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  1. NFL Week 6

    Didn't expect this
  2. NFL Week 6

    7-0 Jets go on beat the Pats!
  3. fao admins

    I ain't a commish in that league bud @tripperman28 and @ZoSo only one who can send invites
  4. KFC Double Down

    It just 2 pieces of chicken on top of each other with some cheese, bacon and sauce in the middle. F u c K that a burger needs bread!
  5. NFL Week 6

    Just finished watching Eagles panthers what a game! Won't spoil the score but Luke Kuechly went out again with concussion, think that's his 3rd/4th time? Is he allowed to keep playing after that many?
  6. NFL Week 6

    So the NFL is on the same game week as the PFL this weekend some pretty good games this weekend. Think the Thursday Night game looks really good, Eagles Panthers. Really looking forward to Jaguars Rams too, be interesting to see who wins that game, will be routing for the Jags! Browns officially benched Kizer for Kevin Hogan too, Hue Jackson must be feeling a little pressure for his job, maybe he should get some advice from that dolphins OL coach on how to keep calm
  7. DraftKings!!

    @Riverman can't believe Aaron Rodgers throwing that TD with 12 seconds left beat me if only it had gone to Jordy Nelson!
  8. Peer disconnection in Madden 18

    It seems to be going a bit mental at the minute. Volki and Scotty played 2 or 3 times and kept getting a desync message on the screen. Me and Bos lost connection and in offline cfm games keep freezing
  9. 2018 World Cup

    Just seen the Australia manager has resigned! Crazy time to do it Big gutted USA didn't make it, they always take a lot of fans and that's what makes world Cups, 1000s of fans going to one country and they were one of the best followed
  10. Adrian Peterson

    I think the cardinals OL is more the problem with running the ball than the RBs themselves. Peterson shown nothing over the last couple seasons that he is better than what they have. We saw how average he was behind a bad OL last year and is playing behind another trash one at Arizona. Think it's a better trade for the saints because they might actually get someone back from a bad signing in the summer. One of them occasions I hope I'm right because don't want the cardinals getting better this year
  11. NFL Week 5

    I Was looking forward to watching the offensive juggernaut rams offence today. Is the game tomorrow night. I can't find them
  12. NFL Week 5

    Can't wait for tomorrow hawks rams, shut up the rams love in @RamsDan
  13. QB only league - daily advance

    Who you trading for
  14. QB only league - daily advance

    With no injuries too you'll be in heaven haha
  15. QB only league - daily advance

    I'll take the Bengals