnapDan/b9d52786-6fcf-462d-b66e-168352011461 What did you all think?
  8. Madden 18 First footages

    Very happy about a stormzy song on the Madden soundtrack
  9. Madden 18 First footages

    First game 4 picks, safe to say I'm still gonna get picks
  10. Madden 18 First footages

    Live Madden 18 on my mixer Mixer.com/snapdan
  11. Pre Season Week 1

    One thing I love about pre season is getting to watch Boykin, really rate him and last night again showed what he can do, running and throwing. Not scared to take a shot down the field. Even though it's just pre season it was really enjoyable watching a seahawks offence moving the ball so well 2nd string, 3rd string whatever for a change we put up some big points and was fun to watch!
  12. Premier League Fantasy Football

    Mine was duffing too had to sub my 1st round pick sanchez out for solanke who never got off the bench, Robertson weren't in the squad, hernandez, sane and gayle didn't do anything but my spurs keeper centre back and Ben Davies (who scored as well) did get points at least. 47 points ovr so must do better!
  13. Nba Live 18

    I've played the demo a little now and really like it, apart from trying to get the ball back off other people the career mode is pretty awesome and has videos from really news nba guys and stuff talking about you. It's a great story line too. May have to buy the full game!
  14. Marshawn Lynch

    I see last night Marshawn Lynch 'sat' during the national anthem. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000829388/article/raiders-rb-marshawn-lynch-sits-during-national-anthem
  15. The 'Footy' Thread

    Yeah bit mental to bring a striker on for a midfielder when you are winning 3-2 away... Great game though, watched Sunderland v Bury last night and it was like 2 different sports let's hope for a season of terrible defending!