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  1. Divisional round NFL

    Idk, I don’t trust Matt Ryan to be consistent. I’ll go Eagles Pats Jags Saibts
  2. NFL 2017 Pro Bowl

    SAINTS SAINTS SAINTS Love seeing Kamara and Ingram making it. Jimmy Graham tho? LOL
  3. XBOX One X

    Yeah but he’s buying an S now. Feels stupid buying both if he is going to get the X eventually. Then again, Hubble is sitting on them millions
  4. XBOX One X

    I would definitely buy the X mate. 150£ extra ain’t that much
  5. Hanging up my Madden Cleats

    Very sad to hear mate, I hope you stick around on the forums and chat, and eventually come back to us. Catch you around mate and good luck with everything
  6. BTGs Betting Thread

    You won
  7. Nfl Week 7

    Any betting on tomorrow’s game?
  8. Adrian Peterson

    I find that the other teams defense now has to be scared of the backfield as well, instead of just Palmer. Also, felt like he fought energy to the whole team after that first touch. Hope he has a good season with you guys. Felt like the Saints could play without having him on their mind all the time.
  9. Adrian Peterson

    This s**t got me rolling lol
  10. Adrian Peterson

    Nothing that myself or @Winti26 (Im guessing) cares about. AP was never a good fit for the Saints. We will win SB without him this year
  11. Peer disconnection in Madden 18

    Have you fixed it yet? What did the trick for me was to portforward some s**t. Runs pretty smooth now
  12. QB only league - daily advance

    Sounds like fun, count me in Can I have the Jags?
  13. Everytime I play online against an human opponent Im always playing with a delay/lag. Its not much but I can feel it and everything I do in-game is delayed. I was just wondering if anyone else have the issue when since it kinda ruins the experience quite a bit. I have my connection wired with a fiber 100/100, so I doubt its my connection. My NAT is also open
  14. PFL Coaches

    Sorry im late to the party lads Name : Liridon NFL Team : New Orleans Saints Other sports team/s : Enjoy watching all sports, not rooting for a specific team except for the Saints tho First Madden game : Madden 25 Other favourite games : Enjoy single player games nowadays, dont really have much time tho. Fallout, Witcher etc. Other : From Sweden